It's All Fun and Games Till You Fall in Love

Chapter 17: Acceptance and Love

Rin sat in bed, sulking as he hugged his knees, staring at the bed sheets. He didn't regret admitting that he loved the older demon, more so he regretting the timing of how it was said. He knew there wasn't an exact time when someone should confess their love to another, but he also knew that screaming it at your brother while your lover is listening wasn't exactly an ideal moment.

Mephisto slid into bed, sitting next to him, caressing his cheek as he pulled him into his arms, kissing his head. He didn't know what to say. How could he? His whole plan to help Rin advance was ruined because of a ridiculous reason. The reason being a rule he himself had made.

"I'll rank you up anyway... you worked for it, and the deadline was only a week away..."

"I'm not upset because of that..." Mephisto raised a brow, frowning as he peered down at the boy who was close to tears. He leaned down, licking his lips softly and pressed his forehead to the others staring down into his eyes. "I wanted to tell you I loved you on my own terms, not on Yukio or Amaimon's..."

Mephisto lightly smiled and kissed him. Rin kissed him back, keeping still as he felt the other pull back and run his hand from his cheek to the back of his head. He sighed as the older man massaged his head, and allowed his eyes to droop at the feeling.

"Don't be upset. I can't stand to see you sad," the purple-haired demon whispered, nuzzling his face in the smaller boys neck. There was a gong of a doorbell, making the demon growl and sit up slightly. "I'll be back," he whispered, getting out of bed buttoning up the few buttons he unbuttoned earlier for more comfort.

He headed down the stairs and to the front of the door to his mansion, opening it and narrowing his eyes at the pests who disturbed them. Yukio stood at attention, Amaimon behind him lazily looking around as he avoided whatever it was his lover was up to.

"What?" Mephisto asked, less eloquently than he was normally. He noticed his brother's ears perk slightly as he looked back to see if his brother was looking as annoyed as he sounded. He did.

"Promote my brother. I don't agree with how Rin feels about you... But I cannot take away all the effort he had put into ranking up..." Mephisto's eyes narrowed. "Please, Sir Pheles..."

"I'm ranking him, but not for your sake. But what I want to know is..." he gritted his pointed teeth, "How can you stand there and act like such a hypocrite?"

"What?" Yukio was taken aback by the question, his eyes widening slightly.

"After all you two have been through... After you, yourself fall in love with a demon, one that has less self control than I do. One that has the lust to kill everything and everyone he touches.. How do you not agree with how Rin feels? Do you not want your brother happy? Is that it?"

"No, that's not it..."

"Then why do you sit there, acting high and mighty when you are equally guilty?"

The exorcist was quiet. Mephisto wasn't shocked in the least at the youngest twin's speechlessness. His eyes slowly drooped back to normal, but his smile never returned as he stared down at the quivering boy. He was on the verge of tears, the first time he ever looked like Rin in his eyes. They shared the same expression when they were on the brink of crying.

"Stop being so selfish Yukio..." Mephisto turned around, heading back into the mansion. He stopped and blinked as Amaimon reached out taking his shoulder and shaking his head.

"He isn't being selfish. He just doesn't want Rin hurting... Ever..." he said slowly.

Mephisto shook his head and looked to Yukio, who was rubbing his eyes on his sleeve, his glasses held in his free hand. "You don't have to worry about him... I love him. I won't let him be harmed by anyone. I won't hurt him."

The answer seemed to satisfy the twin, making him nod and turn around, dragging Amaimon with him as he left the mansion grounds. That was all it took. All Mephisto had to do was speak a promise. He grinned to himself, and looked up at the top of the stairs behind him as he closed the door. Rin was his at last.

A few weeks had passed which Rin spent studying and training under Mephisto's watchful eye. Yukio had apologized to his brother, and also had taken the time to tutor him when his demon lover was away or busy. The Vatican had agreed to let Rin take both a physical and a written exam to ensure he was capable of ranking up two ranks without having to wait for his fellow cram students.

The tests went by fast for the half demon, who after weeks of studying and training, took his time answering every question slowly, and used his head during the physical, surprising even himself at how logical he could be when motivated. As he exited the halls after his final exam, all he wanted to do was sleep, making his brother, his lover, and Amaimon only shake their heads and laugh.

Amaimon, of course, still hadn't given up his goal to somehow get Rin, but what he meant by "get" he never told anyone, not even Yukio, who simply stated as long as he didn't hurt or kill him, he supposed it was alright. Mephisto, on the other hand, just became more protective, making sure Amaimon was not within ten feet of his lover at all times unless under his watchful eye.

It was nearly a month after the exams, them still never hearing a word of what happened, which made the purple-haired demon angry. He took to calling them and approaching them as he demanded to know the outcome. Each time he was waved away with the simple answer of "It will take a lot of time. This is a delicate situation and has never happened before, so be patient." By this time, Mephisto was anything but patient.

Rin was possibly the calmest out of the four. He knew how people thought of him being the son of Satan, and was all to use to being shoved aside because of this factor. He knew that he wasn't going to get an answer soon, but even after a month he too was becoming a bit nervous that he was going to be rejected.

The four also kept the possible advancement from the rest of the cram students, mostly for Rin's sake. If he didn't pass he could see the look of sheer delight on Bon's face that made the half demon cringe at just the thought. And although Shima and Rin were friends and hung out every so often, he knew better than to tell him. The monk could keep a secret, but it was still obvious that the other still had feelings for the black-haired boy, and any secrets given to him could be a hint of a bond of trust that Rin didn't want him to be feeling or assuming they had.

"I have a good feeling about today," Mephisto stated, walking to his office on a Sunday afternoon, Rin following behind him looking a bit uncomfortable. He stared down at the back of Mephisto's legs, keeping up to pace with him as he half wondered why they were walking at all, normally the demon would pull out a magical key and they'd be inside a room Rin had either never seen before, or was all to familiar with.

As they entered the office, the purple-haired demon took his hat off, setting his umbrella next to the coat rack, setting the hat up on top. The half demon made his way to the table filled with food, immediately taking his normal routine into play as he piled the food on his plate, immediately digging in.

"Can I cook for you sometime?" He asked, turning to look back at Mephisto who tilted his head to the side, smiling wide as he looked to his lover.

"Of course. Whenever you'd like. I'd be happy to eat whatever you make." Rin grinned, and turned back to his food, stuffing an eggroll in his mouth, and curiously gazing at the door as there was a knock. "Come in," Mephisto called, the door opening and Shura walking in, holding an envelope.

"Thought I'd find ya here," the busty woman stated, walking over to Rin and handing him the envelope, "I suggest you stay sittin' down and open that."

Rin stared at it. He didn't want to open it, but also at the same time he did. He slowly tore open the top, and pulled out the neat, fancy lined paper and began to read:

Rin Okumura,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been advanced to Knight lower 2nd class starting today. Please keep in mind that with the upgrade of your rank you are required to go on minor missions exorcizing demons of lower sort, and are required to be in uniform while doing so. An appointment for your uniform fitting will be made later on in the week, where we will send you a summon. It is our recommendation that you continue practicing with a blade to further hone your skills as a Knight...

Rin stopped reading and looked up, biting his lip, ignoring the rest of the letter as Mephisto stood from his seat at the desk and walked over taking it from him. His lips formed a wide smile as he looked up, tilting his head to the side, "Congratulations, Rin. You've earned it."

Shura smiled and turned heading out the door after saying a soft, "Grats!" waving her hand as a goodbye as she closed the door behind her. The door did not stay closed for long, however. Yukio, followed by the pulled Amaimon bust through the door and stared at his brother wide-eyed looking for an answer without asking for it.

"Knight second lower class," Rin said, standing up and smiling wide.

"I knew you could do it brother," Yukio stated, unable to hide the wide grin that formed on his lips. Amaimon looked like he wanted to say something, but kept it to himself. What kind of a demon would he be if he congratulated him on his success?

"Does this mean I still have cram classes?" Rin asked, looking between Yukio and Mephisto. His brother sighed and nodded his head, Mephisto grinning and letting out a laugh.

"Of course you will still have to. There's still much to learn, and a long way to go. Recall that dream of yours? Of becoming a Paladin?"

Rin scowled, "I haven't forgotten," he growled, letting his eyes drop to the food on the table that laid forgotten. He sat down and began to munch again, staring at the piece of paper that the purple-haired demon placed on the table on top of it's envelope.

"Maybe we should frame it," Mephisto half joked, walking back over to his desk and sitting down, grinning as Amaimon looked about the room curiously, his eyes flitting to the food every so often. "You can eat if you want, little brother..."

Amaimon grinned, rushing to the opposite side of the table from Rin, grabbing a plate, making his lover sit down next to him and sigh, "I swear, you'd be able to eat out a whole food storage and still not be satisfied."

"Not if I can help it." Aqua eyes met navy as Rin grinned, Amaimon's eyes widening slightly at the minor challenge. The two immediately started to grab everything in sight, eating as quickly as possible. Mephisto and Yukio shook their heads, the younger exorcist being forced to watch and sometimes be dragged against the table as his lover lurched for food. The principal, however, had plenty of paperwork to distract himself with.

After nearly ten minutes passing, the half demon started to slow down, panting slightly as he kept shoving food in his mouth. "Careful," his ears perked up at the sound of Mephisto's voice, "If you keep that up you won't have enough stamina for a our celebration tonight..."

Rin blushed and set the crescent-shaped meat substance he was going to eat on the plate in front of him. "Does this mean I win?" Rin glared at the grinning demon across from him, who tilted his head to the side and simply kept eating, this time slowly.

Yukio and Amaimon soon left as Amaimon finished up all the food on the table in under an hour. Rin wouldn't admit it, but he was marveled at the sheer fact that Amaimon was so skinny, and still able to eat like that. As he sat in his chair, watching Mephisto sign away papers after reading them, he got the sudden urge to do something he had never done: be coy.

He slowly stood, and walked over to his lover's side. He slowly looked up, and raised a brow, sitting back and blinking as the smaller man stepped over his legs and straddled him, looking down at him, "Can we celebrate now instead?"

Mephisto's eyes widened as he stared up at the other, who smiled the best seductive grin he could muster, moving his waist against his lap. The demon let out a shaky sigh, nodding his head and leaning up biting at his neck, "Five minutes?" he growled softly. Rin nodded and stood, making sure to sway his hips slightly, moving his tail in a slow rhythm making the taller man shiver and scribble his name faster on the documents.

Now the question was where the half demon wanted to have sex. He had been thinking the desk, but also the thought of Mephisto's papers getting crumbled and possibly dirty immediately turned that idea off. He walked into the room and looked to the bed and shook his head. It was to ordinary. The shower? He shook his head again and walked over to the large window, and stared out of it. Possibly outside in the garden area of the mansion?

During his pondering he didn't seem to keep track of time, nor did he listen to the sounds of the other coming closer to him. It wasn't till he saw his reflection in the window did he notice the purple-haired demon, who wrapped his arms around his waist and sunk his teeth tenderly into his lover's neck making the smaller man moan out, pressing his palms to the glass of the window as he felt the principal's hand lower, slipping into the front of his pants and stroking his hardening manhood.

"Shall we do it here?" Mephisto whispered, pressing his lower half against Rin's behind making him huff.

"Fuck me..." he groaned bucking back, the elder chuckling as he slipped down Rin's pants, unbuttoning his own. Obliging his lovers request, he slipped his fingers inside him, giving a moment to prep him (more quickly than intended), slipping them out, and shoving his member up into him, making him gasp out, arching his back as he clung to the glass as best as he could.

He marveled for a moment at how erotic of a face he was making as the elder thrust into him. He panted, moaning out, and closing his eyes as he felt him rock in and out of him, slamming his cock against a spot that drove the half demon insane.

It was a matter of moments before Rin lost himself, arching his back and cumming, ignoring the fact that he didn't know if it hit the window or not. He didn't care. He panted, looking back at the other, his lids of his eyes droopy as Mephisto smirked continuing his movements until he too reached his climax. They pulled apart, Mephisto scooping him up and carrying him to the bed, taking his time to properly undress himself and Rin, climbing over the boy and perching himself between the other's legs, laying his chin against his chest.

"Again?" Rin whispered. The demon smirked and leaned up, kissing him passionately, moving his hands lightly against the younger man's body, making sure to slowly arouse him. He took a moment to pause, using his hands to push himself up and kiss the other's forehead, slowly kissing down, avoiding his lips seemingly on purpose as he showered kisses all over his face. "What're you doing?" the half demon questioned.

"Making sure not one spot on your body is left unloved and forgotten."

Rin didn't know what he meant by that, only blushed and let the other continue, until he reached his chest. "Phisto... Can't you continue later?" he panted, biting his lower lip, and staring at him with lust-filled eyes.

"I suppose..."

After the fifth round of their love making, Rin was, for lack of a better phrase, very well spent. He panted, clinging to his lover as he leaned his head against his shoulder, his hand on his chest. Nothing was said, nothing had to be. By the time anything was said at all, Rin was nearly asleep.

"I'm bonding myself with you..."

"Hrm?" Rin lazily looked up at the other, confused.

"It's a demon's way of saying I do... Both sides do not have to agree, but I am yours to have forever, even if you do not want me later on..."

"Stupid clown..." Rin shook his head and watched the other tilt his head to the side, "You think I'm going to toss you aside like tonight and all the other nights didn't matter?" He allowed his eyes to close, letting out a soft sigh as he fought back sleep. "Can't you see? We've been bonded this whole time..."

Mephisto smiled, his wide, cheeky grin as he took Rin's hand in his. Years of waiting made this moment worth everything, even if the half demon was nearly asleep, and a bit delirious from lack of energy. He used his free hand to run his hands through his now sleeping lover's hair, watching him as he breathed softly, lost in a world that no one but Rin could touch.

"I suppose you are right... And all it took was a silly game... Just to fall in love."


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