Being Nosy

"…Kisa-san," Ritsu asked one day, looking up from the paperwork he'd been diligently filling out. He'd had a sudden thought, and Kisa was the only one he could talk to at the time. The rest seemed to have gone into Hell Week mode a bit early. "Does Yokozawa-san have any family?"

"I don't think so?" Kisa blinked as he looked at his coworker. "Why would you say so? That guy is practically married to his work."

Ritsu bowed his head, glancing over to Takano to make sure he wasn't watching them. The last thing he needed was his boss yelling at them for not working. "I just heard him talking on his phone one day, when we had to share an elevator. Something like 'I'll pick up Hiyo today.'"

"Aw, Ricchan, stop worrying about it," Kisa said, smiling and holding out a box of donuts. "I never took you as the nosy type."

Ritsu took a donut despite himself and considered this as he chewed. It wasn't that he was nosy, it was just that he had seen so little of Yokozawa since that day in the elevator. He never knew Yokozawa to give up that easily, and it seemed weird, even if Takano had properly rejected him.

"Besides," Kisa added, wiping powdered sugar from around his mouth with his sleeve. "Yokozawa-san scares the crap out of me. I can't imagine him with kids." And then Kisa smiled and went back to his work.

Ritsu had to admit, even if Kisa had put it rather bluntly, he agreed. Something else blunt came into contact with his head, though, and he glared and turned to see Takano had chucked a ruler at him.


"Yeah, yeah, get back to work," Ritsu muttered, hoping Takano wouldn't hear, but he obviously did. Ritsu sunk down in his chair. It was going to be a long day.