Summary: AU. After Lisa kisses Dean in front of his girlfriend, he knows its over between them. She realises he doesn't love her, and feels broken, angry and hurt. When he tries to win her back, her love for him makes it hard for her to resist him. Please R&R!

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In Too Deep

Chapter Three: Hard Times Ahead

I slung my bag over my shoulder, and I felt Crowley slip an arm around my waist as he tried to support me on the way up the steps to school. I hadn't eaten since Friday evening, which meant my body wasn't particularly strong.

"Megan," He said sternly, taking the candy bar clearly offered to him by Ruby, "Eat. Right this instant."

I don't really know why I ever did what Crowley told me to. But whenever he spoke to me in that stern way, I just listened. He spoke a lot of sense and he'd gotten me out of so many scrapes with his common sense. He rubbed my back as I ate, and finally I stood back up and headed into school. And there by the lockers stood Dean.

"Megan, I've been trying to call you..." He began, and I just didn't want to know, "Look, when you're ready, will you let me know? Please?"

"Ready to what?" I asked, eyes brimming with tears.

"Talk to me. Hear me out. Tell me what you're feeling." He replied, "Please, sweetheart..."

"She's not your sweetheart anymore, Winchester." Ruby snapped, "Leave her alone. Run back to Lisa."

I could feel Crowley trembling with anger and the grip he had on my hand was like a vice. It hurt so badly I thought he'd broken my fingers, but he soon eased his grip when I tried to move my hand. He rubbed my back in comforting strokes, and I felt soothed by that, despite the fact I was ready to collapse.

"Megan?" Dean asked, eyes pleading.

"Leave. Me. Alone." I snapped, and I began to walk away as tears slid down my cheeks, while the whole way Crowley was holding me close to him with one arm.

We got to our first class and as we waited, he brushed my tears away and pulled me into a hug, telling me what a worthless piece of scum Dean was, telling me how evil he was and how he wasn't worth wasting my breath on. He tried to calm me down, but I could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew we'd be talking later on that day.

And at lunch, that's exactly what we were doing.

"I still love him..." I said as tear after tear rolled down my face, "So much of my life has just been wasted all because of him and that stupid whore I've been wary about since the start."

"Oh, I know, darling..." Crowley said soothingly, "I know. It's going to be hard but if you don't stay firm he'll come back and just walk all over you. And Ruby and I are here every step of the way, alright? All your friends are. Your mother is too."

I nodded and wiped my eyes, hiccuping and shaking with my upset. I heard a chair scraping along the floor and I felt strong arms around me as Crowley pulled me into his chest and held me, stroking my hair and pressing kisses to my head. I never knew how he could soothe me so well. It was like he just knew what calmed me. He was better at this than Dean, but I think one of the reasons was to do with the horrible past he and I shared, and that he and I had been through so much together.

"You'll get through this, I promise." He told me, "You're so strong that this will be a easy as ABC for you."

I wish it was as easy as he made it out to be. My life had been a big mess of confusion up to that point and Dean had been my only source of sanity apart from Crowley and Ruby, but now the one thing I'd been clinging to was gone. It felt so alien, and I felt so alone but I knew that if I just gave in to him and forgave him, he'd walk all over me. Crowley was right. That boy was my saviour and he spoke so much sense that I knew I needed to take his advice. He was amazing and I couldn't ask for a better friend.

"Just three hours and school will be over." He whispered, "I'll take you home and I'll stay with you until your mother gets home, okay?"

"Th-thank you." I sobbed, words stuttered and shaky through my upset, "You're such a good friend."

He pressed his lips to my head again and tilted my face up, kissing my lips gently. We kissed one another again a few times, while Ruby reached over and took my hand. She smiled and stroked my hand soothingly, shooting a concerned look at Crowley who kissed me once more.

"Things will get better." Ruby promised, "I'll so to it that Lisa gets dealt with."

"No..." I said suddenly, "Just leave it."

The rest of the day was miserable for me. Having to sit in my classes with Dean was the worst thing, but Crowley spoke to the teachers before hand and they swapped seating around with me and him. Every senior was talking about our break up since he was so high in the school hierarchy and I'd had a few questions about what had happened. Some jokey, some truly sympathetic. Either way, they all made me feel like absolute shit and I couldn't wait until the end of the day where I could just go home and get in bed.


My mother entered the room carefully and sat by my bed, running a hand through my hair, trying to comfort me in the best way possible. She was holding a blue envelope in her hand and I looked at it curiously, watching the regret cross her face for a moment.

"Dean just stopped by to give you this..." She said softly, "I know you're hurting right now, baby, but please read it...Take into account what he has to say."

I took the envelope as she kissed me goodnight, and I sat up, staring at it curiously. My mind and heart raced as I saw a small message underneath my name.

I still love you. Please read this. Let me explain.



I bit my lip and turned over the envelope, cautiously opening it and taking out the letter within...


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