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Max and Caroline were counting their money after the bar closed.

"With this money we can buy a new bed"-said Caroline

"We don't need a new bed, you already sleep in my bed!" said Max

"Are you scared of sleeping alone?"-asked Caroline

"No! Is just that I don't want to buy a new bed, with that money we can buy a motorbike!"

"We don't need a motorbike .We already have Chestnut"

"Oh yes, Chestnut is very fast, he has.. ,how many horses, One?" –joked Max

"Oh that joke was horrible"- said Caroline

"I know, hipsters have influenced in my humour"

"By the way, Can you cover up a little? Your cleavage is distracting customers"- Caroline complained.

"I think that is distracting you and I don't want! this way I can show them what I have and they never will have"-said Max

"I'm not distracted and I'm not envy because I'm the one who is sleeping with you and they are not,"-said Caroline

"Don't let It go to your head,It is because we only have one bed"

"That is what I don't understand, if you were living with your boyfriend, why do you have only one bed? Where he slept?"-asked Caroline

Max put a perverted face and said: "Really? Are you asking this?"

"OOooh"-exclaimed Caroline-"Now I get it"

"Sometimes I think you were late at the draw of brains when you were born. C'mon lets go home" said Max

They were riding on the horse together when Caroline said: "Hey Max! I don't know how to say this but... I can feel "your fruits"

"It is cold, that is all, don't think weird, you do not affect me. Are you going to dismount or you want to continue feeling "my fruits"?"-asked Max shaking them.

Caroline was dismounting when she lost his balance and grabbed Max carrying away to the floor. Caroline and Max falls back down on it with their faces close together. Max looks at Caroline's eyes, she bitted her own lips and suddenly she leaned and kisses her gentle. Just then, Chesnut bored, decides to do his business, which fall to the side of the head of the girls, spoiling the moment.

"uugh that was so nasty ! Chesnut you could have endured, no?"- complained Caroline

Max gets ups and helps Caroline getting up.

Caroline and Max enter at the apartment and pretend that nothing had happened

This part of the story is new

Max was making cupcakes when Caroline entered at the apartment with a huge smile.

"Hey Max Guess what I have bought for 5 dollars!"

"A new brain? " -joked Max.

"Noo! A bracelet that tells when someone is lying" -answered Caroline.

Caroline showed a metal bracelet with a small crystal in the middle of it.

"Bah! You have wasted your money."

"I don't think so"-said Caroline with an enigmatic smile -"why don't we try it?"

"Because I don't want to waste my time"

"Oh c'mon Max, it will be fun! Are you trying to tell me that you are a liar?"

"Not even in the bed"-said Max whit a smile.

"Then why don't we play with truth or dare? You have to answer a question and if the bracelet tells that you are lying, you have to do something that I said to you".

"Ok but if you refuses to do something that I said you have to do, you have to pay me money"-answered Max.

"Ok but I start"-accepted Caroline-" put this bracelet in your hand, if it would turns red, you are lying. Answer this "would you do a threesome?"

"Wait, is this an indirect?"-joked Max

"Just answer the question"

"No"-answered Max

The bracelet turned into green

"what does it mean?" asked Max

"That it is true. Why you don't want to do a threesome?"

"Because I don't like to share"

" but share is cool"-said Caroline

"I have shared my boyfriend without knowing it,. So I don't like it. Look, I don't want to discuss this with you, is my turn, isn't it? So.."how many years do you have?"

"22 .of course"- said Caroline

"Yes and you are a terrible liar, the bracelet is red sooo... You have to do something that I say…Hmm let me think.."

"But that it wasn't a lie!" –complained Caroline

"Yeah and i have a tube like yours…"-joked Max-"ooh the tube.." Max put a sad face

"Well you have been in it so. it isn't a lie.."

"The tube.." Max was nearly crying

"Max? Are you ok?"-asked Caroline

" Hurry up, say something to help me come back to the reality of my misery life"

"Chestnut pees in your poor people chips"

"Whaaaaaaaat? Im going to kill chestnut!"- shouted Max and was going to take a knife when Caroline stopped her.

"It was a lie ,relax!"-said Caroline

"Buuf.. I nearly have a heart attack"

"You will have one if you continue eating that chips"

"Ooh shut up, you like chips like I do... Well...Where were we? Oh yes..! You lied so you have to do what I say...hmm ok ,I get it! You have to kiss me"

"Ok" said Caroline sitting in front of Max

"Yeaaah I know you would refuse ,so you have to pay me 10 dollars!" said Max with a huge smile

"Max I'm going to kiss you" said Caroline

"Wait...Whaaat? You have to be kidding m..hmph " Caroline suddenly leaned forward and kissed the woman in front of her. A small sound of surprised escaped from Max but finally she returned the kiss, her hands wrapping around the Caroline neck.

Time passed as they kissed and were kissed, enjoying the feel of the new closeness. It was Caroline who pulled away and said:
"Max I..."
Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

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