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Time passed as they kissed and were kissed, enjoying the feel of the new closeness. It was

Caroline who pulled away and said:
"Max I..."

Suddenly someone knocked on the door.

"Who is?" -asked Caroline

"Oh shut up Caroline! You cant open the door to anyone! They are always sellers ,tax collectors or the police because a fucking neighbour has called it because my screams of orgasm are too loud"-said Max

"What?"-asked Caroline

"Nothing, just don't open it"- replied Max

"Oh...but if it is a seller I can just say "no thanks" and shut the door or I can watch through the peephole and pretend that I'm not in home "

"Oh wow , Living on the edge, Caroline?"-Asked ironically Caroline-"If they hear us they will continue ringing the bell!"

"Hey you two! Open the door please, I'm Johnny and I'm selling a little peace between you two"
Max opened the door and Johnny entered at the apartment

"Hey Max my beautiful friend who is the best waitress in the world..!"-said Johnny

"Stop. What do you want?"-asked Caroline

"Hey. Why I cant say compliments to my best friend?"-said Johnny

"That's it. Why cant him?"-asked Max

"Because is very clear that he needs something from you,Max. Spit it"-said Caroline

"Well.. Ok, Can I stay here some days? "-asked Johnny

"Why?"-asked Caroline

"Because i want to be with Max"-answered Johnny

"Oh max what Johnny said is very sweet… but is a lie..." -said Caroline

"He is my friend so he is a good liar. Say the truth Johnny or even Chestnut is going to sleep in a better place than you"-said Max

"Look, I can't explain it right now but let me stay here a few days please! -said Johnny

"Ok"-said Max

"But Max … we cant afford it. He has to do something in home or we will never our own cupcake bussines" said Caroline
"Ok …. he is going to repaint the walls .. Do you agree?
"Ok but where he is going to sleep?" -asked Caroline
"In the couch and you are going to sleep with me" -said Max

"Ok" -said Caroline with a huge smile-" welcome to our home Johnny I'm so happy that you are here"

"Thanks. I think so.."- said Johnny

"C'mon Caroline we have to go to the bed or tomorrow you wont wake up"- said Max

-In Max´ bedroom-

"Oh Max stop eating that poor people chips!"- complained Caroline

Why?-asked Max

"Because you can eat something better"-said Caroline looking at Max eyes

*Knock knock*

" Sorry girls, can I stay here with you? I'm a little bit bored... I don't know why but Chestnut doesn't want to speak with me"-said Johnny

"Have you been drinking?"-asked Max

"No,*hip hip*"-answered Johnny.

"Oh C'mon Johnny your breath is so disgusting that reminds me the way Oleg try to flirt with me"

Suddenly Johnny fell in to the ground

"Johnny are you ok?"-asked Max

"Oh yes I was only searching what I was looking for!.. an…an.."-said Johnny confused

"Oh is my wish board"-said Caroline- "Max hurry up, take it"

"Why? What danger can do a wish board full of pink wishes?" asked Max

"Because. because in the other part there is a picture of what I really need!"-said Caroline

"Nine inches?" –Asked Max-"Oh give it to me Johnny, give it to me"

"Max..You know he isn't a dog, do you?-asked Caroline- Johnny please can you search my teddy bear? I can't sleep well without it. Can you search it? You are pretty good searching things"

"But Caroline you don't have a teddyhmpphhmf" -Caroline put a hand on Max mouth to shut her up

Ok,I will search it-he give the wish board to Max and he left the room

Why have you tell him to search a non existing teddy bear?-asked Max

"Because I get rid of him and I want to be with you alone. Caroline kisses Max. Max put over Caroline and said before kissing a heated Kiss: "Ok i get it, you want a loving teddy bear"

Caroline put over her and said: Yeah I'm looking forward it. They continue kissing but they hear a sound of something falling and broke.

They exit the bedroom and they go where is Johnny who has broke a plate.

"Sorry girls it was dark and fuzzy and.." said Johnny

"Stop it you look like someone who has been taking pills"-said Max-"Go to the bed and sleep, tomorrow we will talk"

Max and Caroline entered the Max´ bedroom. Caroline closed the door and when she turned Max grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. They climbed to the bed while they kissed and Max groaned too loud. Caroline pulled apart and said "Max you scream too loud we can't have nothing if he stays here"

"Oh shit...Ok but..-Max kissed her and said "Good night"

"Good night" said Caroline and hugged Max like she were her teddy bear.

The next morning Caroline wake up feeling someone kissing her. Max was kissing all over her body. She was very aroused and she removed Max's t-shit.

Max placed over Caroline and started to move.

Suddenly Johnny entered at the bedroom

"Oh sorry wow too hot and sexy for me! I just entered to say that I'm going home, my girlfriend and I are reconciled and I'm coming back to her house. Thanks for let me stay here. Can i take a picture? This so fucking hot"

Max and Caroline shouted at the same time: Nooo!

"And a mental picture?"-asked Johnny

"Just go!"-Shouted Max

, one last thing…what I did last night? I remember only something about a teddy bear..."-asked Johnny

"Oh well, I think I found last night my perfect teddy bear"-said Caroline

Johnny leaves and Max and Caroline continue doing her things.


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