A/N: This takes place IMMEDIETELY after "Monsoon" fades out ;) I do admit I started writing this the moment I saw the spoiler on youtube, and based off of some *hem* things I'd heard through various sources. Obviously had a bit of work/tweaking once I SAW the ep, hahah. Thanks to NoCleverSig, my darling, certifiable Beta, for staying up all night long while I frenziedly wrote this, so that she could beta by morning. What a team!

"Hang Out"
Copyright MajorSam, 2011

Charlotte whimpered as Helen confidently grasped her and pulled her mouth to hers. The initial surprise and hesitation was gone. Charlotte had already figured out that Helen was a woman who made a decision then stuck with it, and she was very glad Helen had decided this was ok.

The kiss was messy as they learned each other's mouth, their feel and taste, settling into a rhythm that set both their hearts racing. Soon Charlotte's hand buried itself into Helen's lush hair while the other slid around her waist. Helen's arms rose up to hold Charlotte's back and shoulders, bringing their chests flush together. Their tongues grew bolder.

Helen had spoken the truth earlier; it had been far too long since she'd been kissed so thoroughly, never mind shared other physical intimacies. She found herself quickly losing herself to Charlotte's embrace, heat flooding through her. Her hand slid down Charlotte's back, sweeping over the curve of her waist before moving upwards to brush the side of her breast.

Charlotte gasped. Helen bit down lightly on her tongue. A man coughed behind them.

Charlotte wrenched herself away from Helen, eye's wide, face flushed as she gasped for air. She hurriedly rearranged her shirt so it didn't look so crumpled. Helen jumped at the cough, but kept herself calm, unashamedly fixing her hair. She took a deep breath before turning to smile at the cougher as if he hadn't just interrupted a heavy make-out session. It was their own fault, really. They were on a public airstrip even if there was barely anyone around.

"I came to wish you a final goodbye and thanks, but I see Ms. Benoit has already taken the liberty to do so herself," said Feliz wryly and grinning. Charlotte flushed further, but Magnus stayed cool.

"Well, thanks to Miss Benoit, you won't have to say goodbye for another day or so," Magnus informed him.

Charlotte's face lit up.


"You had a sound argument as to why I should stay."

"And what argument was that, if I may ask?" Feliz inquired, amused at the entire exchange.

"That I should stay and hang out," Magnus replied, deadpan.

Feliz snorted while Charlotte shuffled her feet, looking down in embarrassment. Helen looked at her and let out a laugh, folding one arm across her chest while the other hand came up to her mouth to stifle the laughter.

"I'm sorry, Charlotte, I didn't mean to make fun of you," she said, touching the other woman's shoulder. Charlotte tried to smile back, but it was more of a grimace.

"Seriously," Magnus said, frowning.

"Well, I'll leave you ladies to it then," said Feliz, unfazed by the mounting tension. "Drinks can certainly wait for a while. I'll make sure your bungalow is adequately prepared, Charlotte," he added with a knowing smile. He picked up Magnus' suitcase as he turned to leave. "I'll also make sure this gets to your room alright."

Magnus watched as he walked briskly away, still smiling. Once he was out of earshot, Magnus turned back.

"Charlotte, I honestly didn't…"

"I don't do this often, you know," the other woman interrupted.

Magnus frowned. "Ok…"

"I know my skills of seduction, or whatever you want to call them, may not be very good. I don't want you to stay if you don't want to. I mean, I made a lot of assumptions about you, and I'm sorry if I was completely off-base. Everyone's going to know about this now, and…The whole day has just knocked me totally off course. I've barely had time to process anything, and I don't really know you at all, but…"

In a move strikingly similar to a few minutes before, Magnus silenced her protestations with her lips. Charlotte's last words died out in a muffled, final protest. Once Magnus was sure she'd made her point, she pulled back.

"Charlotte," she said quietly, "You don't have to apologize or explain yourself. I'm feeling rather unsteady myself. However lacking you may think your skills of seduction are you've made me realize I've needed a good seducing."

Charlotte's lips quirked up and her eyes were hopeful.

"I'm very happy you were the one to show me that," Helen finished.

Charlotte suddenly had a thought. "Shouldn't you get some medical attention or something?"

Magnus shook her head. "I'll be fine, don't worry."

Charlotte nodded. "So what now?"

The two women looked around.

"Well, first I suggest we find a more private location," said Helen.

"And then what?"

Magnus grinned slyly, her eyes darkening.

"I believe you wanted to hang out?"

Back at the Sanctuary…

Will set the phone down with a puzzled look on his face. He stared at the receiver for several seconds, until Henry suddenly burst into the room and broke his musing.

"Hey, Will! I think I figured out the problem with the transceiver! It was just a simple matter of rerouting the…" his voice trailed off as he registered the strange look on Will's face.

"Will… whatsup?" he asked, stepping towards his heavy, wooden desk.

"That was Magnus," Will replied.

"Oh! Was her flight delayed or something?" Henry knew she was due back late that night.

"Or something… yeah," said Will, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. "She's actually going to be another day or two."

Henry's eyebrows lifted. "Really? But I thought she said the negotiations with Feliz had gone great and that everything was set?"

"Yeah, I thought so too."

Henry could sense there was something Will wasn't telling him.

"Will, buddy, what's going on? What exactly did she say?"

Will turned his blue gaze to meet Henry's. No matter how Will thought it over, he couldn't quite understand Magnus' message. Was it a code? Was she trying to secretly tell him something that he just couldn't figure out? It was incredibly frustrating.

"She said that everything was ok, and that she's just going to, and I quote 'Hang out' for a day or two…"

Henry frowned.

"Hang out? Are you sure that's what she said? I mean…Magnus, of all people, does not hang out. What does that mean?"

Will shook his head. "I have no idea."

Charlotte's shirt was half off by the time they stumbled through the doorway of her bungalow, and Magnus' sweater was long gone. Feliz hadn't told Magnus what room she'd be in, so they'd just headed straight for Charlotte's. The back of Magnus' dress was fully unzipped, and Charlotte's shoes had been lost along the way. The professor shivered as the doctor's skilled fingers ran up the bare skin of her stomach, grabbing her shirt and lifting it all the way off, throwing it aside. Charlotte reached out blindly to slam the door shut, and then shoved Helen backwards. Helen slammed into the door, eliciting a sharp groan and a wince she couldn't contain.

Charlotte suddenly remembered all Helen had been through that day. She also remembered the fact that she was now host to a deadly, if dormant, virus. She banished those thoughts from her mind.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed, stepping back. "Are you ok? I'm so sorry, I forgot!"

Helen chuckled, sucking in a breath. She wouldn't let Charlotte know how much that had hurt. The haze of passion had helped soften the blow anyway.

"I'm fine," Helen assured her. "But perhaps we'll leave the rough play until next time?"

Charlotte tensed at the dark promise in Helen's low voice. Then she registered the actual words.

"Next time?" she asked, suddenly shy. She wanted Helen fiercely, and was very conscious of making a mistake or pushing her away.

"Let's just focus on this time for now, shall we?" Helen suggested.


They grabbed at one another, Charlotte pressing Helen up against the door again, though much gentler this time. She snaked her hand underneath the open flap of Helen's dress, smoothing it up Helen's spine and over her shoulder. Her other hand came up to the other shoulder and ever so slowly she pulled the dress forward, off her shoulders. Helen let her arms fall slack by her sides, and Charlotte let go. The dress fell to the floor with barely a whisper, pooling at her feet. Charlotte stepped back, her mouth hanging slack.

Damnit if Helen Magnus wasn't the most gorgeous woman she'd ever laid eyes on! Even covered in scratches and bruises, her lean body was beautiful. The set of simple, satiny, baby blue lingerie surprised Charlotte. When the sun from the far windows hit it, it looked almost white. The soft, feminine apparel stood in stark contrast against both the bruises and Magnus' hardened persona. She looked almost innocent. When Charlotte's eyes finally made it back up to Helen's, the words fell out of her mouth in wonderment.

"You are really hot!"

Helen huffed a laugh and shrugged. "I wasn't expecting anyone to see them…"

Charlotte walked up to Helen and brought her hand to her cheek, stroking softly.

"You don't have to be tough all the time, you know," Charlotte told her. Something flickered in Helen's eyes, but Charlotte didn't know what it was. Could it have been vulnerability? Helen reached up to cup Charlotte's own cheek, and bring her forward. The young woman's lips were soft and pliable, molding perfectly to what Magnus was doing. Magnus's lips never left hers while she slid out of her shoes, suddenly a bit shorter than Charlotte. It wasn't a sensation she was used to while with another woman. Helen pressed her mouth harder and stepped forward, forcing Charlotte to retreat. Helen started to navigate them out of the lounge and towards the bedroom, opening her eyes every few seconds to take a peek and make sure they were going in generally the right direction. Suddenly Charlotte stumbled, and would have taken them both to the ground had Magnus' reflexes not been so acute. Her hands shot forward to grab Charlotte's flailing arms, grabbing hold of her wrists and wrenching her back up. Charlotte fell into her arms, grabbing on to steady herself. Both women breathed hard at the sudden, unanticipated scuffle. Magnus looked over Charlotte's shoulder and started to laugh.

"What is it?" Charlotte frowned, twisting her neck to see.

She'd tripped over Magnus' suitcase.

"It seems Feliz has been making some assumptions of his own," Helen laughed.

"Oh God, now everyone really will know," Charlotte groaned.

"I doubt Feliz would gossip like that. But if he did, does it really matter?"

Charlotte shrugged uncomfortably. "I guess not… I'm just not used to having my sex life be a hot topic."

Magnus smirked. "Well if it's going to be a hot topic anyways, we might as well give them something to talk about."

Charlotte gulped. How could Magnus be so confident about everything? Any traces of earlier vulnerability were gone. Even injured and probably exhausted, she oozed sensuality. All Charlotte could do was nod in eager anticipation. Helen's hands moved, and Charlotte realized they were still holding on to one another. She could feel Helen's soft skin against her own. Helen's hands gripped Charlotte's waist firmly, steering her backwards. This time nobody tripped, and soon Charlotte was being pushed back onto the bed. To her right, the wall of the bungalow was actually two giant double doors, pure glass, looking out onto their very own private beach. She thought about closing the curtains, but figured if Feliz had brought Magnus' suitcase here, he would have warned others to stay away. Besides, the sun streaming in made Helen's fair skin glow and her eyes look bluer than the ocean outside.

Those blue eyes were currently eyeing her like a hungry cat as Magnus climbed onto the bed and crawled towards her on all fours. She paused, sitting up on her knees while she unclipped her watch and flicked it aside, smirking. Helen stopped down again, continuing to slink up Charlotte's body. She stopped halfway up, then stretched, sliding her body up Charlotte's until their lips met. Charlotte's mouth opened and tongues slid wetly together as Helen's hands moved to Charlotte's pants. She deftly undid them, Charlotte instantly lifting her hips to allow Helen to drag them down her legs. Helen admired Charlotte's own simple, white bra and panties, then quickly slipped her arm beneath Charlotte, pulling her up, kissing her briefly, but deeply, as she unclipped her bra. Once the bra was disposed of, Helen hovered over her once more, forcing Charlotte onto her back.

"So lovely…" Helen breathed before leaning in and dragging one more kiss from her. Helen then moved to her jaw, and down her neck. Charlotte moaned as Helen licked the trail of throat, sucking on her pulse point, feeling Charlotte's heartbeat increasing every second. Helen's hands gripped Charlotte's thin waist, and she slowly pushed her way down Charlotte's body, kissing every inch of skin she could find. Helen laid a feather light kiss to her breastbone before moving to a pert breast and promptly enveloping a pale pink nipple in her warm, wet mouth. Charlotte's back arched, pushing herself up, urging Helen to take more, but Helen refused, pulling back with a wet pop. Charlotte fell back to the bed, face flushed, and Helen did the same to her other breast. They were small but well formed, and tasted faintly of honey and sweat, sweet and salty. Helen spent just enough time on her to coerce her nipples into stiff peaks, immediately moving on.

Helen contemplated foreplay, but figured the sexual tension that had been brewing throughout the day was more than enough. Once she made it to Charlotte's hips, she hooked her fingers under her last piece of clothing and slid them down her long legs. Charlotte bit her lip as Helen took hold of her knees, spreading them apart.

"Wait," Charlotte protested, but Magnus ignored her. The doctor laid her cheek against Charlotte's thigh, feeling the velvety skin, running her face along it, inhaling her scent. She laid a soft kiss where her thigh met her hips then moved to her center. Charlotte clenched her fists as Helen's lips brushed over her.

"Wait!" she cried again, grabbing Magnus' shoulders and pushing her off.

"What's wrong?" Helen frowned, perplexed.

Charlotte held Helen's shoulders firmly in her grasp, pulling her up to face her. She pressed her lips to Helen's, tongue delving in. Helen reached up to cup her face, but in the next instant found herself flat on her back. Her eyebrows rose in surprise, and Charlotte grinned.

"You saved my life today," Charlotte said, "More than once." Helen opened her mouth to protest, but Charlotte placed a finger on her lips, silencing her. "I don't care if you were just doing your Dr. Kick-Ass routine, or if it was because I was a convenient help in your mission. I've never had somebody protect me like you did. Take risks for me, or trust me like you did."

Magnus kissed the finger hovering over her lips.

"I just want to thank you," Charlotte finished. Magnus averted her eyes. She didn't need thanks; she was mainly doing her job. After 273 years she knew better than anyone that you didn't do the job she did for thanks or rewards. Looking up at the dark eyes above her, however, Magnus realized she was more than happy to accept gratitude. Seeing the acceptance in Helen's eyes, Charlotte smiled softly, moving the finger off Helen's lips and up to caress her cheek. She leaned down and kissed where she'd just touched. She couldn't resist one more kiss to Helen's lips. She then started on the same path Helen had; along her jaw and down her neck. She quickly realized that wasn't going to work. Charlotte was too keyed up on adrenaline and was now entering a state where she couldn't quite grasp what was happening. She knew she'd barely scratched the surface with Helen Magnus, but she sensed that she was a very lucky person to be in bed with her. The adrenaline and slight case of shock, combined with some heady lust, had Charlotte almost shaking. She was incapable of finesse or restraint. Loathe as she was to skip it, foreplay was not an option. As soon as she realized it she moved off of Helen's neck, shuffling down the bed to her legs.

Helen watched as Charlotte's shaky hands reached out to grasp her panties and pull them off. She tossed them aside then placed her hands on Helen's knees, stabilizing herself. Helen reached down and took one of her hands in her own, stroking her thumb across it.

"Just breathe," Helen smiled. She knew exactly what Charlotte was going through, both from a medical standpoint and an emotional one. Old as she was, she would never forget the rush that her first few life-and-death missions had elicited. Charlotte pulled in an unsteady breath, and then gently eased Helen's knees open. Charlotte herself moved further down, settling into a comfortable position, glad the bed was large enough to accommodate them both, spread out as they were. Charlotte's hands massaged Helen's knees, working their way up her thighs as she gathered her courage. She finally leaned in and placed a light kiss between Helen's legs. Helen took a shaky breath of her own. Charlotte's hands pushed, spreading Helen wider before her tongue peeked out to run through Helen's folds. Helen closed her eyes. Charlotte took a deep breath and dove into her task, lips, tongue, and teeth working to learn Helen's shape and taste. She tried to concentrate, but her movements were uncoordinated and jerky. After a few minutes, she felt Helen's hand on her shoulder and she froze. She heard her name, and looked up.

"Charlotte, darling, you need to relax," Helen said softly. Charlotte's cheeks reddened, and she sat up, quickly wiping her mouth before folding her arms across her chest as she looked at anything but Helen. Helen quickly sat up onto her knees, scooting forward until her legs framed Charlotte's. She took the younger woman's face in her hand, forcing their eyes to meet.

"You're doing fine," Helen assured her. Charlotte snorted. "Really, it's ok. I know what you're going through right now, and I understand. You just need to let yourself go." Charlotte's uncertain gaze asked the unspoken question: "How do I do that?"

"Do you trust me?" Helen asked. She nodded. "Then let me help you."

Helen leaned forward and kissed her. Charlotte's mouth fell open, but Helen pulled back. "No. No passion. Just relax." Charlotte nodded, licking her lips, and then keeping her mouth closed. Helen pressed her lips against hers softly, sweetly. Charlotte felt her heartbeat slow, Helen's tender caresses lulling her into an even state. The doctor's arms wrapped around Charlotte, hands skimming up her back to rest on her shoulders where she gently started to knead. Charlotte sighed as waves of ease washed down her back and up through her neck. Helen's warm tongue ran along her lips, and she opened, but though the kiss deepened, it remained languid and slow. Helen's hands moved all the way down her back. By the time they came to rest on Charlotte's hips, the professor was markedly calmer. Helen slowly extracted her tongue, moving back to light kisses, eventually stopping altogether, leaning her forehead against Charlotte's as they breathed in unison. Helen pulled back.


Charlotte nodded lethargically. "Much." The torrent of adrenaline had shrunk to a warm buzz that made her insides tingle in a wonderful way. Charlotte felt a little sympathy for her students. Did they look up to her like she did to Helen? Did they feel out of their league, intimidated, as she did? Charlotte was the student for the first time in years. She hoped she remembered how to learn. Helen held her for another minute, before Charlotte placed her hands on the doctor's hips and leaned forward, laying Helen down underneath her.

"I try to thank you, and you end up helping me, again…"

"I told you, I understand," Helen smiled.

"You're amazing," Charlotte breathed.

"Let's see how amazing we can be together," Helen suggested, exerting a little pressure on Charlotte's hips. Charlotte nodded, and slid down, spreading Helen's thighs with hands that no longer shook. She leaned down and licked her from bottom to top.

"There we go," Helen whispered. Charlotte's tongue gently probed her folds, sucking them between her lips and pulling. She nibbled, and Helen sighed. Charlotte's lips made their way up, brushing against Helen's clit.

"No," warned Helen. "Not yet." Charlotte looked up at her. "As I said, it's been a while, and you're not the only one who's a bit keyed up from the day," Helen explained. "If you touch me there, this will be over much sooner than I'd like."

"Where would you like me to touch you?" Charlotte asked her eyes so dark they looked black. Helen's eyes bore back into her, as a manicured nail that had survived the day's chaos pointed to a spot on her inner thigh. Charlotte looked down, and Helen's finger vacated the area. The young woman leaned down and kissed where Helen had pointed. Then she opened her mouth and bit down. Helen's thigh quivered.

"Yes," Helen breathed. Charlotte looked up at her again. Helen's finger pointed to a spot on her other thigh, and was rewarded with another bite. Helen moved her hand between her legs, dipping her finger into her wet folds and running it up herself. Charlotte swallowed heavily and leaned in, opening her mouth and grazing her teeth all the way along Helen's pussy.

"You learn well," Helen complimented.

"Over a decade in University alone… I hope I know how to learn still."

"Maybe one day I'll tell you how many years of school I've done."

"We could compare notes."

Helen laughed. "Can we just finish this lesson for now?" Charlotte smirked. "Please, Ma'am, tell me what's next." Helen's thighs clenched at her partner's willingness to accept this little role play.

"I think it's time for you to do some more study," Helen stated. "Some in-depth research, as it were."

"Yes Ma'am," Charlotte drawled. Her hands moved to Helen, parting her folds as she leaned down and circled her tongue around Helen's entrance. Helen bit her lip as Charlotte's hot tongue dipped inside, teasingly. She gathered Helen's arousal, savouring its taste, spreading it over Helen's pussy until it glistened.

With Helen's gentle instruction, Charlotte worked her higher and higher. A sheen of sweat covered Helen's body, and a red blush painted her chest and cheeks. Helen's hand drifted to her own breast, annoyed to find her bra, which neither had removed. Too lost to sit up and remove it, she pulled a cup down, freeing a breast to her questing fingers, finding a nipple and caressing it. Her instructions gave way to moans and sighs as Charlotte finally let go, allowing herself to live in the moment. Helen's moans, the tremble in her thighs, the undulating of her hips were her guide. As Helen's cries grew louder, Charlotte finally moved to Helen's most sensitive spot, gathering her clit between her lips and sucking. Helen let out a choked moan, and Charlotte sucked harder, running her tongue over the little nub, then biting down gently. Charlotte's hands gripped Helen with bruising force as she devoured her. Her tongue slid in and out of Magnus, hot tendrils of pleasure shooting through Helen's very core. Slick arousal flowed out of her while Charlotte eagerly lapped it up, thrusting in deep before moving through her silky folds to adulate her clit. Suddenly Helen couldn't breathe. Her fists tore at the sheets around her, her eyes squeezed shut as her back arched off the bed, her climax racing up her spine. She cried out and a hand flew to Charlotte's head, pressing her in further, deeper, harder. Charlotte held on until she lost breath herself, drawing out Helen's release as long as she could.

Finally, Helen settled back onto the bed, sucking in breath, pleasure still pulsing up from her core. Charlotte laid a kiss to her hipbone before sliding up beside Helen, laying on her side as she reached out to run the backs of her fingers down Helen's cheek. Helen blearily opened her eyes, turning her head to look at her new pupil.

"How'd I do?" Charlotte asked softly. Her tone was flippant, but Helen knew she was in earnest.

"Wonderfully," Helen murmured, moving to kiss her. Helen could taste her own essence on her lips. She pulled back, her hand sneaking forward to hold onto Charlotte's bare waist as she licked the professor's cheek, cleaning her arousal from her face. When she was done, she gave her a quick peck on the nose. Helen laid her head back onto the pillow and answered Charlotte's smile with one of her own. She'd been smiling a lot today. Helen could feel a post-coital haze creeping up, enticing her to sleep. Outside the doors, the weather had miraculously held off, allowing the brilliant sun to set, casting a pinkish orange glow around them. Helen shook off her drowsiness. She was not a selfish lover.

"My turn to thank you," Helen announced.

"No, you don't have to," Charlotte protested. "It's fine if you want to rest, or…"

"Nonsense," Helen chastised. "You'll learn I'm quite adept at running with no sleep." Charlotte gulped, thinking about what that could mean for the night ahead.

Helen eased Charlotte onto her back, rolling on top of her, planting her hands on either side of Charlotte's waist. Helen's legs bordered Charlotte's as she brought one hand to the young woman's flat stomach, sweeping over the soft skin. The hand drifted to Charlotte's side, tracing the curve of her waist upward until it hovered beside her breast. Her fingers gently stroked the swell of it, her thumb running along the underside for a while before moving to brush over her pink nipple. Charlotte tore her gaze away from Helen's face to look down, watching as Helen's fingers played with her, coaxing her nipple to harden. When it was fully erect, Helen leaned down and licked it once. She pulled back, pursing her lips and blowing, the cool breeze causing goosebumps to form over Charlotte's flesh, a hum escaping the professor's lips. Helen leaned down again, taking the whole nipple in her mouth and sucking slowly. Charlotte's hand flew to Helen's head as the doctor pulled back, nipple still in her mouth, stretching it up. It finally escaped her mouth. Charlotte's fingers threaded through Helen's dark hair as the doctor took her nipple in her mouth once again, nibbling at the sensitive areola. Charlotte's eyes drifted shut as Helen licked, kissed, sucked and bit her, eventually moving to her other breast, then back again.

The thrumming between Charlotte's legs was growing, and she crossed them, trying to ease the ache. Helen stopped what she was doing and pulled back, glancing down. She deftly inserted a leg between Charlotte's, dropping down and forcing them apart. Charlotte groaned at the loss of pressure. Helen moved fluidly down her body, wrapping her arms under and around Charlotte's thighs. She wasted no time in pressing her face against Charlotte's dripping pussy, a helpless moan escaping the younger woman's mouth.

"Don't need to… God… teach you," Charlotte stuttered as Helen quickly mapped out Charlotte's innermost parts, learning her sweet spots, testing pressures.

"Been a while," Helen said between long strokes with her tongue, "But it's like riding a bike. You never really forget."

Charlotte's laugh turned into another groan as a slender finger stretched her opening and slid in. Helen caressed her sex as her mouth worked her folds, teasing her clit. It felt too good for Charlotte to issue a warning like Helen had. A second finger joined the first, and Helen quickly brought her to the edge. Charlotte had both hands in Helen's silky hair when her orgasm hit. She tore at the soft strands, but Helen didn't complain, thrusting her fingers in as Charlotte's muscles clenched around them. Her tongue lavished attention while her free hand splayed over Charlotte's stomach, keeping her flat on the bed. Charlotte's cries died down. When she stopped spasming around Helen's finger, she gently pulled them out, stroking her clit once more before crawling up Charlotte's body. She looked down at her new lover's face, flushed and glowing. Helen reached out to clear a few tendrils of hair that had stuck to Charlotte's face. The professor opened her eyes, looking up at Helen, slightly unfocused.

"Damn," Charlotte stated. Helen's eyes crinkled when she smiled, easing her body down beside Charlotte's, draping an arm across her waist. "You can thank me anytime you want, babe," Charlotte said, turning onto her side to face Helen and putting an arm over her waist in return. Helen quirked her head.


Charlotte's face fell. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean…"

"No, it's fine. It's just not a term of endearment I'm used to." No one Magnus knew would dare to call her "babe." She would normally rail at such a label. But she knew that coming from Charlotte, it wasn't derogatory or demeaning, as Helen sometimes felt it was. Magnus was surprised to find she actually liked the way it sounded. It was refreshing to be with someone who had no concept of the things you could or couldn't say around Helen Magnus.

"Just take no offense if I don't refer to you as the same," Helen asked.

"I don't know, I think it's kind of fun," Charlotte joked, "That was a right good climax, babe!" she said in an attempt at a posh British accent. Helen laughed and squeezed her arm.

"Dear lord, you're even worse than my second in command at home!"

"Second in command? So you are the boss of something?" Charlotte quickly picked up. Helen narrowed her eyes. She hadn't been so relaxed, satiated, dare she say, happy, in quite a while. She had to remember to maintain some defenses, harsh as it sounded.

"Charlotte, not now," she warned. The virologist bit her lip. "Sorry. Ruined the moment…"

Helen squeezed her arm again. "Want to have another moment?"

Charlotte frowned at her. "You're incredible at a lot of things, but I doubt that even you can call up romantic moments at will."

"You're challenging me?" Helen grinned.

"Maybe I am," Charlotte shot back, now grinning as well. Before she could even blink, Charlotte was on her back with Helen Magnus' mouth plastered against her own. Helen kissed her hard and fast until her head spun and she could think only of the heat building in her core once more. Suddenly, Helen tore her mouth away, leaning back and breathing hard. Charlotte's eyes popped open, chest heaving. She regarded Helen's smug face.

"Ok, that was some kind of moment. You win."

"And what's my reward?"

Charlotte chewed her bottom lip, thoughtfully. Her eyes went wide and she sat up.

"I know just the thing."

This time Helen was cradled between Charlotte's legs, as Charlotte's arms wrapped around Helen's back, unclipping the baby blue bra that was still covering her. Charlotte pulled the straps down her arms but found her path blocked. Helen had moved her hands to cup her breasts, holding the bra in place. Charlotte's eyes narrowed.

"Cheeky," she admonished. Helen's eyes went wide, hearing the familiar phrase coming out of the younger woman's mouth. Charlotte, despite not knowing the source of Helen's surprise, took advantage of her momentary distraction to reach forward and grasp the front of the bra, yanking backwards, breaking Helen's grip. The bra continued its flight as Charlotte let go. Helen's hands immediately resumed their place, covering herself.

"Are you trying to drive me crazy?" Charlotte asked.

"I calmed you down, earlier. I think it's time to fire you up again."

"So you think you can just play with people as you please?" Charlotte retaliated. "Pluck our strings and make us dance?"

Helen found herself frowning. Charlotte didn't know her, but seemed to have an innate talent for hitting sensitive subjects. Altogether too close to the truth.

"I think you need to dance, for once," Charlotte said in a low voice that was almost a growl. Helen felt a rush of heat, primal adrenaline. Charlotte suddenly lunged forward, grabbing Helen's wrists and wrenching her arms apart, forcing them above her head and using her momentum to throw Helen onto her back, arms trapped above her. Helen's mouth parted as she breathed heavily, Charlotte's grip on her wrists was strong as she glared down at her. Charlotte didn't know where this side of her had come from, she'd never been overly aggressive in bed, but she'd changed today, and she liked it. Very slowly, keeping her grip tight, she leaned down to one side of Helen's head. Her breath washed over Magnus' ear and neck.

"I really wish I'd known I would meet you here," she whispered. A hand carefully extricated itself from Helen's wrists. They both knew Helen could easily break free of the one-handed grip, but Helen didn't budge. Charlotte's hand ran down Helen's side, barely touching, tickling and teasing.

"Why's that?" Helen asked breathlessly.

"Because," Charlotte replied. "I'd have brought some… supplies." Her hand teased the dip above Helen's hipbone.


"Yeah, supplies," Charlotte used her knees to push against Helen's thighs, opening her up. Her hand left Helen's skin. The doctor waited for Charlotte to continue, tense in anticipation. Nothing happened. Helen let out a breath, knowing she wouldn't continue unless Helen kept asking, playing her game, dancing to her tune.

"What kind of supplies?"

Charlotte grinned darkly.

"You know, strap-ons. A horseshoe. Even just a good vibrator would do." Helen gulped, not expecting the usually reserved professor to be so descriptive.

"And what would you use those for," Helen asked, her voice wavering.

"I would use them to fuck you so hard you couldn't breathe," Charlotte growled, thrusting three fingers into Helen simultaneously. Helen's eyes rolled back in her head, crying out. Her hands accidentally broke free of Charlotte's grip as her body jerked against the sudden intrusion.

"No moving," Charlotte ordered, grabbing Helen's wrists and slamming them back down. Helen looked up at her with wide eyes, nodding. Charlotte removed her fingers, and Helen whimpered at the loss.

"This is your reward, remember," Charlotte said, now as smug as Magnus had been. Helen nodded again. Charlotte raised her three fingers up to her mouth; inserting them in one at a time and sucking them clean in one go. She then let her hand fall to her side, sitting back on her knees as she surveyed Magnus' naked body for the first time. Her hair was spread out around her head, in disarray from the movement of her arms. Her eyes were wide and dark, the burnt orange sunset making her skin look aflame. She breathed steadily, her chest rising and falling, nipples already taut on her full breasts. Charlotte ran her hands up Helen's sumptuous curves, bending over to bring her face level with Helen's chest. She breathed out hotly, and Helen hummed at the sensation. Charlotte's hands continued to run up and down Helen's sides as Charlotte turned her head, brushing her cheek against the generous bend of Helen's breast. Her lips skimmed Helen's delicate skin, lifting off before she hit any sensitive areas. Soon Helen was thrusting her chest upwards, physically begging for Charlotte to touch her where she wanted. When Helen started making frustrated sounds, Charlotte left her breasts completely, planting a kiss in the valley between them before migrating upwards.

Charlotte came across a cut just above Helen's right breast and carefully kissed around it. She opened her eyes, finding the next wound, and kissed around it. The deviant need for control was seeping out of Charlotte as she was reminded yet again of what Helen had gone through, partly because of her. She abandoned her plan for teasing domination, reaching up to guide Helen's arms back down to her sides. As the sun finished setting, Charlotte paid tribute to every cut, gash, and burn Helen had sustained that day. When she came to the bandage surrounding Helen's left wrist, she looked up into the doctor's eyes for permission. With Helen's nod, Charlotte gently unwrapped it, laying the bandage on the side table. The wound underneath was mysteriously half healed already. The whole process was inexplicably moving, Helen thought, closing her eyes against the rush of emotion. She was always the one who took care of people, healed them, and nurtured them back to health. And now she had a woman who was still, for all intents and purposes, a stranger to her yet who had taken it upon herself to care for her.

Charlotte paid extra attention to Helen's face, kissing every inch of her cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and mouth. She laid a soft kiss to each of Helen's closed eyelids. When Charlotte finally finished, she made her way full circle back to Helen's chest. With a sigh, Charlotte laid her head down, resting above Helen's full breasts. Helen wrapped her arms around Charlotte.

"That reward was…"

"Not exactly what I'd planned," Charlotte said wryly.

"Which is fine by me," Helen replied. "That's more… personal attention, than I've received in a long time."

Charlotte smiled, and Helen could feel it against her skin.

"It means more than you know," Helen admitted.

Charlotte's body rubbed against Helen's as she moved to kiss her softly. "I really don't understand you," Charlotte said.

"I'm used to that."

"I want to."

"You don't know what you're asking," Helen said quietly.

"I didn't know what I'd be getting into today. But it happened, and I survived."

Helen recognized the stubborn streak in her new partner and stayed silent, not wanting to ruin the tranquil peace that had settled over her. Charlotte noted her silence and sighed, accepting that she wouldn't get anything out of Helen tonight.

"All in good time, then," Charlotte stated amiably. Helen breathed a sigh of relief; lifting her hand to stroke Charlotte's tangled curls. Charlotte could feel Helen's heartbeat underneath her face, her own breath evening out to beat in tune with Helen's. Helen's fingers continued to stroke as both women's breathing slowed down, deepening. Soon they were asleep in each other's arms, the faint glow of moonlight illuminating them.

A few hours later, Charlotte woke from a dream, screaming. She could feel the knife slicing through her throat with Nicolls' laughing face, leering above her, hot blood pouring out from her neck. Helen woke up and held Charlotte tight, wiping the sweat from her brow, and whispering soothing words. When her shaking continued, Charlotte didn't know what to do, so Helen laid down and let Charlotte take out the adrenaline, frustration, fear, and anger onto Helen's body. Charlotte's fingers drove into Helen with force, her bites leaving marks, her hoarse cries swallowed by Helen's lips, crushing into her with bruising force. Helen did her best to distract Charlotte from the lingering, clawing nightmare. Afterwards, they fell into a deep sleep once more, bodies entwined, comforting and protecting.

To be continued…

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