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Demon talking

Flashbacks or dreams


The Ninja Guardian

Chapter 1 the Future of the Juubi Jinchuriki

Alliance Head Quarters

Naruto was dying in a battlefield littered with bodies; across from him was two other people all dead from the battle that took place.

"How did this happen" thought the blond.


It started two year ago with the declaration of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. The war was declared by a man known as Madara. His target was the tailed beast or Bijuu. He was able to capture seven of the nine; in order to keep the others save the Five Kages hid the last two away.

On an island on the coast of Lighting Country the Nine tails was begin trained by the perfect Jinchuriki the Eight tails known as Killer Bee, he subdued the Kyuubi and they formed a pact in order to protect themselves. After a week Naruto sensed some massive buildup of Ninjas and knew what was going on after his master Killer Bee confirmed it.

Naruto knew he was not strong enough to fight Madara and his apprentice Sasuke Uchiha. Now armed with the power of the Kyuubi he formed several shadow clones to go to the different battle fields and help out; however the real Naruto was lead to the place where the Sage of Six paths battled the Juubi by the Kyuubi. There he was visited by the apparition of the Sage who trained him in the ways of the true sage for a week with the use of Shadow clones; Naruto became powerful enough to challenge any who opposed him. After training, the sage gave Naruto two of the three Doujutsu, the Sharingan and Rinnengan. The Sage of Six Paths disappeared into Naruto mindscape to give guidance to the young sage.

Naruto emerged from the cave after getting the memories of one of his Clones that was backing up Garaa's division.

He was thirty miles from that battle and he raced to get there to help. He got their and saw what he feared the Edo Madara; the real Madara. He engaged the Edo in battle with the help of Garaa and Onoki with the latter dying using a suicide dust move to seal him and Garaa dying by becoming a human shield protecting Naruto

Naruto saw red after his friend's life was snuffed out and he swore that he will end this war. He raced to where Killer Bee was engaging the wannabe Madara in battle and was getting his ass handed by the Uchiha. Naruto got there to see Madara carrying Killer Bee's body to his hideout. Madara turned and ran before Naruto could pursue he was attacked by the former Jinchuriki's who have been resurrected and turned into the different Paths by Madara Rinnengan that he took from Nagato.

Naruto summoned the combat Toads to aid him and the toad elders to get him into Sage mode. For two hours Naruto battle the former host and won by the skin of his teeth due to him having the only tailed beast in his body. Naruto raced to the next battle ground which was Kakashi's division who were fight the two of the seven swordsmen that have yet to be seal; he used a powerful seal that the Sage told him about and he sealed the swordsman in the same seal.

Naruto headed to every battle field sealing ever Edo and finally heading to the Alliance HQ. When he got their he greeted with a bloody battle with the Zetsu slowly pushing the alliance back toward the alliance head building and the eight tailed demons ravaging the allied reinforcements. Naruto raced to do battle with the tailed beast and with the sacrifice of thousands of Shinobi Naruto used a final sealing jutsu absorbing the all eight beast becoming the perfect Ten Tails Juubi.

Naruto shunshined to Kages and saw the remaining Kages injured or dead. Naruto saw three of the enemies; one had black hair and long sword positioned horizontally. This enemy was Naruto's former teammate Sasuke Uchiha. The second had grey hair glasses and a snaked tail coming out of his black cloak. This one was Kabuto and the finally a man had a purple mask on with a swirl on it he was wearing a torn cloak of black with red clouds. The man was Madara Uchiha and the one who started the war. Naruto struck first killing Kabuto instantly with a kunai in the heart. The other two charged Naruto. Naruto was holding out for a while and the battle went outside to the courtyard and the battle continued. For three hours all three warrior threw jutsu constantly and it ended up in hand to hand combats. Naruto struck Sasuke in the chest with Ten Shuriken and but was run through in the side of his chest by a sword courtesy of Madara. Naruto with what little energy he had left pierced Madara with a kunai in an artery killing him.

End Flashback

Naruto was dying on a blood soaked battlefield waiting for the inevitable; however the nine demons who became the Juubi did not want to die they pulled Naruto into his mindscape.

In Naruto's mindscape the nine demons were locked behind jail like bars' standing in front of them was the spirit of the Sage. He had Brown hair a white robe made of silk and a necklace of bones he smiled at Naruto

"Looks like thing didn't go as planned right Naruto?" asked the Sage.

Naruto was lying down

"I will give you one last chance for happiness; I will transport you to the future so you can live a semi -normal life," stated the Sage sadly as he went through some hand signs and the mindscape went dark.

On the outside the Allied forces just routed the last Zetsu and rushed to the downed fighters. When they got there Naruto's body started to glow and in a flash disappeared

In an island three female decked in what looked like golden armor and spears were doing their patrols when all three we're blinded by a bright light. When the light cleared what they saw left them speechless. In front of them was a blond male numerous injuries a weapons pouch on his side.

"What is a man doing on our island?" said the one with brown hair as the other two looked at Naruto.

"Get her highness now," shouted the blond haired women who was the leader

The third one run off as the other two stare at Naruto. After waiting for ten minutes the black haired woman runs up with a blond woman wearing a robe of white silk.

"What is going on; who's this?" asked the blond queen.

"We don't know your highness; he just appeared in a white light," stated the brown haired Amazon.

The queen looked at the downed warrior and she heard a groan "he's still alive even with those injuries," she thought

"Take this man to our healers," she shouted as the rest of women make a stretcher and carry him to a building that looks like the Acropolis.

Naruto opens his eyes and sees that he is in a bed "where the hell am I?" he thought

The wooden door opens and a brown haired women walks in followed by a blond haired woman from before, this time she is wearing white robes with gold trim.

Naruto sits up as the two walk up to him "can you tell me who you are?" asked the blond woman in Greek. Naruto looks at "What did you say?" he asked in a different language. The queen looks at him curiously "He doesn't understand me," she told her aid. Naruto closed his eyes and reopened them and a black eye with a ten pointed shuriken shaped. He looks at the queen in the eye and goes through some hands signs. The queen blinks and Naruto changes his eyes back "sorry about that" he said in Greek.

The queen looks at him stunned "how did you mimic my language?" she asked.

Naruto smiled "I used one of my abilities to copy the language so we communicate better as well as give you knowledge of my dialect," said Naruto.

The women became cautious "who are you?" she asked as Naruto frowns

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze," he stated.

The queen looks shocked "you're lying he died one thousand years ago," she stated.

Naruto starts to get worried "what do you mean one thousand years; is this not the elemental nations?" he asked with worry.

The women shakes her head "that place no longer exists, It broke away into different continents and nations," she said.

Naruto looks down "I guess I am the last of my village," he said

"How did you get on the island?" asked the queen

Naruto thinks for a moment "I think I know; but I want to confirm," said Naruto as he goes through a ram seal and his body drops.

In Naruto mind scape he is walking down the corridor of what looks like a sewer and come up to the Cage of the Juubi in front of it he sees the sage.

"Where am I sage?" he asked.

The man chuckles "you are one thousand years in the future; I thought you might want a normal life," said the Sage

"Naruto turns around "thanks I guess," said Naruto as he disappears back

Naruto wakes up "well that sucks," he said

"So what happened?" asked the queen

"It seems I have been sent to the future by the First Sage of Six Path," said Naruto

"Interesting I don't think it was possible" said the queen

"You would be surprised what a Jinchuriki can do," stated Naruto

The queen turns to the healer "how is he?" she asked

The brown haired girl checks Naruto "looks like he is fine; his wounds have healed miraculously," she said.

The queen turn to Naruto "I forgot to introduce myself in our questioning, I am Hippolyta queen of the Amazons," she stated

Naruto bows quickly "forgive me you highness for not bowing early," said Naruto.

Hippolyta waves it off "that's all right; but I need to discuss something with Zeus," she said as Naruto raises an eyebrow "Who's Zeus?" asked Naruto.

The queen looks at him "Oh I forgot you aren't from this time," she stated

"Why don't you gather the info from my mind like you did earlier?" she asked.

Naruto shrugs his shoulders "I don't want to invade personal privacy," said Naruto

Hippolyta tells him of the different Greek deities and when she finishes Naruto stands up on the floor

"Question your highness; is there a training ground I can use?" he asked. The queen thinks for a moment "yes you can use the arena or the forest," she said.

"Artemis will take you to either one," said Hippolyta as the healer walks up to him "Let's go, I will take you there," said the Healer as she and Naruto walk away. Hippolyta walks out of the room as well.

With Naruto and Artemis

The two walk down to the forest and Naruto grabs a kunai and walks up to a tree "I am going to see what I need to work on in terms of exercises," he told his guide. The woman looks on curiously "how are you going to do that," she asked. Naruto smiles and runs up the tree and gets half way before being propelled.

With Hippolyta

Hippolyta was walking to a multi-level building adorned with white marble as she enters she goes straight to a statue of a man with white robes and a bread. She kneels on the marble slab in front "Lord Zeus I need guidance," she said as the statue glowed and an apparition appears of the man.

"What do you need Queen of the Amazons," said the man.

Hippolyta tells the king of God about Naruto and asks for his help in what to do. The god thinks for a moment "I think you should allow him on the island to stay but he can move around the world if he wishes also see if he can train you newborn in his fighting style," said the god. The queen looks shocked but agrees anyways.

Naruto and Artemis

Naruto did about ten runs up and down the tree and was relaxing. Hippolyta walked up to him and Naruto and Artemis bowed

"What do you need your highness?" asked Artemis. The queen looked at Naruto "I need to talk to Mr. Namikaze; leave us Artemis," she said. Artemis walks away leaving Hippolyta and Naruto by themselves.

"Naruto, I have a request," said Hippolyta. Naruto turns to her "what's the request?" he asked.

"I want you to train my daughter when she's five in your fighting style," said the queen. Naruto stares at her "I might be able to train her in Toad stance as well as others but for ninjutsu I am not sure if she can learn it," stated Naruto. The queen nods her head in understanding "teach her what you can, in return you will be the only man allowed on the island but under watch for the time being; hope you understand," she said.

Naruto put on a reassuring smile "of course I would do the same thing," stated the ninja. The queen and Naruto walk back to the palace "By the way how old is your daughter?" asked Naruto.

"Two," she stated as they reach the Palace.

Over the next three years Naruto has learned much of the world since he was allowed to leave Themyscira. While on the island he sparred with most of the Amazons who for some reason hated him because he was a male at the beginning. The only ones who did not hate him was Artemis, the Queen and the princess who took a liking to him right away. After about a year the warrior's on the island started to warm up to him after a certain incident


It was night time and Naruto was doing his nightly round around the palace when he heard a crash in the princess's room. Naruto ran to her room with chakra powered feet and saw the door busted down on the ground was one of Diana's guard's. Naruto rushed up to her and checked her pulse. Naruto feeling one sent for the queen and her guards. They arrived and saw the door busted.

"Naruto what happened; where is Diana?" Hippolyta asked. Naruto looked at the bed "I believe she was kidnapped," stated Naruto as he stand up and leaves.

The queen turns to Naruto "we're you going?" she asked. Naruto turns to Hippolyta with a scowl "I am getting your daughter back; I place a seal in her room that will track Diana since she is there all the time," he stated. Naruto shunshins out leaving the Amazons to gather the guards.

Naruto is running to the location and he gets there and sees a man with a black helmet with horns he is wearing black armor and holding a sword in one hand and the baby Diana in the other.

Naruto covertly does a hand sign "who are you and why did you kidnap the princess," he demanded. The armored man chuckles "My name is Lore and I am the direct disciple of Loki, the Norse god of Trickery," he stated. "I took the princess so that she can be raised as a warrior to fight the Norse Gods," he stated.

Naruto smirks "to bad you lost your convert," said Naruto as the man looks at his hand and sees a piece of paper fizzling causing an explosion. The man walks out with his armor partial destroyed "I see Substitution of the ancient art," said the man as he charges Naruto with his sword.

Naruto grabs his kunai and blocks the sword. He turns around backhands the man with the end of the kunai causing him to stagger back. Naruto puts Diana down and tells her to hide. She takes cover behind a rock as Naruto fights Lore. The guards run up and stop as they see the fight. Naruto goes through one handed seals "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bullets," he thought as he sprays a stream of fire that has little bullets in them causing a lot of damage. The man gets back up slowly and rushes again Naruto extend his hand and form an Orb "Rasengan" he shouts as the attack sends the attacker back spiraling killing him by the force of the impact. Naruto walks away from the corpse.

"How is the princess?" he asked.

The queen looks at her daughter "she's fine just shaken," she stated. Naruto nods his head as the entourage walks back to the palace.

End Flashback

Naruto was walking to Diana room because today is the day they start her training. Naruto knocks on her door "Diana meet me at the Arena; we're going to start your training," stated the blond.

"Okay Naruto," she responded.

Diana reaches the Arena and sees Naruto with a serious expression. "Naruto how are you?" asks the Princess.

Naruto smiles "good but when we're training I want you to refer to me as Sensei which mean teacher in my language understood?" asked Naruto

The princess nods her head

"Good; first I want to show basic style taijutsu," stated Naruto as he slips into the academy stance.

"Copy my stance as you see it," he said as Diana copied the stance with a few mistakes. Naruto whistles "not bad for a first time only two mistakes," stated the ninja as he corrects the stance, she finally gets the stance perfectly after an hour including proper punching and kicking.

For the next week Naruto teaches her how to use stealth and fighting stronger enemies by using traps. Naruto calls her out one day "alright Diana, you're lacking in one area and that is speed and endurance. We're going to fix that by having you run with weights on," stated Naruto

"Yes sensei," she said as Naruto puts on band on her legs and arms; he then goes into a ram and the band glow blue and Diana falls to the ground.

"I put twenty pound on your arms and legs; first step is to pick yourself up and walks around to get used to the weights," stated Naruto as Diana struggles to stand up for thirty minutes as she finally manages to a crouch and after five more minutes she is able to stand wobbly; Diana finally manages to walk around slowly until she is comfortable.

Naruto walks over to her "well done; must be the Amazonian blood and natural strength," Naruto said clearly impressed.

For the whole year Naruto trained Diana in taijutsu getting her as good as Rock Lee; she has mastered the Goken Fist minus the Lotus moves, the Hummingbird and Toad styles.

The Naruto decided to see if she can learn Ninjutsu. He takes her to the forest "Sensei what are we doing here?" asked the six year old princess.

Naruto turns to her "I want to see if you can use chakra," Naruto activate his Sharingan and gauged her strength.

Naruto frowns "you have enough to learn basics but that's it; the first thing I want to do is see if you can bring out chakra," stated Naruto.

"Now meditate and find your center," said the shinobi as he sits down and begins to meditate. Diana copies the pose as she tries to find her center.

After waiting for about ten minutes Diana's chakra flare; Naruto smiles "very good; you can release it now," stated Naruto.

Diana releases the flare as Naruto stands up and help his student up. "You next step is learning proper chakra control, for that I want you to get to the top of the tree without your hands," he stated.

"Is that possible sensei?" she asks. Naruto nods his head "it is; watch," said the ninja as he starts to climb the tree without his hands.

He then throws a kunai in front of her "use that Kunai to mark we're you are on the tree and try to get higher," said Naruto

Diana grabs the kunai and put chakra in her feet like Naruto said; she then run up getting halfway before falling off.

Naruto turns his head and see Hippolyta approaching. Naruto motions Diana to stop and meet him on the ground. Naruto bow as does Diana when Hippolyta walks up.

"What can I do for you your highness?" asked Naruto.

The queen has a stern look on her face "I want to see Diana's progress," she stated. Naruto nods his head "very well, Diana; go back to the tree and when you get to the top I want you to run down and back up repeatedly to increase your reserves," ordered Naruto.

He turns to the queen "Diana knows three fighting style I have mastered, She is probably as strong as a second rank ninja called chunin in Taijutsu," Stated Naruto. Hippolyta nods her head as Naruto sees Diana getting tired.

"I guess we better stop here; she is too tired," said Naruto as he motion Diana to head back with them. The three head back to the palace for the rest of the day.

A/N: This is a DC and Naruto crossover, Diana will learn some ninjutsu but nothing powerful. I will have a poll up on who should Naruto meet when he leaves the island out of the heroes. Choices are Superman, Batman, Flash, Cyborg, Beast boy, Green Arrow, Raven, Bat girl, Super girl or Static Shock. I did not pick Diana because she already now him. Naruto arch nemesis will be the God Loki of Norse Mythology. I believe he is the god of trickery.

One last thing is Hippolyta did not kick Naruto off the island is because she was told not to by Zeus. She was cautious at the beginning but she is not evil as to let someone die in front of her man or not. She does have some empathy for those in need.