This is a companion piece to Enchanted Forest

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Charlie's Undoing

The pack and imprints were spending a rare sunny day at First Beach. When Bella arrived, she was greeted with the usual fanfare, a bear hug from Jake, a flirty line from Quil, a shy kiss on the cheek from Embry. Sam's casual nod, though he didn't outwardly show his affection, he had grown to care about Bella Swan as if she were his sister. Jared shouted a friendly hello, as Kim, Emily and even Leah offered a smile and a place beside them on the beach blanket. Paul's usual sneer and 'leech lover' completed Bella's welcome into the group's activities of the day.

Bella quickly pulled the t-shirt from her body, slid her shorts down her legs and tied her hair up, not wanting to waste a moment of the sun. She like everyone gathered knew sunshine in Washington was fleeting.

The women were splashing in the water as the men took turns trying to dunk the one another. Paul spotted Bella; diving under the water he lifted her up and heaved her a good ten feet into the ocean. She came up sputtering and coughing sea water with a murderous look directed at the volatile wolf.

"You…you asshole!" Bella shouted in between choking on the salty water.

Paul doubled over in great big belly laughs. "What, I though leeches could swim," he shot at her.

"Fuck you. You are the biggest jackass to ever live," Bella yelled stomping out of the water. Her bare feet dug into the sand as water dripped from her body.

"You know what they say… 'If you can't play with the big dog… stay on the fucking porch,'" Paul growled.

"Here we go again," Jared muttered sitting down, pulling Kim in his lap to watch the show.

"You're a Dick!" Bella screeched.

"And you're a bitch!" Paul retorted.

The pack and imprints moved their heads back and forth from Bella to Paul, back to Bella. It was like watching a tennis match.

Neither Paul nor Bella realized with each insult they hurled at the other, they were gravitating toward each other. They were locked in a stare, both of their gazes heated enough to burn the other where they stood. "I fucking hate you!" Bella yelled and actually stomped her foot.

"It's fucking mutual!" Paul snarled. They were now toe to toe, chest to forehead.

"I hope a leech crushes you, you fucking no good piece of shit," Bella sneered craning up to look at Paul.

"I hope a bloodsucker drains you, you self-centered cunt," Paul yelled looking down at Bella.

The pack could see both Paul and Bella' chests rise with the exertion of their anger, the insults whirled back and forth like the breeze.

Paul reached down, griped Bella's hip in his huge hand and pulled her into his body. He bent down and smashed his lips to hers.

He moved his hand from her hip, brought his other hand down and lifted her under her ass. Bella's legs wrapped around his waist and all that could be seen was teeth nipping at lips and hair pulling as the two 'enemies' mauled one another.

Paul started walking toward the forest, Bella wrapped around his body, their mouths working against each other in frenzy.

"What the fuck?" Jake asked staring off into the forest Paul and Bella had just disappeared into.

"Thank fuck… it's about damn time," Sam shook his head.

"What?" Jake asked again.

"Oh come on man, not even you are that blind," Quil rolled his eyes.

Jared looked at Jake with a grin, "Seriously Jake, they've been tip toeing around each other for over a year."

Embry slung his arm around Jake, "Man, you know I love you, but it was never going to happen with Bella. All the insults the name calling, fuck dude, it's been foreplay."

"Yeah, yeah, I knew Bells and I weren't going to go anywhere. I've known that for a while, b-b…but Paul?"" Jake shook his head.

"Think about it," Leah snorted. "The fucker hasn't taken home a skank since Bella slapped him."

"Holy Shit!" Jake's mouth hung open as he once again stared at the spot Paul and Bella had vanished from. "You mean he imprinted over a year ago?"

"Yep," Sam chuckled.

"How the hell did I not know this?" Jake flopped down in the sand.

"Uh... maybe, because you had your head up your ass," Sweet, innocent little Seth Clearwater offered as way of explanation.

"What? Don't look at me like that. I might be the youngest, but I'm not stupid" Seth shrugged.

Jake started cracking up, tears rolling down his face. "Charlie is going to kill him."

"Well I'm glad this is finally over, I didn't think my dishes could take any more of their 'flirting'," Emily grinned. It was common for a glass or plate to be hurled through the air when Paul and Bella were together. Emily had started slowing replacing her dishes with plastic throwaways.

Paul kicked open his front door, and raced up the stairs to his bedroom. He dumped Bella in the middle of his bed and took a step back to admire the woman who was now lying in the middle of his bed.

"You're mine!" he growled.

"Fuck you," Bella said with her own growl.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you," Paul leered at Bella causing her entire body to flush.

"Paul, we can't. My dad will hear," Bella reminded the horny, naked wolf who had snuck in through her window. They had been together for three months. They still fought like cats and dogs; they still called each other names. Hell, they even still threw dishes at one another. But, there was no mistaking how much they truly loved one another. Their fights were just fuel to the passion that swirled around them, like electricity.

"You really want me to leave?" Paul asked as he sucked Bella's hard nipple into his mouth and trailed his hand under her pajama shorts. He lightly ran his finger over her cloth covered center as he flicked his tongue over one nipple than the other.

He heard her breath hitch, the scent of her arousal hitting him with full force. "Baby, I need to taste you," Paul said against Bella's breasts. "I need to bury my face in your cunt," he told a panting Bella.

Bella felt her shorts and panties rip from her body, the sound of torn fabric was loud in the silent house. "You can be quiet, can't you baby?" Paul teased her with his fingers.

"Uh… quiet," Bella moaned.

Paul kissed her mouth, her breasts, pulling each nipple into his hot mouth as he descended her body, until he was where he wanted to be, between her creamy thighs. Bella's hands found purchase in his hair. Her body arched as his tongue dipped inside her, his fingers effortlessly sliding in and out. "Fuck…" Bella moaned.

"Shh..." Paul reminded her.

Paul wrapped his mouth around Bella's clit, his teeth grazing her swollen flesh as he criss crossed his thick fingers inside her.

"Oh fuck, Paul!" Bella shouted her release.

Paul growled as Bella's release flavored his tongue. He lapped and sucked pulling every drop from within her. His face was buried as far into Bella's pussy as possible when the light suddenly lit the bedroom in a warm glow. "What the hell is going on?" Charlie's murderous voice shouted.

Paul could hear Bella's heart rate pick up, felt her scrambling to cover her naked body as the scent of fear and embarrassment hit his nose.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Charlie repeated louder, more deadly.

"Uh..." Bella stuttered.

"Dinner," Paul answered.

Paul reluctantly pulled himself from Bella's offering, stood buck naked, dick hard and jutting out and licked around his lips. He looked up in time to see Charlie Swan Chief of Police turn red; the vein on his forehead grew in size as his finger squeezed the trigger of his favorite 9mm.

"Fuck! You shot me..." Paul growled holding his leg and crumpling to the floor.

"DAD!" Bella wailed forgetting about her own nakedness as she jumped from the bed.

"Oh God! Paul, are you okay?" Bella sobbed. Her hands nervously touching him as she pulled the bed sheet from the bed, and wrapped it around his leg.

"Bella move!" Charlie ordered. His hand still raised in the air, his face still frighteningly livid.

"No," Bella cried throwing herself over Paul's naked body.

"Baby, I'll be okay," Paul assured Bella as he fought to keep the grimace from his face. "My shorts are on the floor by the bed, my cell phone is in the cargo pocket, call Sam."

Charlie still held his gun in the air, aimed at Paul. Bella afraid to leave Paul and allow Charlie another shot; stretched her body from his lap to the space on the floor where his shorts had been discarded. She fumbled with the button of the cargo shorts, finally retrieving his phone. She scrolled through the contacts and hit the call button for Sam.

Ring-Ring-Ring… "Answer the phone. Please answer the phone," Bella mumbled as tears streaked her cheeks.

Finally an angry half asleep Sam answered, "This better be fucking good," Sam barked into the phone.

"S…Sam," Bella whimpered.


"I need you to come, bring the pa... uh, bring the others," Bella forced her voice to be louder than a whisper.

"Bella, what's going on?" Sam knew Bella would never call in the middle of the night unless something was terribly wrong.

"P-Paul… my dad shot him."

"I'll be right over," Click

Three hours later, a livid and embarrassed Charlie sat at the kitchen table drinking beer with Billy Black. "Can't I pick a different wolf for her?" Charlie asked again.