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Lauren's POV

Melanie and Laura came home at lunch time, just as Pete came down the stairs. Melanie's eyes widened, Laura's breath dried.

Peter looked at Melanie then Laura, looking at either of them for answers. And before he even started talking, I made my excuse not to hear the argument between my husband and my eldest daughter.

Laura's POV

I froze.

"And?" Dad said, folding his arms over his chest.

I looked to my sister, Melanie was always prepared to fight Dad whatever the consequences, she protected them like the crown jewels and to be honest I couldnt blame her.

She paused for a second, but then still didnt speak.

Dad looked to me.

I turned white just as Aunty Mel came into the room.

Aunty Mel was Dad's second step-mother, she returned just after Uncle Steven and Granny Tanya died. Dad loved her like he was his real Mother, he did call her Mum.

I took a deep breath. "Dad, I'm being bullied"

I shut my eyes as tiny tears fell down my face.

I wanted to hear a sigh of releif but nothing came, so I just took off and ran upstairs. Not bothering to look back, my heart pounded.

New Resident.

I handed the taxi driver a tenner, before shutting the cab door. I turned to the square and sighed.

"It's good to be home" I murmered to myself.