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Clare stared at her computer screen for the mixture of five minutes trying to think of a good topic for her essay. The screen was blank except of the background of the famous Elijah Goldsworthy. The author of Stalker Angel. Clare was a huge fan of his along with Chuck Palahniuk. Since her parents got divorced Elijah's work saved her from going insane. She loved her parents, but when they split so suddenly it torn her.

When she read Stalker Angel she felt alive, even though the tale is twisted and dark. It took her mind off of the divorce.

After staring at the screen five more useless minutes she decided to go on the topic of gun control. She sighed as her finger tips hit the keys on the keyboard gracefully. She loved to write, but she lost most of her motivation.

She once dreamed of becoming a professional author, but that shattered when she placed 4th place in the writing contest that Degrassi sponsor. The judges told her that her writing was good, but it was lacking something.

She tried so many times and failed each time so why keep on trying?

She was half way through her essay when her cellphone went off. The alarm that she set ringed loudly making her to snatched the said phone and cut it off.

A smile finally graced her face.

It was time for the special event on Elijah Goldsworthy website. Every Thursday, Elijah logs in and posts new pictures or any journal posts and if lucky he might reply to a few fans comments before leaving his page.

She saved her essay and opened up a new page.

She typed in- .com.

She only waited for a few seconds before the webpage loaded up with the same creepy dark background that she longed loved.

She scrolled down eagerly to his new post.

Just got back from yet another book signing…

She clicked on the link and soon enough about 200 hundred and still climbing comments flowed right on the page under the short journal post.

He most likely not going to answer her post tonight yet again. Most of the comments consisted of questions and some questions actually stated- 'Will you marry me?' posts from people that only watched his interview on TV and didn't read his story.

Now she can see why he barely replies to any comments on his page anymore.

The small picture that Elijah posted on his post was him signing a few books wearing the band t-shirt Dead Hand.

She always signed in using her facerange account, but for some reason she was lazy to log into it. She didn't want to see the messages that Fitz had been messaging her begging for her to accept his offer of going out with him.

She typed in- TrueWriter as her name before typing below the comment box.

I see that you like the band Dead Hand.

It wasn't a question, but a simple sentence that made her comment stand out from the rest.

Well time to finish the damn essay on gun control, but before she could x out of the site and back to her essay a small ping noise of a new notification sounded.

Her blue eyes widened as she scrolled down to her comment.

Elijah Goldsworthy had replied.

Good eye, TrueWriter. They're my favorite band. I'm guessing you heard of them? =)

OM- He actually replied to her!

She sat there staring at her computer speechless. She found her hands reaching for the keyboard unsteady.

Pressing her luck, she typed-

I heard of them, but I don't listen to them. I like listening to something…a little less angry and more happy.

She send her comment and for a few seconds later she heard the ping noise once more.

But yet you read my story. You're an interesting person.

And with that comment he disappeared. His logged in symbol turned red, meaning he logged off for the day.

Another comment appeared under hers and sadly it wasn't Elijah's. It was some random fan that noticed that he was commenting only hers.


Clare almost choked on this person comment before she start laughing a little before she x out of the site. She almost couldn't believe that Elijah had chosen her to reply to.

She felt a little light headed.

She wanted to rush down stairs and squeal and scream loudly to her mom and then rush back up to her room. She held herself back from doing so. No she wasn't one of those crazy fans that only cared about his looks and then goes crazy doing stuff trying to gain his attention.

Her phone vibrated.

A message.

She opened her phone and read the message that her once former friend Alli send her. Alli had once been Clare's best friend till her boyfriend Dave got between them. All Alli seemed to talk about was Dave and Clare had only seen her for a few minutes between classes. She told Alli it was either her or Dave and Alli made her choice known. It was Dave.

So the last 4 years of friendship meant nothing to her.

Clare rolled blue her eyes at her message, before going back to her essay annoyed. Thanks Alli for ruining her mood once again.

Clare! I'm so sorry. I should have picked you. Dave cheated on me with some skank.

She felt a little guilty for not messaging her back, but Alli needed to learn her lesson about not abandoned friends for guys right way at least, and if Clare accepts her back with open arms she most likely going to be doing it again and again.

Clare sighed once more as she typed the last sentence of her essay before printing it out. She moved her mouse to click back on the webpage.

She debated several times before she finally typed in Elijah's website once more. A new post was posted.

It's Eli not Elijah.

She clicked on the link.

The post just saying that Elijah rather to be called Eli.

There was no comments seeing that Elijah disable the comments. Something tugged inside of her chest before she shut down her computer and went to bed.

At least she knew one more thing about the author of her favorite story.

He doesn't like to be called by his full name.