Hashirama rubbed he back of his head, glancing at this father while doing so.

"Yes father..."Hashirama murmured.

The brunette followed closely beside his father. The young and older Senju leader walked through the village rather quickly, heading to the north-east of Konoha.
"Hashirama i'm serious. You are going to be the next head of the Senju clan. So you are going to have to learn how to lead properly, especially when controlling the Uchiha's" the elder Senju explained.

Hashirama Nodded. The leader sighed before continuing.

"This is the first time i'm taking you into the Kyanpu so i need you to understand how the system works. You already understand a fair bit but not enough so i have to prepare you"

The two Senju's made it to a smaller village inside konoha, stopping at the gates in-between two large wooden walls hiding behind it the Kyanpu.

Hashirama's Father pounded on the huge gate door until it creaked open slowly. A tall man poked his head out from behind the gate.

"Open up!" The Senju leader demanded.

"R-right away sir!" the other replied quickly. The younger man disappeared behind the gates and after a moment the gates made a loud sound before opening with a large squeak.

Hashirama and his father entered the camp. The brunette took in the site slowly. Inside here was absolutely different to the village. Hashirama passed many guards and noticed they were all Senju. The houses were all clustered together and very run down. But that wasn't the most disturbing. What was the most inhuman was the Uchiha. Not because of that fact but because of the condition they were in. The Uchiha members were all dirty and exhausted. Torn clothes and bloody hands. Proof of hard work. Hashirama watched in disgust as the Senju guards as they force the tired Uchiha's to keep working. Hashirama knew of the camps before he even saw inside the gates but his knowledge of kyanpu was completely different. In konoha, you were thought that Kyanpu was a peaceful isolates place for Uchiha's to live with each other while under supervision so they wouldn't cause any trouble. But it was completely different to what he was seeing right now.

He followed his father through the small village, passing many prisoners and guards, not one bit of him approved of any of this and he anxiously wanted his father to explain things to him and what was going on. He was waiting for the moment till the finally made it the central home. This building was unlike the homes, the Uchiha were forced to live in. Hashirama could tell that this was a form of torture and discipline towards the Uchiha people. Also it was probably to let them know who is the superior clan, but he knew one thing, he wasn't going to allow this when he takes leadership.

"Son... everything will be explained in the meeting" his father sighed.

Hashirama didn't bother with a reply.

The Senju's entered the fancy looking building. Hashirama twitched as he noticed how bright and polished it was in here. How come the Uchiha didn't have such a luxurious life? It did anger Hashirama but he kepted his mouth shut.

I'll show you to your room and then we will leave for the meeting" he explained.

Hashirama nodded again in understanding, still upset by the scene.

The both walked to the receptionist desk to be greeted by two young female Senju's

"Good morning sirs" the two girls smiled cheerfully.

"Rina, i want Hashirama's hotel key please"

"Of course sir" the red haired smiled sweetly.

"Here it is" squeaked the older female.

"Thank you very much" Hashirama thanked, taking the key swiftly and heading to the elevators.

Hashirama pushed the golden keys into the key slot in the door, twisting it and opening the door.

"Whoa..." he gasped, amazed as he entered the posh-looking room. It was huge and totally expensive. He quickly went to explore. It had one large bedroom, two kitchens and two bathrooms, a dining room, loungeroom, entertainment lounge, laundry and ninjustsu room. He really did feel selfish and spoilt. Hashirama was supposed to ready himself for the meeting, in the meeting lounge in a few minutes after getting settled. Which he did exactly that.

The tanned Senju walked throught the orifice of the meeting room respectfully, dressed formally. Many important Senju were present, his father included. They were all seated around a large table.

"Ahh... Hashirama your here, not a moment too soon son" the leader greeted.

"Hello to everyone" Hashirama said.

Many replies and nods were thrown back.

"Please sit"

Hashirama obeyed, taking the empty seat next to his father.

"Ok now we are all present, time to get this meeting started" he explained. "But first, i must explain to Hashirama, my son, how and why things are run the way they are. Since you will are my eldest, you are best fit to lead for you maturity and power"

"And what of Tobirama?" asked an elderly man

"Tobirama will be next in charge if something happens to Hashirama"

"Will he learn of this?"

"I will be teaching Tobirama at a more matured age"

"I understand"

"Good, Alright Hashirama as you already seen, we have described Kyanpu as a totally different image to the villagers"

Hashirama nodded bitterly

"It is believed that the other people wouldn't approve of this project but this is the only solution to have peace in Konoha containing both the rival clan, Uchiha and Senju"

"How is that, i don't see how what you are doing in peaceful"

"No one knows the Uchiha better then i and your elders since we have fought them in the war and have seen the darkest side of them. They are hateful and very powerful, it was very hard to control them at first because they don't like taking orders from an equal powerful clan. So we had to take that power from them, to let them know how to behave. Without this we wouldn't have the village as we do now"

"Father, times are different. They weren't like it when you were in war. You have yourself a new generation of Uchiha's that have grown in this environment for some time. They have already been disciplined enough"

"You don't understand boy" Hashirama's father sighed. "It's in their blood. No matter how good you raise an Uchiha, they can always turn away. They are a clan of hate and revenge, we can't drop these walls because even a single Uchiha can carry out the will of the previous Uchiha leaders and put the village in chaos"

Hashirama breathed steadily 'No Father, it is you who don't understand..."

Hashirama had been there for almost an hour, listening to each and every Senju rant on about how bad the Uchiha's are. It almost made him sick to be a Senju. Hashirama had zoned out until a young boy entered the room with a large tray of food. The Senju men didn't halt the conversation about how bad Uchiha are infront of the boy nor showing courtesy or gratefulness for the refreshments meals he had brought them the tanned Senju noticed.. Hashirama began to study the boy from curiosity. He was short with long spike raven hair which suited him rather well. He had a doll face and his skin was practically glowing white. And his eyes... They were simply fabulous.

What was unfortunate was the dirty clothes on the pretty boy. The boy looked a few years younger then Hashirama himself and he had to go through this.

The boys face was showing an expression of anger towards the men who were dissing him and his clan. After serving the food the beautiful boy stormed off crankily. Well He knew for sure that after this meeting he was defiantly going to look for that adorable waiter.