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'Hey' Tony walked through Abby's lab. The Goth's back was turned and facing her computer. Standing behind her Tony placed an arm on her shoulder and massaged it a little until she turned to face him. Her face was pale, paler than it usually was. Her eyes looked tired as though she had been up for the past week.

'Abs, you look tired. You should get some rest when you can.'

'I'm not tired Tony. I need to work.' Abby moved past him and stood in front of the table in her lab.

'Did you leave here last night?' Tony questioned.

'No.' Abby shrugged. 'Gosh, Tony, everything is just screwed up.' Her eyes filled with tears. Tony felt his heart break. This is the face he didn't want to see. It was why he wanted to hide the truth from Abby, to avoid seeing her so hurt and upset.

'I know, but we can get through it. You and I get through everything.'

'We do. It just sucks that we trusted those people.' She gritted her teeth refusing to say their names.

'We trusted them Abby because they earned out trust. We had no idea that they would break that trust. Besides, Abby, just because I am upset with them doesn't mean you have to be. I know you think that your loyalties are with me but-'

'I think? I think that my loyalties are with you? Tony, all my loyalties are with you. They didn't just hurt you Tony, they hurt me. Hurting you hurts me. How can they ever be trusted again. I mean Ziva, fair enough, it took me years to trust her and I had only started too now. I don't feel the loss with her but I do with Tim. I thought that he was one of the best guys, the good guys. He is a complete different person to me now.'

'To be fair to him, he apologized nonstop. He really has been trying.' Tony defended. No matter how much he hurt him, Tony just wanted to defend him.

'Did Ziva try?'

Tony grimaced, 'Not really. She, just, well, not as much as McGee but she is sorry.'

'Don't defend her Tony. She is a backstabbing bitch who only cares about herself. I disliked her at first, I mean, she came in with this attitude like she was entitled to a position here at NCIS. She gave no consideration to the fact that we were mourning our fellow agent and friend. She didn't care that we may have been hurt since it was her brother who tried killed Kate and tried to kill all of us. But that's ok, I grew to like her because she did try and I'll give her that. But I was stupid for buying into that.'

Tony sighed. Abby was right. There was no denying that.

'Abs, you know that Vance is suspending Tim and Ziva until they can decide what to do with them right?' Tony brought to the light the issue.

Abby scoffed, 'Yes, after that Vance will speak to the board and they will decide what to do with them. We are going to get called to speak in front of the board and I for one will be the first to say that I want them gone away from this agency. I'm pretty sure that Ducky feels the same way, Plamer too.' She crossed her arms in front of her chest resembling a child. Abby's mind was made up.

'Do we really want to see them lose their jobs?' Tony shook his head wondering if they really could see that happen.

'No Tony, I want to see justice.' With that Abby turned her back to him once again getting on with her work and leaving Tony standing there to watch her.