Entry for the JBNP a Howling Halloween 2011 One Shot Contest

Paring: Bella-Paul

Rating: MA

Enchanted Forest

When was I never, not lost in the damn woods, I wondered as I stumbled past a leftover ghost hanging in a branch of the creepiest looking tree I had ever seen.

"Come on Bells, don't be a party pooper," Seth had teased as he and a few others tried to talk me into their Enchanted Forest Halloween idea.

Enchanted my ass, the fucking forest was dark and creepy and filled with scary shit. Really Bella, what were you thinking, I chided myself as I passed the same stupid ghost in the same stupid tree for the third time.

The full moon was thankfully allowing me a little guiding light, but not enough to see where the hell I was, not that, that would matter, hell if I'm being honest I'm just as likely to get lost in the woods with a map and GPS system attached to my ass.

"What do we have here…?" A voice that sent shivers down my spine asked from the cover of darkness.

Fuck, there would be no getting out of this.

"Fuck off," I hissed knowing he would hear me from whatever rock he was hiding under.

"Tsk…tsk… where are your manners?" He taunted sending my heart into overdrive, hearing his laugh I knew he knew he affected me. Damn him.

I stumbled nearly falling on my ass, as he appeared in front of me from out of nowhere.

Why did he have to be so sexy? He was wearing a pair of black biker boots, worn in faded jeans, ripped at the knee, with a black studded belt. His chest was bare his newest tattoo glowing under the moonlight, and a black leather jacket. When my eyes landed on his face, he was smirking.

"See something you like?" He smirked.

"Fuck off,"

"I'd rather fuck you," He said taunting me as he took a step towards me, forcing me to take a step backwards. Damn him, he made my heart flutter, my breath hitch, and wet heat seep from my center.

"You're an ass,"

"Maybe…" He smirked, "but… you want to fuck me," He said, his voice dropping as he preyed upon me, inching closer and closer until finally he had me backed into a tree.

"Tell me leech lover, what makes you wetter, the thought of my hands caressing your creamy skin, or my mouth tasting, sucking, and nibbling you. Or is it the thought of me taking you against this tree that has you dripping?" He asked running his nose along my neck.

"Sss…Stop," I stuttered.

"You don't really want me to stop, do you?" He asked licking my neck.

"I…I… want you to stop," I said as my head shook side to side against my will. Even my mind was betraying me; my body had lost the battle at the first sound of his voice.

"No you don't. You want me to fuck you, you want me to make you cum screaming my name don't you, leech lover?" He asked skating his warm hand up my back, grasping my neck in his huge hand and forcing me to look at him. "You want me to fuck you, ram my dick into your tight pussy and make you scream," He growled against my neck sending shockwaves straight to my sex.

"Yy…yes," I moaned unable to resist his special brand of temptation.

His tongue licked a warm wet path up my neck to the spot just under my ear, "I'm going to fuck you so hard, you'll forget your own name," He whispered before taking my lobe into his mouth and biting down.

I was unable to stop the moan that left my lips as his teeth scraped along my skin, his hands busy unbuttoning my shirt. Oh God what this man was doing to me should be illegal, I thought.

He made quick work of my shirt, letting it float to the forest floor. His hot mouth attached around my nipple pulling my nipple between his teeth, as he rolled my other nipple with his fingers. I could hear myself whimper as he assaulted my body.

He pulled his mouth from me and flicked his tongue over both my tips before claiming my lips, as his hand slid down under my skirt and he started circling my clit, before plunging his fingers inside me, pumping in and out with the same rhythm he was thrusting his tongue against mine.

"You like my fingers inside you?" He asked against my ear, all I could do was moan.

"You like me finger fucking you, don't you." He said sucking on my neck sending a wave of wet heat between my legs. "Yeah you fucking like it,' He laughed against my skin. I panted and tried to rub my legs together to relive the ache that consumed me. "Fuck, you're wet… so fucking wet," He moaned bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking them as he held my eyes.

I leaned forward wrapping my mouth around his tiny dark nipples and bit. "Fuck yes, harder," He barked as he lifted my skirt and tore my panties from my body leaving scraps of fabric at our feet. I licked, bit, and sucked his nipple before kissing his chest.

He dropped to his knees, grabbing my legs and spreading them, as I leaned against the tree to keep from falling over. "Oh God," I moaned as he flicked his tongue over my clit. He grabbed one of my legs and lifted it over his shoulder as he nosed my slit before thrusting his tongue deep inside me.

"Fuck," I yelled as my knees went weak.

I was so close, teetering on the edge when he suddenly raised himself flush against my body, staring at me with coal black eyes. "Taste yourself," He ordered thrusting his tongue into my mouth; I dropped my hands to his jeans, frantically unbuckled his belt, popped his button, and slid his zipper down. He was long, thick, and hard as velvet steel in my hand and I wanted him inside me.

"I'm going to fuck you," He growled as he lifted me, my legs automatically going around his waist. I could feel him drop one of his hands to his crotch and felt him wrap his hand around his cock as he lined himself up to my wet entrance, without warning he slammed into me, making me cry out.

He slowed his movements leaving me wanting more. "Harder, oh fuck, please," I begged.

"I knew you were a dirty bitch," He smirked as he slammed our bodies together hard and fast, over, and over again until I was gasping for breath. I could feel the rough bark of the tree bite into my back, but I didn't care, the pleasure I felt from him overrode everything else.

"Breathe Bella, I'm not fucking finished with you," He growled snaking one hand between our bodies, playing with my swollen clit as he kissed me until I saw spots.

I was so close I could feel my stomach tightening, my mind buzzing as my orgasm crept upon me when he suddenly slowed down. "Who's fucking you?" He asked teasing me with licks to my lips, and tiny pulls of my clit.

"You are," I panted as he made deliberate slow thrusts into me.

"Tell me! Who. Is. Fucking. You?" He said again thrusting, achingly slow.

"Paul!" I yelled as he shoved himself so deep inside me I thought I'd split in half.

"That's right, I'm fucking your tight little cunt," He growled swiveling his hips making my eyes roll in the back of my head.

"Fuck! Yes… Oh… God," I screamed as my orgasm took over my entire body leaving me shuddering and screaming.

His growl echoed off the trees as he came in long heated spurts inside my body. He thrust inside me slowly as he kissed my lips until our breathing calmed. Pulling himself from me and setting me on my feet, he grabbed my abandoned shirt and helped me put it on. My panties were a lost cause.

"Let's go, we're late," He said pulling me into his side as he walked towards Sam and Emily's house.

Emily went all out on Halloween, fake spider webs in the windows, jack-o-lanterns lining the walkway.

She even set up games like Bobbing for Apples, and pumpkin decorating contests.

She was Suzy Homemaker.

"I don't have any panties," I complained.

"That's because I'm going to bend you over and fuck you again, can't have panties getting in my way, now can I," He said squeezing my bare ass.

"You are such an ass," I said as Emily and Sam's came into view.

"Yeah, I know," He laughed.

"Leech lover… really, Paul, was that necessary?" I asked smacking him in the arm.

"Nope… but it was funny, you should have seen your face," He laughed kissing my temple as he opened the door.

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" Everyone shouted as we walked inside. "It's about fucking time, what was is this time, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel or did you go all out and play find the glowing Bella in the deep dark forest?" Jared said making everyone roar. Paul and I might be known for our love of games.

"Nope, lost little leech lover," Paul said then kissed me hard, releasing me as he jumped out of my reach.

"I still can't believe he talked you into getting married on Halloween," Embry said shaking his head.

"Yeah well I figured after Charlie shot him, I could give in on this one little thing," I told Embry laughing at the memory of my Dad pulling out his service revolver and shooting Paul in the leg when he caught us in my bedroom together.

"That fucking hurt," Paul whined walking up behind me, and pulling me into his chest.

"The Chief probably wouldn't have shot your dumb ass if you didn't tell him you were having dinner as your face was in his daughter's snatch," Sam snorted smacking the back of Paul's head.

"That wasn't as bad as him rising up buck naked, schlong hanging out and licking his lips," Quil howled.

"He still makes me call him Chief Swan, he hates me," Paul pouted.

"Gee, I wonder why," Leah, added giving me a hug and a smirk. The entire pack had to come and make sure Dad didn't empty his clip into Paul.

"Dance with me baby," He said pulling me out to the living room that had been cleared of the furniture.

"I love you," He whispered against my ear.

"I love you, too,"

"Like your present?" He asked.

"I love it," I said tracing the letters of my name on his chest.

"I can't give you yours yet, it's not ready," I told him.

"Oh yeah, what did you get me?" Paul asked grinning. I swear sometimes it was hard to remember what a dick he used to be when he smiled, and I could see all his emotions in his dark eyes.

"I've been working on it for two months, so it should be ready in seven more," I told him and waited for him to realize what I was telling him.

"What kind of present takes nine mon…." He started saying before he froze and just stared at me.

"We're going to have a baby," I told him smiling as his face broke out in the most breathtaking smile I had ever seen.

"Happy Halloweeniversary," I told him as he scooped me up and swung me around as everyone who had heard started clapping, whistling, and shouting out congratulations.

"Shit, is your Dad going to shoot me again?" He asked as the pack cracked up.