Fred's POV:

Bertha and I walked home from school. Her head was down and she was dragging her feet. Her eyes had a haunted look, and whenever she spoke it's a snap or a jeer. I wonder why.

"So, um, Bertha, d'ya think Kevin'll lay off anytime soon?" Fred asked.

"Why would he lay off on you?" See, she just snapped.

"Well, he's so mean! I mean, like, he's all like, 'hey Figglehorn, I'm cooler than you and I'm making out with my smokin' hot girlfriend Judy, wanna watch us make out?' I mean, we all know Judy was mine! And he cheats on me like he's some idiot! Oh, wait, he is an id-"

"Would you shut up Fred? Judy never loved you!" Bertha fingered her fake blue highlight angrily. She's always wearing crazy things in her hair. Today she wore all blue highlights with one orange one, one green one, and a pink one, and she had a green and black feather in her hair, and she was wearing a headband with the word "boss" popping out at the top. Her clothes were all punk and rocker type, as usual, black knee-socks, striped red, black leggings, and a black tee-shirt, with a skull in the middle of a purple explosion.

"Hurtful!" I cried.

"Your voice is weird." Bertha never said that! What is she, has she gone mad? I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.

"So, has your mother done anything lately? Is she drunk? Cuz my mom, she-"

"Oh look, there's your house, go eat your candy sandwich. Bye," Bertha said, shoving me away. I glared at my only friend and stomped away into my own house.

Bertha's POV:

Ugh, why was Fred being so inquisitive? So annoying! I reached my house and took a deep breath. I opened the door to see my mom passed out on the ground. Thank God. I tiptoed upstairs into my room. My eyes flickered from the bed to the TV, and back again. TV in bed didn't sound too bad right now. Meh, I'll do my homework later.

I flopped down on my bed and used my remote to surf the channels. Grr, nothing good's on TV right now! It's all Judge Judy and SpongeBob. I frowned, something I've been doing a lot lately since my mom started dating this dude called Spencer. Spencer Cook. Hmm, that reminds me, I kind of want to watch iCarly. I grabbed my laptop and lay on my stomach, suddenly remembering why I've been avoiding that. I turned on my side to avoid that enormous fist-sized bruise on my stomach. Turning my computer so it faced me, I clicked to the website I wanted (iCarly dot com), and looked through the videos. I chose the one with Spencer taking Sam's place, since she was in juvie that day. iCarly never gets old.

Soon enough I was watching iCarly for an hour. I laughed one last time at Sam's Freddie look-alike (the toilet!) and rolled onto my other side, just so I could see the clock... it was 7:30. 7:30? Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! Spencer should be banging on my door right about...



Save me, Lord.

The next chapters will be much, much longer. This was just a little introduction. Thing.

Do you like Victorious? The show? On Nick? Oh, and if you do, do you like Jade? And Beck? And their romance? If so, I have another story like this for Victorious called "Jade Dragon" about how Beck breaks up wtih Jade and fully regrets that desision because she... well, you'll just have to read and see!

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