Hey! Peter & Lauren are back, only ten years on. Have they managed to stay in America all this time or have they moved back to their loved home in the time gone by. Enjoy the next instalment. M x

Lauren's POV

"Are we there yet?" Melanie moaned.

I turned where our eldest daughter, sat her long straight blonde hair hang in a loose ponytail, her brown eyes had black bags underneth them. Laura wasnt much like her older sister, long brown hair, soft brown eyes like her sister, lay sleeping against the window.

"Are we there yet?" Melanie moaned again, causing Peter to pull over.

"Melanie Jane Beale! Do you ever understand the word no?" Peter turned to her.

Melanie nodded sheepishly, as Laura started to wake up.

"For the life of Charles Dickens could you just start driving and stop moaning, I'm trying to sleep" Laura groaned, trying her hardest to get back to sleep.

I turned to my husband. "Well, you heard her"

Peter started up the enjine and soon we were back in London, rainy London.

"Well home sweet London"

Considering the girls had a perfect English accent, they were actually proud to be English and even sobbed when the Queen died.

Peter's POV

Alfie and Kat had packed up to Spain with Tommy and Shenice, I told him that we were coming back to England and we had nowhere to go. So he handed over the Vic to us, I was quite suprized that he handed it to us straight away but there we had a roof over our heads for the next 20 odd years.

Once all unpacked, Lauren turned the lights on. I smiled.

"Happy?" I asked, hugging her from waist behind.

"Happy Pete? No, I'm beaming" She turned and kissed me.

Just as Melanie walked into the room.

"Oh fab, just what I needed" She joked.

We laughed.

Then we heard a glass break, all three of us stood at the bottom of the stairs.

"Laura Ellen Beale, I bloody well hope to the hence of high heaven you havnt broken my vase?" Lauren shouted up the stairs then a little sqeak which turned our to be our youngest daughter's voice.

"I think I have"

Lauren sighed and went up.

Leaving me and Melanie, downstairs.

I locked the doors, Melanie went upstairs just as Lauren came back down.

"And? Did she break it?" I asked, putting my hands on my wife's waist.

"Yeah, only the top cracked though"

Laura's POV

Dad never told us, why were called Melanie Jane and Laura Ellen. I sorta guessed, they must have been important to him.

"Daddy?" I said, skipping into the lounge dressed in my pink pjama shirt and trousers.

"Sweetheart" He pulled me onto the sofa, my head on his shoulder.

I always knew the I was my Dad's favourite, but I loved my Mum just as equal.

"Why are we called who we are?"

My Dad sighed. "Well you were named after my stepmother, Laura. She died when I was 10"

I nodded slightly. "What about Melanie?"

"What about me?" My sister stood in the doorway wearing the same clothes she was wearing on the journey.

"I know who I'm named after" She said, walking in into the lounge and sitting down on one of the chairs oppsitte the sofa.

"Who?" I asked getting curious.

"Me" Aunty Mel, stood in the doorway.

Melanie smiled.