Guys guys I'm sorry I lied. Here is another chapter of Smile. This one is the last I promise but, I just wanted to come back and break your heart a little more! Yay c:

Your name is Aradia Megido. You were 20 years old. You are in love with a man named Equius Zahhak.

His name is Equius Zahhak. He is 20 years old. He loved you as much as you loved him.

You are dead.

You watch from afar. People crowd around a large hole in the ground. A headstone sits at the front of the hole.

People are crying. Equius stands tall, his ever present glasses on. They hide his eyes but the sun light reflects off his cheeks, and you know he too is crying.

As you drift closer, you see people you know. There is the girl who you rivalved with for so many years.

The boy who broke who lived next door for so many years. You used to walk with him to school until her broke his back. Then you pushed him to school.

The boy you once loved. He stands next to Equius and he too cries.

There is a pain building in your chest. You miss them all already.

The coffin begins to lower into the ground and someone cries harder. A heart wrenching cry breaks the eerie silence that had settled.

And suddenly, you're crying too.

You're crying for everything you lost, everyone you loved.

You're crying for Equius and realizing he will move on, and in time he will forget you.

You're crying because you will watch him go on with his life, and you wish you could be there again.

Hold his hand again.

Kiss his lips again.

But you can't.

The coffin hits the ground and people step forward and throw roses in and petals. You always loved the smell of roses.

And then it's over. Everyone begins to leave but Equius stays.

He stays and watches as the dirt is piled in.

He stays after the funeral directors are gone.

You move closer.

You can smell his cologne.

He places a hand a top the dirt that covers your concealed body.

Aradia... I miss you so much.

I miss you too.

I'm sorry that I didn't go looking for you that day, maybe this wouldn't have happened.

It isn't your fault.

I'm so sorry.

He's crying again and so are you.

Don't blame yourself! Please...

I'll never forget you. Not even when I die.

I love you...

I love you too...

Your name is Aradia Megido. You were 20 years old. You love a man name Equius Zahhak more than anything in the world.

His name is Equius Zahhak. He is 20 years old. He loves you so much. He promises he won't forget you.

You will watch over him.

You will wait for his smile.

AN: That's it, it's really over now. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as the others. Thank you all for reading!