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Killing the Past

Justin hadn't called me back by now. Something was wrong. I ran down stairs pulling on my red leather jacket. My mother's sacred blade of hunters was clutched in my hand. My other blades were in my holsters at my side. If something had hurt my two wolves, there would be blood. I don't even care if they *are* human at this point.

Chris saw the look in my eye as I headed to the door. "Aideen, what's going on?"

I wheeled around at him, ready to lash out if he planned on stopping me. "Somethings going on at Derek's house. Scott and he are in trouble. I'm going to help. Are you gonna try to stop me?"

"Aideen, you just got out of the hospital..."

"I'm going, Chris. Nothing is stopping me."

"And I'm coming with you," Allison called from the top of the stairs. I watched her in awe as she came down to us. "Justin is my friend, too. I'll come with you to help."

I nodded my thanks to her and then sent the stone eye to Chris' way. He sighed. "Let me go get my crossbow."

My heart was pounding away, and I was praying that wouldn't be too late. Our car speed through the woods and pulled into the Hale driveway. I ran to the door to check out the house first but before I could go in, something grabbed my shoulder. I spun around, knife drawn at neck level. My eyes widened in surprise and I lowered my blade.

"Derek? What the hell happened to you?" He was covered in blood and much of it looked like his own. I could see a round hole in his shirt. Someone, and I know who, shot him. I glared at the wound while he explained.

"Your dad came after me. He tracked me through the woods for a while and I almost gave him the slip. But soon, he came out of nowhere and shot me while I was on the phone with Justin. I dropped my phone in the creek before moving away as far as I could before I passed out." He growled at his admission of something he considers a weakness. "When I came to, I could smell blood everywhere, but it wasn't from me. It was coming from the house. I came here to see what it was."

My hand shot to the door and I was inside before he could take a breath. What I saw almost brought me to my knees. It would have if I hadn't been in a hunter mindset. My heart felt as if it was being ripped from me.

"Justin..." A mass of torn flesh and muscle was bound to the stairs. I could tell it was him, but just barely. His face had cuts and was swollen from what I'm guessing was the butt of a gun. Blood oozed from every limb attached to him. Someone hadn't played fair. And neither was I when I found them.

I went over and cut him loose. The bounds which held him weren't that thick and he should have been able to break free of them. That's when I noticed the wolfsbane hanging limply from his neck. It had irritated his skin, making it red and hot. Now, I beyond pissed.

I cradled his head as he fell, not even conscious to hold himself up. Even if he was, I doubt he'd be strong enough to move. In all my years, I've never seen anything more horrible. I pulled him to me and rocked his body gently. I kept whispering softly, saying nothing really important. Something along the line of that he would be okay and that I was going to kill who did this to him.

But the thing is, I know who did this. The man who was supposed to be my father. A human.

But no, this wasn't human. Nothing human could do a thing like this to any living creature. My father was no longer human, and he wouldn't be treated like it.

"Derek, can you get him to a bed upstairs?"

The other wolf was stunned. He looked dazed, like he'd never expected this. When I spoke, he snapped out of it long enough to nod and walk over to me. Gently, he picked up Justin and was hefting him up the stairs mumbling about damn hunters.

All my good emotions fallowed Justin's limp body. The rest, anger, hate, fear, and the need to cause pain stayed with me. I turned to Chris who was standing int he doorway, blocking Allison's view from the sight. I looked him dead in the eye. "I'm going to kill him."

No emotion was displayed in my voice. I seemed calm and rational, but to be honest, I was anything but. I wanted blood. And I was going to get it.

With my group of hunters, we searched woods endlessly. He was still here. I could feel him. I could feel the danger. My muscles curled in expectation of it. I was ready to fight at any given second.

Suddenly, I could feel him near. I felt his eyes on me and I spotted him in return. Most people would think the battle that followed would be an epic struggle where, such as in the movies, we take turns nicking each other until we worked our way up to the major battle wounds. Any rebellious teenager's dream, right?


In fact it was a fight of three main moves. The shot he took from a riffle at me that I managed to deflect with my blade. The leap I made to get closer to him to attack. And the sweep of my leg that took him to the ground. Yeah, that was about it.

I pressed my mother's short sword to his jugular, ready to draw blood if he even moved. He saw my weapon and his eyes got wide. "That blade is mine," he hissed. His talking had caused me to cut him.

I sneered in his face, rage seething out of me. "You don't deserve it!"

His eyes lost light. He abandoned hope of my going easy on him because of our relationship. "What are you waiting for? Do it!"

I pressed just a little harder to see him flinch. I wanted to do it. When I saw his face, I saw Justin's broken body on the stairs. I didn't want to have mercy. I wanted to give in the evil and rage that was pulling to get out just by the flick of my wrist to end this beast's life.

But I didn't.

I backed away.

Confusion was all over him. I glared at him, the rage still wanting to get free. But I held firm.

"What game are you playing? Do it! Kill me, Aideen! Prove you're the best."

"But I already have."

Silence followed my response. Not a word was uttered until I continued. "You want me to give in. You want me to become a monster, like you. But tell me, what's more powerful? Letting myself have what I desire by killing a sad creature that's not worth my time? Or doing the right thing and letting you slither off to anywhere not here? Because if you ever come back to this town again, I won't stay my blade. I won't stop myself from killing something so evil and stupid that it doesn't deserve to live. I want you gone for good. Tonight."

With that, I turned away to face the proud expression of Chris and the child-like face of Allison. My true family. In that moment, I knew I did the right thing. I lead the way back to Derek's house without a word.

When we got there, my family stayed outside while I tromped up the stairs loud enough so Derek could hear it was me. I found them both in a room together. Justin lay on a bed, the bleeding stopped. Derek was puppy guarding his pack mate, his eyes barely open. He was tired, and so was I.

"Derek, how's he doing?"

His eyes opened up to me and for the first time I saw the blood on his hands. Something was in his clenched fist and he handed them to me. Bullets covered in dried blood fell into my palm.

"I took those out. With is alpha strength, he should heal. How did things go with you?"

"He's gone."


"No. I refuse to lose my humanity to killing something so monstrous. He doesn't deserve to live, but it's not my place to end his life."

He nodded, understanding my logic. "Der, you can go get some sleep. I watch him. You look exhausted." He didn't say anything as he shuffled out of the room.

I sighed and looked down to my love. Justin looked like he'd seen better day, but he looked better than the last time I saw him. Silently, I crawled onto the bed with him. His skin was so cold, he could pass for dead. I curled into him carefully, trying to warm him up. He sniffed, and I could tell he recognized it was me. "

Aideen, are you okay?"

"I should be asking you that, honey. You're safe. I took care of everything. You don't have to worry again. And if you'll still have me, we'll be married."

"Of course I will. I love you more than life itself."

"I know," I said, brushing my lips to his bloody head. "I love you, too, Justin. Always."