*Tyler is not a hybrid in this fic.* Thank you for reading, if it gets positive feedback I will write more.

Caroline looked up at the sky, the stars twinkling in her crystal clear eyes. The moon was almost at its full setting, one more day and he would have to leave. She always had nightmares when he wasn't around. it was ironic, a vampire having nightmares, but they weren't about the same things that humans had nightmares about; no coming to school in your underwear, or forgetting your lines on stage, it was much darker than that. She sighed and pulled her coat more tightly around her. Caroline's throat was starting to itch, and it wasn't an early season cold. It consumed her; the blood lust was always in control. She rolled her eyes away from the thought. She needed to focus on Tyler, and another agonizing night for him. Being a wolf was hard for him, but he said he could manage. She begged him to let her stay, but he refused going on about "the danger" he put her in the last time she was there. It was so horrible the first time she saw him change, she had to hold him while he cried, and whimpered, and begged. Caroline's stomach started turning; he said It didn't hurt as much, and she accepted it, but part of her still knew how much pain he was holding back. She heaved another sigh aware of the light footsteps echoing behind her. Tyler walked over to her smiling, she tried her best to give one back to him, but failed miserably. He frowned at her and walked over towards the spot she was standing, and wrapped his warm arms around her waist. She gazed up at the moon again, wondering if he could feel the full moon coming. "What's wrong Care?" he kissed her cheek lightly and turned his head to look at her expression more carefully. "Nothing," she mumbled, but it was never "nothing" with Caroline. She huffed and said very quickly " I know that you will be fine, but I just … I have a bad feeling about tomorrow." Tyler looked at her softly and back at the moon "you have the biggest heart, you know that?" she looked back at him a light smile played on her lips "but," he continued "you don't always have to worry about other people, what about you Caroline?" he laughed lightly and untangled his arms from her to swipe away a piece of hair that had fallen into her eyes. "I don't need to worry about myself" she concluded "I'm doing fine." She pulled her arms up to her chest and turned towards his face. "You say that, but are you telling the truth?" she looked up into his eyes and felt the lie come naturally from her lips "I am."