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In all the time Clare know Eli; she had never felt accepted so much. Her mom was married with Glen and Clare found herself accepting the fact that her mother doesn't love her father anymore. Just in a few days Jake tried to make advances toward her but Clare instantly refused all of them. It was wrong on all sides. He was her step-brother and she was happily in a relationship with a very famous Eli Goldsworthy.

Eli accepted her on her worse and she accepted him on his worse, but yet she felt a little impatient. Her 18th birthday was today and her dark haired boyfriend haven't shown his face yet for the past week. His texts was half fast; telling her he was busy, and yet she felt they were pulling apart a little with so little contact.

Clare sighed as she brushed her hair. She was worried about him for obvious reasons but something in the back of her mind told her she felt so much more. The story on how her and Eli became a couple was like a fairy tale and it seemed almost not real. It had been a year and a few months that she knew Eli. Today will mark her 18th birthday, and in a few months she would start her first day of college.

"Clare, you have a visitor!" Helen called upstairs to her daughter. Clare sighed; as she set her brush on her dresser before she made her way downstairs.

Jake and Glen was at the table talking, and when they saw her coming down they both smiled at her.

"Morning Clare," Glen said, getting up from his chair holding something behind his back. He made his way to Clare who was still very uncomfortable around him. Their relationship wasn't really good. Clare gave Glen credit when he continue to make contact with her almost everyday.

"Happy Birthday, Clare. This is from your mother, and us." Glen handed Clare a small package that was wrapped with blue wrapper. Helen was at the front door with the 'Guest'.

"Happy Birthday-" Jake told her and Clare gave him a small nod not trusting her voice.

She opened the package and was shock to find a small box.

She opened it and it revealed a small diamond necklace.

Her hands trembled.

"T-Thank you." Clare muttered before hearing her name being called once more.

Clare placed her gift on the dinning table and walked where her mother was highly annoyed but when she arrived in the living room everything seemed to be frozen in place. Her boyfriend stood nervously in the living room. He glanced down at his shoes. He was holding a rose. He was also dressed in a black tux. He wasn't wearing his beanie or his sunglasses.

Clare found herself blushing.

Helen smiled, a few months ago she forgive Eli about what happened to Clare.

"I will leave you kids alone. Don't do something I wouldn't do." She told Clare before leaving the room. Clare almost rolled her blue eyes at her mother. Like she was the one to talk.

"Hi" Clare found herself suddenly become very shy. She knew she should be mad at his small disappearance, and questioned him where he's been but once she saw his beautiful emerald eyes glancing at her all anger was replaced with warmth. All year her and Eli's relationship was very slow.

When Eli got back to writing; it was hard to hang out with him due of him being so busy. But now he's here. Waiting, wearing a tux and holding a rose. Clare suddenly found herself being under dressed. She just wore a light blue sundress.

Eli lopsided smirk at her confuse reaction.

"No hello?"

"Eli...what are you wearing?" Clare asked, only to make his smile wider.

He opened the front door and he bowed his head low.

"You're ride awaits mi'lady."

Clare looked down at her clothes.

"Don't worry about your clothes, sweetheart," He uttered.

Clare felt her heart began to race and her face flushed.

She took Eli's hand and He directed her out of the house and to his hearse.

"Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise." He then kissed her on her cheek.

He handed her the rose.
"For you."
Clare smiled as she took the rose in her hands gently.

When Clare got inside his car and he got inside the driver seat. The car ride was almost awkward. Eli didn't turn on the radio and he seemed to be very focus on where he's going. In under 20 minutes they arrive at their location.

Clare felt herself gasp. She felt her eyes watered,

When Eli parked Morty, the sight before her was breathless.

He drove her to the beach, well it was abandon. She can tell that Eli worked on the decorations for the longest. She saw a few figures in a distance all dressed up. Her friends Alli and Adam was there and even Fitz.

Eli helped Clare out of the car.

He leaned close to her ear.

"It's better at night, I promise." Eli promised softly.


That was all Clare felt.

She began to cry.

Eli was taken aback surprised.

"Shhh it's okay." He embraced her guilty, he softly place a kiss on her neck.

Clare sniffed.

"It's not your fault Eli. No one had never done something this big for me before." She sobbed. Eli kissed her forehead,

"Happy Birthday." He softly uttered in her ear. She felt his hot breath on her skin and felt very lightheaded.

Everything came crashing around her.

Eli was taking a huge step forward with her. Something she had been waiting for the longest.

Eli then kissed her softly, Clare wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. His kisses was always warm and relaxing, drowning her.

He then pulled away and Clare felt the warmth fading, she was disappointed.

Eli rested his forehead against hers.

"I don't want to wait anymore." He uttered and with that sentence Clare instantly knew what he meant. Her heart soared up her chest. Her eyes watered with tears once more in happiness.

"I-I love you." He then placed a kiss on neck, cheek and mouth.

"I love you too."