Thrice Bound by Nehan Shinzui

a/n: So, I'm totally obsessed with Thor and norsekink now...hence...This is based on a prompt on norsekink, that I just had to fill. :)

Prompt:AU Servant of the household!Loki, Balder/Loki, Thor/Loki

So let's say Asgard is a huge sprawling mansion and Odin and Frigga are the rich, almost aristocratic parents of Thor and Balder. Let us also say that Loki is one of the lower servant boys (stable boy? Favorite horse Sleipnir?) who is often beaten by the higher servants for not doing things right or for simply being different.

And Loki, though often beaten and dirtied, is a beautiful young boy all the same.

Balder responds to this fact by being tender and sweet and helping Loki with his injuries and generally innocently loving Loki in his way (he's not even brave enough to kiss Loki yet). Shy, blushing young boy Balder, basically.

Thor, the older brother, is a little different. He prevents the beatings when he's around, playing up being angry at Loki and wanting to punish the servant his own way, and then he brings Loki to his room or to the stables or wherever and they pretty much get it on while no one's watching. Can be dub-con for Loki, or passive non-con, but Thor is very sweet and gentle even if passionate.

Writer's choice if the brothers find out about one another, and how Loki feels about all this.

"They hurt you again." he reaches for the other boy's chin, cupping the burn there.

"They always do." Loki responds, just the tiniest bit more annoyed than he intended. "It's not like it's such a rare occurence." he adds, with a slight smile. "You don't need to act so surprised, Balder."

Balder flushes at the sight of Loki smiling down at him and looks away, quickly withdrawing his hand as the younger man leans his head just slightly in his hand.

"If I-when I'm in charge of my own house...I'd never treat my servants like this."

"Alas, I am bound to this house and to all those who make their lodgings here." Loki said quietly, his eyes looking past him. His eyes sadden for a moment.

"Here, Loki. Come back to my rooms with me-I think I have something for that."

Loki beamed at him, and wrapped his arms around his flustered master.

"I am lucky to have someone as kind as you, to mix the good with the bad," he breathes into his ear. "You are too kind to me, Master Balder."

Balder, even after he is released, for the briefest moment, is frozen in his embrace.

"It is no trouble." he says quietly, long after Loki has left the room.

If Loki closes his eyes, he can pretend that he is somewhere else, anywhere else, than under the furious gaze of Heimdall, one of the headservants of the house, who's always seemed to have it out for him. It had been an accident really, and already he'd forgotten exactly what he was late for. The large, brawny man blames it on him 'lollygagging away, bullshitting with the damn horse, again, and of course he's right. He always is.

If he shuts his ears(not literally of course, lest he strengthen the man's wrath) he can pretend he does not hear the man's insults. But he's never learned to block out the blows that rain down on him whenever he manages to 'embarass' the house of Asgard again.

The first strike catches him in the lip as he makes his perfunctory attempt to make up some lie or some excuse, anything to prevent it from happening.

Heimdall's next blow hits him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, and bending him over, making him feel as though he has to vomit. As he curls into himself on his knees the roar of Heimdall's voice shatters all his defenses.

Always, always, so fucking stupid. Sometimes he thinks it would be better if he just disappeared-surely it would be better for everyone then.


But of course it wouldn't be. Not if Thor had anything to say about it.

The head turns to see the son of the Master of the House, Thor Odinson, the stare he was giving him enraged.

"What do you suppose your doing, Heimdall?" Thor says, his gaze hard and imperious

"Disciplining Loki again." the man replies smoothly. "He was caught slacking yet again."

"And you thought the task better suited to you?"

"Master Thor, it was your honor and the honor of this house that I-"

"Have you forgotten that Loki is servant to me and my brother alone? That I have told you before that his discipline was assigned to me? That I am to punish him as I see fit. "

Heimdall gives him a long, hard look before he bows his head towards Loki again who is just regaining his breath. Loki meets his eyes, and Heimdall's eyes warn him of all the atrocities he will face should he see him alone. He then turns back to the young Odinson with a bow.

"Forgive me, Master Thor. I leave him in your hands now." he acquieses, shoving Loki to his feet and towards him. Thor takes him by the shoulder without a word, jerking him violently through the hallway until he reaches one of the spare rooms he has.

"Thor-please, forgive me, I-"

"I don't want to hear it. Shut up for a bit, Loki." Thor breathes into his mouth and gives him a hard, bruising kiss that has Loki gasping for breath again, his back arching as Thor grabs onto his hair, pulling it at the roots. He makes a weak push at the man's chest in protest before Thor grabs his hands and puts them over his head, so that he squirms underneath his body, trapped against the wall.

His master buries his head into the crook of his neck, breathing heavily.

"Do not resist me this time, Loki."

"Thor..I..." he is breathless again.

The larger man's hand find themselves hooked onto the servant's pants, pulling them down, as he moves likewise towards his own pants.

"No, Loki."

Loki supposes that he should be used to this by now, should be used to Thor's ministrations, to his tugs and fondlings. He guesses, that today must have been a lot harder for him than usual, because normally he is much gentler than he is being now.

Today though, his grip is crushing at his thighs, and he pulls his legs around his waist so that Loki is slightly elevated and not long after, forgoing his normal moves at foreplay, Thor is thrusting into him, almost violently but still managing to curl his hands softly in his hair, muttering sweet nothings into his ear.

He imagines that he should be grateful that Thor cares about him in this way-it is better than what the other servants do to him. After all, Master Thor is sweet and gentle most of the time, and he cares about him, so it isn't so bad. He is somewhat entitled to it, even.

Loki stares out the window on the other side of the room, blocking out the sound of Thor's soft grunts and moans and gives a small sigh. No, he thinks, it isn't so bad. Not if Thor loves him the way he says.

Um, Omg this isn't as good as I want it to be! Please, forgive me! And Thor really isn't being, well...that mean I guess. Tell me what you think please! Btw, the strike at the beginning of part one was meant to be just small not crossed out. (Weird dialogue, cuz I'm copying and pasting from livejournal so...)