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Demon talking

Flashbacks or dreams

Talking in Flashback


The Ninja Guardian

The Loses

My father was hanging on by a thread as the medical staff tried to get him in top shape," said Achilles

"Outside the hut Diana and Hippolyta were waiting to hear about Naruto. The doctor came out "he will live but his arm is gone and we don't have the materials needed to get a mechanical arm," said the doctor.

Hippolyta nodded her head "thank for saving him," she said.

"You can see him," said the doctor.

The two rushed to see Naruto with a stump where his arm used to be and his body covered in bandages.

"Honey," said Hippolyta.

"Hey glad Diana is safe" he said.

Diana runs up "I am sorry master for being weak," she said.

Naruto turns his head "I don't blame you Diana; don't blame yourself," he said

Naruto had to get used to using on arm for the next month," said Achilles

However it wasn't long before the Merger found Themyscira ," he said

An Amazon ran in "Your highness are scouts have seen three of the Merger heading this way," said the warrior.

Naruto sighed "evacuate all personnel and civilian. Everyone into hiding now; I will hold them off," said Naruto

Hippolyta looks at Naruto tears up "you can't fight," she whispered.

Naruto hugs her with his one arm "I have too my love," said Naruto.

"Everoney leave the island," said Naruto.

A young boy runs up "father," he said as he hugs Naruto's leg "you're the man of the house Achilles; protect your mother," said Naruto.

He looks at his wife and hands her a scroll; this gift to my son the universal summoning," He said as Hippolyta hugs him "please survive if can," said the queen.

Naruto lets a tear drop "this will be my last fight," said Naruto as he kisses Hippolyta and walks to the temple to await his opponents.


In the sky the three Merger land on the island "strange looks abandoned," said the green haired one.

They look around taking shots at the building as they head to the temple. They get there and see Naruto sitting there "it seem he is waiting for his death," said the female as the three stalk up to the blond

Naruto gets up "I lets end this," said Naruto as he disappears in pure speed. He reappears and punches the male merger sending him back.

He charges after him and starts to fight him with one arm that he has left. Naruto dodges a plasma blast and throws two shurikens at the child like Merger blow them up as they make contact.

Naruto reappears behind the male Merger and kicks him into the building.

He goes after the male Merger but is kicked b y the female into the temple. Naruto flips up and charges the blond haired female punching her in the chest; sending her back out of the temple.

Naruto was breathing hard "I have to use that Kinjutsu," thought Naruto as the three surround him and the wind whips violently.

Thunder in the air as rain pours on the four fighter "this thunder storm is quit covenant don't you agree?" asked the male merger.

Naruto narrows his eyes and starts to sweat "why not skip the pleasantries," he said

"First Gate: Gate of Opening Release," said Naruto

"Second Gate: Gate of Healing Release,"

Third Gate: Gate of Life Release," said Naruto making the skin turn red

Fourth Gate: Gate of Pain Release

Fifth Gate: Gate of Limit Release

Sixth Gate: Gate of View Release

Seventh Gate: Gate of Wonder Release," said the blond as green sweat pours out of his skin.

"That attack is not in our databanks," said the childlike merger as all three Mergers start to feel scared from the power.

Hidden Lotus Theme

"Eight Gate: Gate of Death Release," shouted Naruto as he disappears and punches the male Merger faster than anyone can follow. He follows up with a right hook sending the green haired Merger in the sky

"How does it feel to be out matched," shouted Naruto as he lands a powerful kick to his enemy's chest.

"This man is truly strong; can't defend myself from such power," thought the green haired Merger as a knees goes through his chest sending machinery and bolts and screws out of it.

The Merger fall down unable to move "time to kill you," said Naruto as he gathers a Rasengan in his hand and slams it into the Merger increasing the size at the last moment vaporizing the Merger.

Naruto energy recedes as he falls down onto the ground paralyzed "No brother," shouted the blond haired Merger as she glares at the unmoving body of Naruto.

She walks to him and shoots him with Starfire's bolt killing him in rage.


On the boat the ring that was given to Hippolyta for the wedding; the ruby crack "No; Naruto," she shouts.

Diana walks up "I sensed it; he has fallen but I think he has taken one out from another chakra signature disappeared.

"He did not die in vain," said Diana with her head down struggling not to cry at the loss of her mentor.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

"So one of earth strongest fighters was killed fighting the Merger taking one out," said Achilles

I a small funeral was held for Naruto to not attract the attention of the Mergers over the year my Sensei Diana trained me to fight on par with her. She went to gather allies despite how dwindle the villains and heroes where.

She finally was ready for her battle; on her armor and the armor of her soldiers was the Leaf Villages symbol to honor their fallen hero.

She wears his headband as a tribute to her master.

The battle was a complete disaster and Diana fought valiantly for the remaining heroes and villains to retreat she was killed by a laser beam to the chest burning her from the inside killing her on the spot.

The female Merger took the Headband as a trophy and walked off," said Achilles

End Flashback

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

"So that is the current situation; the strongest fighters on the planet minus myself have been killed.

The weaker hero and villains went into hiding as did the Amazonians; the earth is a wasteland with over two third of the people killed for the Merger enjoyment," said the blond as he clenched his fist.

The screen goes on "It is catastrophic as three unknown demons are terrorizing Metropolis," said a reporter.

"Come out Superman lets have some fun," said the Merger.

Superman gets up "no Clark; they are goading you to fight," said Batman.

"I will have to find a way to defeat them," said the Dark Knight.

"I have to go at least to slow them down," said Superman as he goes to the transporter and teleports to earth.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

Superman reappears on the daily planet "out of my city now," he said his eyes glow red.

"Where is Naruto Namikaze," asked the Male Merger.

"You are not getting anything out of me," said the man of steel.

"Then I will beat it out of you," said the male as he charges Superman.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx

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