Chapter Three

"Sean!" Emma cried, leaping from her chair and whirling around in such a rush that she knocked it over. It fell straight through Sean's ghostly form and hit the floor. She stared at the only man she'd ever loved, a thousand emotions spiraling through her heart and soul at once. She could scarcely believe that she was seeing Sean again after all this time and having wept while standing alone over his grave after all the others who had come to his funeral in honor had left and, unknown by all, she had crept back by herself to say a true good-bye. He had been dead, stolen from her and from them all by his own foolish heroics, and the only thing that made her able to accept the fact that she was actually gazing at the real man himself were the others she'd met again this night after burying their physical bodies.

Still she expected a trap of some sort or, at the very least, a mind game meant to prove to the world once and for all what a great idiot Emma Frost truly was. Tears sped down her white cheeks. They were both tears of happiness that he was here talking to her again, speaking of love for the first time, and tears of sorrow that the man she loved was dead and that, even if she was seeing him this most magical of all nights, she still could not be with him.

The biggest smile he had ever worn was upon Sean's handsome face as his heart boomed. He could hear her heart and feel the quickening of her breath though he no longer possessed any real flesh for her to breathe upon. He could feel her more closely, now as a ghost, than he'd ever dared to while he'd still lived. He knew she loved him, and now at last, he could tell her that he loved her too. Yet he had to make sure that she understood that this wasn't a dream or a game or a trick of any kind. She had to know it was really him and that the words he were aching to tell her were the greatest truths he'd ever known. "Em?" he softly called her name, his emerald eyes shining as he gazed into her baby blues with all the true love he'd only ever felt for her alone.

"S-Sean," her voice trembled despite her best efforts not to show her fear, "i-is it really you?"

"Aye, luv, 'tis me. 'Tis me ol', cogger fool meself."

She blinked. "Wh-Why?"

"Why am I fool?" he asked, stepping closer, closing the distance between them, and wrapping his ghostly hands gently around her lovely cheeks. A thousand delightful shivers swept through them both. "Because I ne'er told ye how I really felt about ye, an' still do, while I had th' chance tae love ye." His head hung in shame, but still his eyes stayed with hers. He'd dreamed of seeing those baby blues up close and personal again ever since before he'd turned his back on her and walked away from her as their students had. "I did a lot o' things while I was alive, Em, that I've come tae wish I had nae, even a lot that I regretted while I still lived. Th' greatest mistake o' all o' those was th' day I walked away from ye when ye needed me so badly. I should've stayed by yer side. I should've told ye th' truth."

She trembled in his hands, but not from the fact that he was a spirit or that his touch, had she paid any attention to the temperatures, was cold. She didn't feel the cold, and she didn't fear him in the least. Yet the emotions of hope that he would tell her what she'd dreamed of him saying to her ever since he and Xavier had rescued her all those years ago, the love that she'd always feel for him even if he didn't love her in return, and the dread that he truly didn't love her all spiraled more intensely within her than anything she'd ever felt before in all her life, and it was those strong emotions warring within her heart and soul that made her body tremble as he held her to him.

He caressed her cheeks, gently wiped her tears away, ran his hands over her body, wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her tightly to him. Had he still had a heart, she could have felt it beating from how closely their bodies pressed together, but as it was, his sparkling, emerald eyes told her how much he loved her, as at long last, he finally told her the truth. "I walked away from ye tha' day, luv, nae because o' what ye'd done. I would've done th' same, had it been me family who'd killed our Everett an' I'd no other way to di 'em in. I walked away from ye, because I was angry, nae at ye but at meself."

He raised a hand and swept his fingers through her blonde hair. It had grown a few inches since the last time he'd seen her, and its strands were every bit as silky to his touch as he'd always imagined they would be had he ever dared to touch her during his lifetime. They both shivered in delight as he caressed her.

"Why . . . ?" she asked breathlessly. "Why were you angry at yourself, Sean? You could not have stopped me." She shook her head. "Perhaps I should regret killing Adrienne, but I don't. She killed Everett and would have done everything she could to kill the rest of our children if I had allowed her to live."

"Ye did th' right t'ing," he told her without doubt. He was the first to ever tell her that killing her sister had been the right thing, and Emma's smile grew though tears still sparkled in her eyes. A couple more of her diamond tears fell, splashing onto her cheeks, but he wiped them away again. "I'm sorry, luv. I should've told ye tha' tha' day an' stood beside ye! But I was a coward an', like th' fool I oft was, I was angry at meself fer lovin' ye!"

"You . . . You loved me?" she whispered, not yet daring to believe her ears.

"Aye, I loved ye, an' I still di, wit' all me heart, Em! Well," he grinned mischievously, his emerald eyes sparkling with his Irish mischief, "I guess I can nae say tha' any longer, bein' that I don't actually ha'e a heart any more. But I luv ye wit' all me bein', me darlin'! I had fer years even then, an' I always will!"

He frowned, tears shimmering in his own emerald orbs, and started to lower his eyes from hers for the first time since they'd been reunited. "I'm sorry I ne'er told ye before. I should ha'." He snorted in self-derision. "Heck, maybe if I had, I'd still be alive, an' we'd ha'e blood children o' our own now. But I was betrothed tae Moira when I realized that I luv ye, an' she was dyin'. I ne'er could find th' courage tae tell her th' truth while she was alive, an' then when she died, I felt I'd be wrongin' her memory tae turn from her an' tell ye that it was really ye I luved all tha' time."

He smirked. "Funny t'ing tha', in a way. I finally told her after I died. I told her I'd screwed up, that it wasn't her I loved but ye."

Emma blinked in surprise. Why, she wondered, had he finally told her the truth when it had no longer mattered for they could no more be together now than they had been then? And yet still her smile grew in size and warmth, and she tingled even more inside. The fact was, he had told her! Sean had finally told Moira that his heart had never belonged to Moira but rather to Emma herself, - and he did love her! He truly did! Her heart soared with happiness beyond any joy she'd ever felt before in her entire life!

"'Tis funny," Sean explained, "because she tol' me that she wished I would've told her that then. She did nae luv me, Em, nae more than I luv ye. She loved Charles. An' I love ye! I truly di, luv!" He squeezed her and swung her around. Emma lifted her booted feet and let him swing her about, her arms sliding up his chest and wrapping around his neck. Her long, slender fingers buried into his reddish blonde hair, and she lovingly caressed his soft curls.

Sean's eyes sparkled as he exclaimed, "I'm so sorry I never told ye, luv! If there was but one thin' I could go back an' change, 'twould be that day! I'd tell our students how wrong they were tae leave ye! I'd stand by yer side, an' I'd luv ye fer as long as ye'd let me!" She had not yet told him that she loved him, too, but he saw in her shining baby blues, heard in her joyously pounding heart, and felt in her caress that she really did love him too! He might be dead, he reflected with a twinge of sourness still aimed at himself, but he was still the luckiest man ever because she still loved him!

Her hands moved to his handsome face. She tilted his chin up and caressed his cheeks. "And I would let you," she breathed joyously, "forever! I do love you, Sean! I have almost ever since we started building that school together! You and Xavier saved my life and my world, but it was you, my love, who saved my heart and soul! I love you! I've tried so hard to stop over the years, but I can't! My heart belongs to you! It always has, and it always will! I love you, Sean Cassidy, and nothing will ever stop that love!" She kissed him passionately.

Their hearts soared, and as they flew through the sparkling cosmos on wings of love, Sean lifted them both into the magical atmosphere that filled the bar room. He carried them on wings of love, held her close, hugged her tightly, and returned her kiss with all the love he'd always felt and would always feel for her alone. He'd thought he'd known what love was twice before, first with Maeve and then later with Moira, but he'd never known true love until Emma Frost had swept into his life, heart, and soul! He loved her, and now at last, he'd finally told her so!

He danced with her in the air, far above all the others' heads. Some of the couples below knew them and stopped to point and talk about their union, but all of them were happy for them. All of them had known what it was like to lose the one they truly loved and felt the endless joy of being reunited with them, even if only for a brief time that had as of yet never lasted long enough.

"I love ye, Emma!" Sean whispered against Emma's lips as applause went up in the crowd below.

Emma ignored the applause. She didn't care who saw them or what any one thought any longer. All she cared about was that Sean loved her as much as she had always loved him and they were together at long last! "I love you too!" she exclaimed joyously, only tears of endless happiness sparkling in her blue eyes now. "I know you can't stay," she said, refusing to allow herself to think too deeply on the fact that they would soon be parted again.

"Nae," he shook his head sadly, "I can nae, but I have been playin' Hades for a chance tae be th' next one that comes back from th' dead." He laughed gaily at the shocked expression on his lady love's face and stroked her hair and cheeks again. "But even if I stay dead ferever, Em, we'll always have Halloween, I'll always be wit' ye even if ye can nae always hear or see me, an' when yer time comes, luv, I'll be right here waitin' fer ye wit' open arms an' a far bigger heart." He winked. "As it were. I'll be here waitin' fer ye, luv, an' when ye come tae me, we'll spend th' rest o' eternity taegether, luvin' each other ferever more!"

"Nothing could make me happier!" she breathed truthfully, her eyes shining merrily. She hugged him more tightly.

"Nor I," he agreed, "but din't hurry, luv." He tucked a loose strand of her blonde hair behind her ear, and she shivered ecstatically as his fingers brushed over her lobe. "Ye've still a lot o' good work tae di fer th' children, an' who knows?" He grinned devilishly. "Maybe I'll be back before ye knae it."

"I pray so, my love, but regardless," she queried, gazing lovingly into his emerald orbs, "we still have tonight, correct?"

He nodded. "An' e'ery Halloween."

Her grin grew even larger, though she'd not thought it possible. "Halloween just became my favorite holiday!"

He laughed. "'Tis 'bout time! I always told ye it's a magical night!" He captured her lips with his again, his tongue plunging into her mouth and trysting against hers with the wild passion she evoked in him that he'd never dared to show her while still he'd lived. Her tongue met his, and they dueled as sweetly as they danced, holding to each other all night long and loving one another even after, forever more, and infinitely beyond the beyond!

Logan sat alone at the bar, watching the lovers dancing in the reflection of the long mirror before him. Sean and Emma were happy at last, and he was thrilled for them. Angelo and Jubilee and Joseph and Rogue were also out on the dance floor, making up for lost time as he knew they'd continue to do every year from here on out until the living joined the dead and they were truly reunited to spend eternity together forever as they belonged. He sighed, downed another beer, crumpled it, and threw it against the wall. He promptly reached for another.

Something suddenly touched his leg, right above the cuff of his boot, and Logan grinned. He didn't have to look down to know that it was the pointed end of a fuzzy, blue tail caressing him. "Took yer time tonight, Elf."

"Sorry," Kurt apologized, his tail whipping once before slowly crawling further up Logan's leg. "I vanted to give you zime to do vhat you had planned. You did a great zing tonight, Logan."

Logan nodded. "I know." His eyes locked with the reflection of the yellow orbs watching him in the dirty, cobweb-shrouded mirror. "Ya taught me ta care." He took one last swallow of the beer he'd just popped open and then pushed the unfinished can away.

"And you do it beautifully." Kurt's tail swished joyously, and he grinned at Logan in the mirror, his silver fangs glittering in the darkness. He reached over and placed a hand over his. Logan turned his hand palm up, and their fingers entwined as Kurt's fur softly stroked his hardened flesh. "Care to dance, mein fruend?" Kurt queried quietly, and Logan's grin stretched from ear to ear.

"I was beginnin' ta think ya wan't gonna ask me."

"Never happen," Kurt assured, standing. He took Logan in his arms, and they danced right there at the bar. They had no need to join the others on the dance floor for they made their own music wherever they were. They held each other tight, and the couples continued to dance on throughout the night.

Logan knew that dawn would come too soon. It always did, but he knew, too, that he, as well as Emma, Jubilee, and Rogue, would be back to this bar again next year and every year thereafter for as long as it took for death to claim them. Once they joined their loves in the afterlife, they'd truly be happy then, and they'd dance forever together on the wings of true love that never soared higher than when they were with their soul mates where they belonged. They would stay with them then, not just on Halloween but forever after! He grinned and kissed Kurt, knowing they all couldn't wait to spend eternity together happily ever after as they belonged forever more!

The End