"Ricchan, what's that?"

Ritsu glanced up from his work, surprised at the sudden interruption. It wasn't Hell Week, but everyone had been pretty focused all day. To the point where Ritsu was actually enjoying himself, and forgot about the man sitting at the end of the table, drinking coffee and adjusting his glasses in the irritated way he only did when he was looking at something he didn't like.

He turned to look at Kisa, rubbing at one eye like he'd just woken up from a nap. His vision was definitely blurry like he had. "Um, what's what?"

Before Ritsu could do anything about it, Kisa had reached up and was poking at his neck. "You have marks on your neck," he said, his eyes narrowed like he was concentrating really hard on them. "Are thoseā€¦ hickies?"

While his coworker kept poking at his neck, Ritsu knew his face was going pale. There was exactly one reason why he'd have hickies, and it had to do with the man at the end of the row of desks who was currently staring at them.

Takano adjusted his glasses, looking even more annoyed. "Onodera, Kisa, if you two have time to gossip, I guess that means I should feel free to give you more work?"

"This is your damn fault!" Ritsu said it without thinking, and when Kisa whirled around, looking between his boss and his desk mate, he knew he'd regret it.

"Oh reeeeeeally~?" Kisa asked, looking pleased at this new information. Before either Ritsu or Takano could do anything, Kisa stood from his chair, not even putting his shoes back on as he ran for the Sapphire offices.


"What?" He was greeted with a fun-size Kit-Kat thrown at his face, and he scowled. "Is this supposed to make up for it?"