Chapter 9

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A little days after

Madara looked at his reflection from the large mirror that covered an entire wall. He pulled over his over jacket that was a little large on him but he liked it like that. Hashirama had told him today, that is was safe enough to leave the suite without getting caught anymore. Madara knew Hashirama had spoken to his father about them staying and his father must of agreed but he wanted to hear Hashirama say it to himself. Right now he was getting ready to take Izuna for a walk. They hadn't been allowed out for a long time and he was super excited to finally go for a proper walk.

It was pretty cold outside. That why he dressed like it was winter. Once he finished, he nodded at himself in approval before walking out of the bedroom, he and Hashirama shared and headed for the lounging room. He had told Izuna to get ready so they could leave and Izuna must be so happy to leave the suite just as he was.

When he entered the large open room, he saw Izuna still on the game. Madara's eye twitched as he stood at the door glaring.

"Izuna! I told you to get ready " Madara snapped.

Izuna turned his head quickly at the shout but returned to the game.

"I'm sorry nii-san. I got to finish slaying this dragon"

Madara looked at the game, a bit annoyed but didn't say anything. Hashirama had bought that game for him yesterday and he really liked it a lot. He was sure it was called Skyrim or something rather.

Madara shook his head and walked to the couch and sat down with a fall. He then watched Izuna annoyed till he finish a silly part of the game. Izuna got up and switched the system off before heading to his room and getting changed. Madara waited for awhile. He guessed Izuna wasn't as excited to leave as he thought he was. He made a mental note to hide that silly xboxy thing so Izuna couldn't play it. He chuckled at the evil thought and thats when Izuna walked in.

"Ok, I'm ready" Izuna said pumped. Madara smiled and jumped up.

"Alrighty, let's go"

The two walked to the door and walked out. They walked through the corridors and then headed outside.

Hashirama had told them he wanted to be there for them when they got out, to walk with them. Madara knew that, that was actually Hashirama's fear of them being hurt by the stubborn Senju. Madara didn't really like Hashirama there all the time for him so that's why he left before Hashirama had returned from the meeting. He knew it would anger Hashirama a little but he was becoming more independent. He felt like another personality was showing as he got his life back.

Madara had taken Izuna to their old house, where they lived with the Uchiha's before Hashirama came into their lives. He decided after that, he would take Izuna outside of Kyanpu and then explore the hidden Leaf village. He didn't tell Izuna yet because he wanted to surprise him.

Madara and Izuna spent a good hour with their cabin. They didn't get to see a few people who were working. They spoke about the old times, how things were going and shared thoughts about each other. It was a good time for all Uchiha's then they had to leave and the goodbyes where a little sad.

After that the two were both walking. Izuna was very happy. Madara walked them in a different route, and then Izuna took notice. He questioned he brother quickly, as he thought he went mad.

"Um, Madara... wrong way" he squeaked, feeling the need to laugh at his brother. Madara looked at him cheekily. He wagged his finger soon after.

"We are going somewhere else too." Madara explained.

Izuna asked Madara like twenty more questions along the way and Madara refused to answer. He then made it to the fates then Izuna had some sort of hint of where they were going. The guards lets them through hesitantly but without showing any anger. Which was a little surprising.

The sight was simply amazing! There was buildings, trees, grass, people! It was better than Hashirama's suite by tenfold. Izuna almost had a heartattack. They had never seen the village at all. All they saw was dirt, guns, cement, Senju's and Uchiha's and poorly built houses.

Seeing this mad Madara a little angry. He walked through the village with his brother. How come they weren't allowed to live like this. Like normal people. He was begining to think more sour of the Senju's. What had the Uchiha done that deserved this. The Senju had done exactly the same during war. It simply wasn't fair.

He threw those thoughts to the back of his mind because he didn't want to ruin this day with negative thoughts. They had no idea where they were going but both agreed to wonder the entire village. Everyone in the village was so nice. Maybe because they didn't know they were Uchiha.

Madara noticed that there was a large gate around the village which expressed a caged in feeling. Izuna pointed out the gates 'entrance and suggested them to wander out and that's what they did.

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