A/N: Charlotte's a research scientist, but also a teacher. I've decided to officially make her specialty Virology, and say she is the co-chair of Virology at Yale. Magnus deserves a powerful lady.

Magnus woke slowly, breaking through the lull of sleep with the lazy progress of someone waking from a good dream into an even better reality. Helen smiled, burrowing further into the plush pillow as she slowly became aware of her surroundings. She was warm but not hot, the perfect temperature. The downy sheets were like a balm to burned skin. Long unused muscles twinged when she moved them, but it felt good. A smooth, slim body was pressed against her back, legs tangled with hers while an arm rested under Helen's side. The hand splayed out on the mattress beside her. Sighing, Helen stretched.

Hmm, what was that?

She stretched her legs again, and a slight wave of pleasure rolled over her. She moaned, softly.

"Good morning," whispered a delicate, feminine voice, just above Helen's right ear. Magnus smiled and turned her head, opening her eyes drowsily.

"Mmm, good morning," she whispered back. Helen's mussed hair and soft, sleepy features were too adorable to resist. Charlotte leaned down and gently kissed her.

"Sleep well?" she asked.

"Better than I have in years," replied Helen honestly.

Pleasure tweaked through her again, and Magnus' eyes fluttered closed. She opened them to see a grinning Charlotte. Helen looked down her body and found a slender hand insinuated between her thighs. Charlotte twisted the offending hand and Magnus turned her face into her pillow to muffle her response. Charlotte chuckled into her ear.

"Have you been taking advantage of me in my sleep?" accused Helen. Charlotte kissed her bare shoulder.

"I most certainly have," she whispered, her hot breath tickling Helen's cheek for a moment before her tongue peeked out to trace the shell of her ear.

"By all means, please continue," invited Magnus. Her strained tone spurred Charlotte on. The professor lifted her right leg, gingerly wrapping it over the top of Helen's, tensing her thigh to pull Helen's leg back, opening her up further to Charlotte's skilled fingers. Magnus figured Charlotte must have been awake for some time because Helen was thoroughly wet. Helen let her body go slack, perfectly malleable under Charlotte's ministrations. Her eyes drifted shut as she was carried along, wondering if she could possibly still be dreaming. It was a nice dream.

Charlotte continued to tease Helen, sliding her fingers through velvety slick folds, rubbing and caressing, but never pushing in or moving up. Helen started to rock minutely against her, wordlessly requesting more.

"You'll have to ask," Charlotte spoke into her neck, lips fluttering against her skin. "What do you want, Helen?"

"Please, Charlotte…" Helen couldn't think, couldn't figure out how to say anything more.

"Not good enough," Charlotte grinned into her neck, teasing a fingertip into her opening, then pulling out. Helen mewled.

"Oh god…"

"You can do it, Helen," she encouraged.

Magnus willed her muzzy brain to wake up and think. She dragged a heavy arm to clasp Charlotte's hand, lying at her side. She threaded her fingers through, and squeezed.

"Charlotte, please, make me come."

"That's it," grinned Charlotte, triumphantly. She slid a finger fully in as a reward.

"Yes! More, please!"

She pulled the finger out and thrust it in, harder.

"God, I'm so wet…"

Charlotte kissed her neck, skimming her lips back up to her ear.

"I made you come in your sleep, already," her throaty voice informed Helen.

Helen moaned, drawn out by a second finger joining the first. She continued to float the line of sleep and satisfaction. Charlotte extricated her hand from Helen's and moved it to her stomach, stroking the supple skin in small arcs, working her way up to her chest. She let her thumb caress Helen's delicate nipple, the little bud rising slowly to meet her touch. Charlotte plucked at it a few times before taking the whole breast in her hand, kneading the heavy globe. She started to lay open, wet kisses to Helen's neck and shoulder, moving the thumb of the hand between Helen's legs to brush against her clit. Helen tensed, losing her breath for a moment before sighing heavily. Charlotte continued to murmur into her ear, Helen responding with slurred, pleasure soaked words as she climbed the final steps towards completion. Charlotte thrust, rubbed, and pinched.

"I'm so close," Helen warned, her voice high and strained.

"I know, babe."

Helen's hips jerked at a particularly fabulous twist. She pressed back into Charlotte, and could feel the other woman's heat burning into her. Helen grabbed onto the sheets, her pillow, whatever she could find to hold onto as she started to lose control, writhing against the pliable mattress. In a sudden fit of inspiration, Helen lifted a hand and flung it backwards, over her side and down to where she knew Charlotte would be. Her fingers found Charlotte's hot center in an instant, plunging her fingers into her with no preamble. Charlotte cried out into her neck, biting down as her body convulsed at the sudden sweet intrusion. The hand in Helen froze as Charlotte's brain raced to reboot itself. Helen felt her orgasm ebb away, but that was ok.

"You're almost as wet as I am," Helen stated huskily. "Does pleasuring me, taking advantage of me, get you off?" she growled.

She felt Charlotte nod against her neck.

"God yes," Charlotte answered. "Everything about you turns me on."

Helen braced her wrist against the small of her own back. It was an awkward position, but it allowed Charlotte to ride her fingers at will. She clung to Helen, fingers still inside her, but immobile, as she worked herself up to where Helen was at. Sweat beaded, making Charlotte's curls loosen and cling to Helen's neck and her chest to slide hotly against her back.

Finally, Helen started to move her hips again, pressing herself forward into Charlotte's touch, and then pushing back as Charlotte drove into her. They rocked together, words lost to breathy sighs and moans. Helen hit the top first, highly sensitive from the orgasm she didn't remember having. She clenched around Charlotte's hand, squeezing her fingers, so deep inside, as her body went rigid, back arching. Charlotte followed the curve of her spine, pressing into her until she followed Helen over the edge. She moaned out Helen's name before her voice gave out, and all they could do was gasp for breath, clutching at one another.

In the euphoric after-haze, Helen almost fell asleep again. She had to fight hard against the urge, so warm and comfortable, buzzing with release. She breathed in deeply and twisted her body, turning over to face Charlotte. She draped an arm across the other woman's waist. Charlotte's eyes were closed, though a small smile played across her lips.

"That's the best wake-up call I've received in a while," said Helen.

"Maybe I should put 'alarm clock' on my resume," suggested Charlotte. Magnus laughed lightly.

"No, I'd rather keep this secret to myself," she selfishly decided.

"Jealous of my future lovers already?" Charlotte teased.

Helen shrugged. "Maybe."

Helen then leaned in for a proper, long, good morning kiss. Both women knew they should be getting up soon, but refused to break the tranquil morning spell. Magnus gently urged Charlotte to lie on her back, wrapping her arms around her and tucking a leg between hers. She shuffled over so Helen could rest her head on Charlotte's chest, just above the soft cushion of her breasts. Helen sighed contentedly, mind drifting through no particular train of thought, just enjoying the company of the beautiful professor.

"You know, you're only the second woman I've ever slept with," Charlotte suddenly blurted. Magnus started, surprised. The younger woman had been a little hesitant at first, certainly, but…


Charlotte nodded. "Well actually third, technically, but both were a long time ago."

Helen raised a well formed eyebrow.

"The first was in University," Charlotte elaborated. "Second year. I was curious. She was a senior, and utterly stunning." She smiled, wistfully.

"And the second?" Helen gently prompted.

"That was a week after I received my PhD. I was still riding the high, but was single at the time and was depressed that I had no one to share my excitement with. I met a woman at a bar. I was so drunk, I barely remember it."

"I've had a few of those nights myself," Helen told her. In another age, when things like cocaine and absinthe were, while not officially condoned, were widely consumed. Then there was the 60's, which she'd lived through twice. Granted, the latter time was spent mostly in seclusion, but still.

"Well I thank God for those women," remarked Helen, shaking herself out of her reverie before she revealed too much. "They taught you well."

Charlotte blushed, bowing her head to kiss the top of Helen's hair.


They lay in comfortable silence for several moments, Charlotte playing with a strand of Helen's dark hair while Magnus gently stroked her side.

"I hope you don't mind me asking," Magnus finally said, "But if those were your only experiences with women… I'm assuming you're not gay?"

"No, I'm not. It was more experimentation, satisfying the itch."

"Then out of curiosity… why try again? Why me?"

At this Charlotte sighed, her hand stilling in Helen's hair. She thought very hard for a few moments before her hand moved to cup Helen's face and turn it up so that they were looking eye to eye.

"To be honest? I have no idea," Charlotte said. "Or rather, I have many ideas, but nothing I could properly put into words. There's just… something about you, Helen. I don't know if it's because you're smart, brave, confident, or just too damn beautiful, but there's something about you that just draws people in."

Helen pursed her lips, absorbing the information.

"Then of course, there's the whole grand mystery you cloak yourself in," Charlotte smirked. "It makes you somewhat irresistible. Every one of those guys would have done anything for you."

Magnus frowned, suddenly breaking eye contact and shifting her body off Charlotte so that her face was turned away.

"I'm sorry," said Charlotte, concerned, sitting up. "I didn't mean to upset you."

Helen sighed. "I know you didn't… I'm sorry, it's just… I've had people willing to follow me before who have died because of it."

Charlotte stiffened.

"I often wish people could just hate me and stay away for their own safety."

"Are you trying to tell me," Charlotte said slowly, "That if I stick around you, there might be repeats of yesterday's insanity?"

"Without a doubt," Magnus replied regretfully.

Charlotte contemplated this for several minutes.

"Well, I survived this time," she declared. "And I gotta say I discovered some things about myself that I'm pretty proud of. Almost caving under threat of torture, not so much, but otherwise I thought I did alright…"

Magnus turned back to face her, and seeing the hopeful look in her eyes, Magnus' heart melted a bit. She leaned forward, rising up on her arms to kiss her.

"You did wonderfully. I've seen many who've run away in similar situations."

Charlotte blushed and grinned, humbled by the praise, giving Helen a quick kiss back before gathering her in her arms, pulling them both back down to the bed. This time Charlotte rested her head on Magnus' chest.

"So how often do you get yourself into life or death situations?" Charlotte asked, half joking and half afraid of the answer.

"Far more often than I'd care for."

"How many years ago did you start… whatever it is that you do?"

"A long time ago."

"Are you ever going to tell me how old you are?"

Magnus let out a short laugh.

"Not anytime soon."

"Why not?"

"Many reasons."

Charlotte huffed, exasperated. "Care to elaborate on any?"

Magnus shook her head, amusedly. "Persistent, aren't we?"

The younger woman simply raised an eyebrow and waited. She knew when to ask questions and when to shut up. Magnus became serious.

"I don't want to scare you off, for one," she admitted. Charlotte snorted, causing Magnus to squirm. It tickled.

"If I haven't run away after the evil X-Men episode, do you think I will just because I learn your age?"

Magnus had to admit it was a somewhat fair argument.

"You never know. It's a good point, but… not yet Charlotte, please."

The professor sighed, but acquiesced.

"Just so long as you tell me eventually. And by that I don't mean a year or five from now."

Magnus smiled. "If you still want to be around me after a year, then you'll have earned it."

Charlotte's eyes darkened, and she grinned. "I'm pretty sure I'll still want to be around," she told Magnus in a low voice that sent shivers down her spine.

"I hope so," breathed Helen as Charlotte laid a soft kiss to her solar plexus, then between her breasts, then the underside of a breast. Magnus tensed for the next step, but Charlotte merely brushed her lips across her satiny nipple as she moved up to taste the skin of her neck.

"I guess it's my turn to ask," Charlotte murmured against her. "Are you…?"

"No, I'm not gay," Magnus replied. "If I'm interested in a person romantically, then I'll pursue it. I fall for personalities, people, not gender."

Charlotte nodded. "Makes sense to me, even if others might not get it."

"I don't often pay mind to what other people think," Magnus grinned.

The professor grinned then dipped back down to Helen's neck, drawing a satisfied sound from Helen, who let her head fall to the side to fully bare herself. Charlotte took her time, slowly licking, sucking, biting then soothing Helen's smooth skin. She travelled up to the sweet spot behind her ear, then back down to dip into the hollow of her collarbones. By the time she made it to Helen's lips, the doctor was hazy with lazy pleasure. Their tongues tangled languidly, neither in any hurry. When Charlotte moved down far enough to tease her tongue in and out of Helen's belly button, Helen gasped for her to stop.

"Why?" Charlotte asked, petulantly.

"Because if we don't stop now, I'll never get showered or packed, and I'll miss this afternoon's flight."

Flights departed at regular intervals for the convenience of the guests. Helen had been hoping to catch the one at one o'clock that afternoon.

"You don't need to get packed," Charlotte grinned.

It was true. Since early the day before, Helen hadn't once opened her suitcase. It still lay on its side where it had been kicked in their haste to make it to the bed.

"Well I still need to shower," said Helen, after a moment.

Charlotte's grin grew wider.

"How about a bath?"

"Food first?" Helen had just realized she hadn't eaten since before she'd arrived on the island the day before. Normally that wouldn't be much of a problem, but she'd expended an astonishing amount of energy in the last 24 hours. She could only assume Charlotte would be even more famished than she. As if on cue, Charlotte's stomach growled, eliciting a giggle from the virologist. Helen grinned, and grudgingly extricated herself from Charlotte's grasp, gingerly moving off the bed and standing up. She raised her arms above her head, arching her back and stretching quickly, only semi-aware of Charlotte's wide brown eyes staring at her bare backside. Helen strode confidently towards the closet at the far side of the room against the wall. She opened it, satisfied to see plush, terrycloth robes hanging in wait. She'd been certain Feliz would keep his facilities fully stocked with necessary amenities. While clothes weren't necessary after the night they'd had, she figured Charlotte wasn't as comfortable walking around naked as she was. Helen donned her own robe, then, while fingering another, had a thought. She smiled as she unhooked the robe from its hanger, turning around to face Charlotte. With a smirk, Helen raised her index finger, pointing it at Charlotte, then curling it towards herself in a "come-hither" gesture.

Charlotte gulped, clutching the sheet around her chest a little harder, brows furrowing.

"Come along, darling, don't be shy," Helen encouraged. Charlotte wasn't sure why she was suddenly so reluctant to be naked in front of Helen. She already had been the day before, but her emotional state had been so different then, her inhibitions lowered, and her mind not working as it usually did. Here, now, with the sun shining, she wouldn't be able to hide if something went wrong. Charlotte looked into Helen's bright, blue eyes and sighed. Why was she afraid? She sensed that Helen Magnus had seen a lot of things throughout the years and would accept any flaws or abnormalities without hesitation. Charlotte took a deep breath and cast the sheet aside, swinging her legs over the bed and standing up. Helen's gaze raked up and down her body, making Charlotte tingle as she walked towards her. Charlotte reached out to take the robe from the doctor's grasp but met only air as Helen pulled it back. Charlotte cocked her head to the side.


"Kiss first."

Charlotte's hand flew out to grasp the edge of the robe using it to pull Helen forward. Her other hand snaked up behind Helen's neck, bringing her toward her so that their mouths met in a sensuous kiss. When Helen was satisfied, she smiled against Charlotte's lips and pulled back, handing the robe over. Charlotte put it on slowly, keeping her eyes on Helen's. When she was finished knotting the tie, she took one end in her hand and whipped it around in a circle, hitting Helen.

"Ooh," Helen crooned, grabbing the rope in her hand and pulling Charlotte forward. "Let's not get into that, or we'll never make it to breakfast."

"It's brunch by now."

Helen glanced at the clock on the wall.

"So it is."

Helen let go of the robe and found Charlotte's hand, threading their fingers together before leading them out of the bedroom into the lounge. Both women were shocked to see a shining silver food cart resting idly by the door. They looked at one another, and then shook their heads amusedly.

"Perhaps Feliz gets bored sometimes up in his plane all the time," Helen said as they walked towards the cart.

"He just flies around thinking of way's he can play cupid for his poor, hapless clients?" Charlotte suggested as she removed a domed silver lid from a tray, discovering an array of fresh fruit. Helen lifted a linen napkin off a basket, finding still hot croissants and assorted pastries.

"Something like that," the doctor replied, finding a plate and handing it to Charlotte. They gathered an assortment of fruit, croissants, and other delights, as well as glasses of orange juice and tea. They set their brunch on trays and then carried them outside through the double glass doors in the bedroom. Cozy beach chairs and a sturdy table awaited them on the wooden deck that lay beyond.

Brunch was a quiet affair, the food delicious, and the sun warm as they basked in the calm, mellow atmosphere. Magnus' mind sometimes wandered to the state of affairs back home, but she tried to ignore the intrusive work thoughts and focus on the woman beside her. Charlotte's thoughts were consumed by Helen, and the wild, unexpected trip Charlotte had ended up ex[eroemcomg. How could she go back to Yale, back to her office life, after this? She glanced at Helen. Some of the scratches on her cheek and chest had disappeared. She didn't mention it.

When their stomachs were full, it became a choice between falling asleep in the lulling warmth of the sun or moving back inside. Knowing they didn't have much more time together, they went inside. As much as they both wanted, neither of them could simply take a week off to stay in this little paradise.

As they dropped their trays back onto the cart, Charlotte spoke. "Why don't you relax for a bit while I get a bath ready for you?"

"Thank you, Charlotte, but you don't have to…"

"I insist."

Helen grinned at her boldness. "Fine, if you must," she teased.

Charlotte smiled. "Oh, I must." She turned and reentered the bedroom, making her way to the bathroom and closing the door.

Helen looked around, wondering how long it would take and what she could do in the meantime. She found Charlotte's continuing, deferent thanks rather frustrating. She was completely unused to being taken care of. She also found it rather endearing. Relax, Charlotte had said. Magnus' eyes caught a stack of books neatly arranged on the shelf under the side table by the couch. She knelt down in front of the stack, eyes skimming the titles. The subject matter was diverse, and to Helen's amazement, she found herself skipping over anything of depth or gravity, choosing a romance novel instead. She shook her head at herself as she settled into the deep cushions of the couch. She really had needed an escape, hadn't she? Ironic. She'd just spent 113 years thinking, waiting to get back to her Sanctuary, and barely a few weeks in, she was taking time off. She knew the reasons, though. It wasn't the work that kept her away, it was the loneliness. She loved her team, in her own way, but the familial relationships did nothing to ease the physical ache for companionship. She'd taken a few lovers over the last century, she'd had to. She would have gone mad otherwise. But she hadn't had nearly as many as she had the first time around. With a sigh, she opened the book and began to read. She'd forgotten how much she could enjoy being still, calm, her thoughts drifting over inconsequential matters.

When Charlotte called to her that the bath was ready, Helen almost regretted leaving the silent world of her book.


She strode gracefully to the bathroom, noticing steam wafting out from under the door. It opened as she approached, Charlotte smiling widely, ushering her in. Helen gasped. A few dozen candles littered the large bathroom, their little flames swaying merrily back and forth. The late morning sun shone brightly outside, but Charlotte had done her best to blot it out. Heavy curtains were pulled across the full-length windows that looked out onto their beach. The drapery was thick, but sunlight still peeked through, the little shafts of bright light adding a surreal glow to the flickering candles. Miniscule dust motes floated through the beams, wavering in the haze of the hot water and scented steam. Helen could already feel the tensions in her muscles ebbing. The bathtub was large, practically a hot tub, and had a broad showerhead on the far wall. At the foot of the tub was a telephone-shower type attachment that you could pull out and use to wash any place you liked. Glancing at the wall behind her, beside the door, Helen could see several switches, knowing there must be jets as well.

"Here," Charlotte said quietly, moving behind Helen and helping her remove her robe. Charlotte quickly hung it up on a hook on the back of the door. She laid her hands on Helen's strong shoulders, guiding her to the edge of the tub. Helen's long leg rose up and over the edge, testing the water with the tips of her toes. She sucked in a breath at its heat.

"Too hot?"

"No, it'll be good."

Charlotte held Helen's hand, steadying her while she sunk her leg into the hot water, planting her foot, and then bringing her other leg to join the first. Helen turned to face the far end of the tub, and sat down. As she sunk into the hot, lavender and citrus scented water, she was sure she'd entered heaven. She closed her eyes and hissed as the hot water washed over all the cuts she didn't know she had. She finally hit the bottom, the clean water rising to almost fully cover her breasts. Helen opened her eyes to see Charlotte light one last candle, then turn and smile softly down at her. Helen knew this probably was the closest she'd get to heaven on Earth.

Charlotte knelt down and leaned over the side of the tub to kiss her. Her robe slipped open a bit as she did so. Helen raised a wet hand, slipping it between the folds of the robe, brushing against Charlotte's chest. Charlotte smiled, keeping her lips against Helen's as she reached up, removing Helen's hand.

"This one's for you," she murmured. Helen sighed, once again out of control, at this woman's whim. She let her body completely relax, sinking a bit further into the hot bath. She cupped her hands and brought them up over her head, letting go, wetting her hair then smoothing it away from her face. The hot water trickled down her scalp, the sides of her head, ears, neck, bringing with it a wave of lethargy.

"This is nice."

Charlotte smiled. "Glad you like it."

Helen hummed and closed her eyes. A splash made her open them a second later. Charlotte chuckled, splashing some water up into Helen's face.


"No relaxing quite yet."

"Why not?"

"I have plans for you."

The seductive promise in Charlotte's eyes made Helen's breath quicken. "More?"


"You're insatiable."

"You're the one who wanted to keep going last night!"

"Yes, well…" Helen trailed off.

"That's what I thought," Charlotte smirked.

"Who's cheeky now?"

Charlotte bent over and kissed Helen's wet cheek.

"You'll be keeping those sarcastic comments to yourself in a few minutes," the professor promised. Helen merely raised her eyebrows and waited. Charlotte moved to the far end of the tub and removed the telephone-showerhead from its berth. She made sure she'd adjusted it to the proper setting before turning it on, a strong jet of water pulsing out to hit the water by Helen's feet. Errant drops sprayed up and hit a few candles. Their flames sputtered, but kept burning.

Charlotte let the device drop into the tub, an undercurrent playing across Helen's feet as Charlotte moved back to her head, leaning in and kissing her. Their tongues twined together, still tasting faintly of fresh fruit. As Charlotte kissed Helen, she reached into the water and fished about until she found the showerhead, grasping the handle and carefully pointing it against the wall of the tub so the current didn't directly touch Helen. Charlotte kept it steady as her lips slid off Helen's to her jaw. She slowly made her way down Helen's neck, sucking on the damp skin. It tasted faintly of lavender citrus bath oils and dried sweat from their previous encounters. Charlotte loved Helen's skin. She moved down to the older woman's collarbones, dipping her tongue into the hollows above, nibbling on the thin skin. She dipped her free hand under the water, placing it under Helen's arm and gently pulling her upwards and out of the water. Helen shivered as the slightly cooler air hit her chest. Charlotte's soft lips set about warming her again. In repeat of last night, Charlotte avoided Helen's nipples until she squirmed.

Charlotte moved back to Helen's neck, starting her journey all over again.

"Charlotte…" Helen protested weakly. The younger woman lifted the showerhead out of the water, aiming it at the spot she'd sucked on earlier. The hot jet of water hit Helen and she gasped, body rocking. Charlotte manipulated the jet to follow the path of her mouth. The hot water burned on contact, but when it ran down Helen's neck, it created tendrils of warm wetness that enticed and aroused, meandering at random, caressing her skin. The hot spray passed over her neck and chest, moving right between her breasts, before Charlotte led it over the underside of one. Helen reached out to grab the side of the tub. The jet inched closer and closer to her nipple, already peaking from the incredible, constant yet wavering pressure that was nearing it. When Charlotte finally passed the jet over her nipple, Helen moaned, chest thrusting forward to meet the hot pleasure. The jet circled over and around until Helen's breathing came in pants. Charlotte moved to her other nipple and did the same. Under the water Helen crossed her legs, squeezing her thighs together as her hand squeezed the tub side.

After several minutes of aching pleasure, a cool breeze played over Helen's chest. Charlotte let the jet drop into the tub. Helen's hand moved to pick it up again but Charlotte's lunged into the water to stop her. Charlotte gripped Helen's wrist and brought it up, wrapping it behind her neck, shivering as drops of water fell down her back before they were absorbed by her robe. Both of Charlotte's hands then moved to hold Helen's sides, above her waist, but below her armpits. The young woman leaned over the edge of the tub and got her first full taste of Helen's breasts. Her mouth closed over a hard nipple and she sucked, working it between her tongue and teeth, rolling it around before pulling more in. She feasted on her breasts until both of Helen's hands were around her neck, pulling her closer. When Charlotte felt herself getting too aroused, she slowed down and stopped. Helen's hands moved to cup her face, squeezing gently before falling back into the water.

Charlotte sat back on her legs, taking in the full picture of Helen Magnus, reclined, wet and aroused amidst lightly lapping waves. The water, tinged with scented oils, made her skin shine. Charlotte's throat grew tight as she realized this might be the last time she ever had the opportunity to bring Helen to orgasm. Their time was almost up. Soon, they would have to face reality. Helen's thoughts were nowhere near as morose. Her body was humming and her limbs felt molten, pliable, and relaxed. Her hand drifted down her stomach, floating towards her center, idly touching herself while she waited for Charlotte's next move. Charlotte shook her head when she realized what Helen was doing.

Stop mooning and get to work! she commanded herself.

Charlotte's hand entered the tub, thankful that the water was still mostly hot as she found the showerhead again. Grasping it firmly, she suddenly aimed it at the hand playing between Helen's legs. Helen jumped in surprise, her hand reflexively flying out of the jets path, incidentally baring her core to its heady stream. She cried out as it hit her clit, pleasure bursting forth for a mere moment, before Charlotte whipped the jet away. Helen's eyes caught Charlotte, knowing exactly what was going to happen.

"Well played," Helen said, her voice silken as she removed a leg from the water, hooking it over the edge of the tub and opening herself up.

"Not like that," Charlotte shook her head. Helen frowned, bringing her leg back down. Charlotte let the jet go and stood up. She undid the belt of her robe and shrugged it off. It fell with a light thwump onto the ground. Helen reached out and took her hand as Charlotte stepped into the tub. She stayed standing, holding onto Helen and helping her rise up. Helen's limbs were heavy with heat and water. Charlotte turned her around and then backed her up until Helen's legs hit the far side of the tub against the wall where the stationary shower hung. The tub didn't go all the way to the wall, and Helen was grateful when Charlotte eased her to sit down on the outer edge. Charlotte sunk down onto her knees in the water, her right hand moving behind her to fish blindly for the jet. Her left hand moved to rest on Helen's right knee, already spread wide. Charlotte squeezed her knee lightly as she brought the jet to her side. Helen had the sudden urge to giggle at the image Charlotte presented, her weapon cocked and ready to go by her side, intent on slaying Magnus. Helen kept her face schooled, though. She didn't think Charlotte would quite appreciate the twisted weapons humour.

"Remember when I said I wish I'd brought supplies?" Charlotte asked, her voice low, husky. Helen nodded. "I still intend to fuck you blind." Helen swallowed heavily. "But for now, this will have to do."

The jet hit Helen's leg just above her knee, and all humour vanished. Her focus went straight to keeping herself in control, her legs from quivering. The strong current burned its trail along her thigh, her insides already clenching in anticipation. Charlotte moved it up her leg, to the crease at her hips, then up and around her quivering center, crossing over her bikini line. She ran it down the crease of her other hip, shifting it so it was poised directly at her core, but too low to give her satisfaction. In a sudden, confident move, Charlotte drew the jet swiftly up the seam of Helen's pussy, bottom to hip, Helen's folds parting under the force, pleasure igniting at her clit as it passed over.

"Oh god," Helen shuddered. Charlotte circled the spray around her again, before taking another pass over her. Helen's head dropped back to hit the wall, biting her lip between her teeth, trying to breathe. Charlotte gripped her knee hard, and kept the jet steady against Helen's opening, the constant barrage of water teasing, molding the skin under it but never able to breach. The jet slowly moved up through her folds, Charlotte swaying it back and forth, alighting every nerve in and around Helen's quaking sex. As she neared Helen's clit, she had to move in closer to her, using her own body to prevent Helen's legs from caving inwards. When she finally hit Helen's sensitive nub, a long moan flew from Helen's lips. At first she thought the heat, the wet pressure, would be too much, but the initial shock soon ebbed. She forced her eyes to open, looking at Charlotte. The professor was concentrating on her task, but sensed Helen's scrutiny, looking up to meet her glazed, wild eyes. Helen's mouth was hanging open, her brows furrowed as she held Charlotte's gaze, breathing erratically. Charlotte suddenly lifted up onto her knees, leaning in and crushing her lips against Magnus'. One of Helen's hands flew to the back of Charlotte's neck, kissing her fiercely, while the other gripped her narrow seat, shakily trying to keep herself upright.

Charlotte's hand never wavered, the hot water battering Helen's clit relentlessly. The older woman could already feel the first tendrils of orgasm threading through her veins. Her hips started thrusting against the jet in a useless attempt to have more, more heat, more pressure, desperately searching for something solid to move against but finding only water. Charlotte's head dropped to Helen's chest, sucking a nipple into her mouth and biting down. Helen's hips bucked, and she cried out, her vision swimming. Charlotte flew to her other breast, taking it into her mouth and sinking her teeth hard into the tender flesh. Helen cried out again, the hand on the edge of the tub flying back and hitting the wall as her back arched, climax ripping through her. Breath fled her body, mouth gulping for air as her legs shook against Charlotte's torso. Helen waited for the afterglow, the liquefying of her spine as her orgasm ebbed and her body went limp, but it never came. Charlotte was still holding the jet against her, the pleasure bordering pain.

"P…please!" Helen begged, moving her legs against Charlotte's waist to try and throw her off, but the professor stood her ground. Her clit burned, fire consuming her legs, shaking uncontrollably, squeezing Charlotte until she could barely breathe. Helen's second orgasm grew like a blazing inferno, taking only moments, catching fire and spreading instantly throughout her body, blinding her, short circuiting any thoughts or feelings besides ferocious ecstasy. She screamed. Charlotte almost joined her in rapture at the sound, the sight of her lover red-faced and beyond reason. Charlotte wrapped an arm around Helen's back, holding her steady as she pressed her body against Helen's oil-slick skin, burying her face in Helen's neck, feeling her wild pulse beneath her lips. She finally let the jet fall into the tub, her arm rising to join her other around Helen, holding her tight. Helen's body continued to jerk as her head grew light. She suddenly remembered to breathe, and gasped, sucking in a deep, shaky breath.

For several minutes Charlotte held her, stroking her back softly, soothingly. Helen's body slowly calmed, growing still but for the occasional tremble that still coursed through her legs and stomach.

"Christ, Charlotte…" she finally squeezed out.

Charlotte laughed into her neck, the puff of air making Helen shiver, ultra-sensitive.

After a few more minutes, Helen finally shifted, growing uncomfortable on the hard ledge. Charlotte grudgingly let go of her, helping her to stand. Helen winced, hunching slightly.

"Don't think I'll be able to wear underwear for days," Helen muttered as they made their way out of the tub.

"Please don't tell me that," Charlotte pleaded.

Helen suddenly stopped.

"You realize we never actually cleaned ourselves?"

Charlotte started. "Oh…"

Helen rolled her eyes. Charlotte shrugged coyly as she got back into the tub, kneeling down and removing the plug to let it drain. They worked in unison to prepare shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels while the tub drained. When it was empty, they stepped back in, moving to the wall mounted shower and turning it on. The water was light as raindrops, a refreshing change to the torrent of before. They worked quietly and efficiently to clean each other, their touches comforting instead of arousing. When they were done, they wrapped themselves in the large towels, blew out the candles, and opened the curtains. Helen looked around the bathroom and gave a little sigh before leaving.

"You ok?" asked Charlotte as they set about finding the bits of clothing they'd strewn about the room.

"Fine," Helen replied. "Just… happy."

Charlotte stopped what she was doing. "Me too."

They shared a smile, and got back to work. Once she'd turned her back, Helen frowned. This entire affair had gotten a bit more emotional than she'd planned.

A while later they were both dressed in new clothes, hair still damp. They'd opted to forgo any beautification. They were both getting on long flights today, what was the point of wasting their last hour together putting on makeup?

"I still can't find my underwear," Charlotte announced.

"Leave it be. Your sex life is the hot topic, remember? We wanted to give them something to talk about. You've done a fine job."

"I hope the walls are soundproof. Cause if not, I guarantee someone heard you screaming earlier," Charlotte grinned. "They'll have lots to talk about."

Helen let out a "Humph," and elbowed her playfully. Charlotte laughed, and then grew serious. Helen bowed her head, knowing they couldn't put this off any longer.

"I want to see you again," Charlotte said, bravely starting the conversation.

"I'd like the same."

"Do you ever come to New Haven, for your work?"

"I could."

"Are you going to tell me where you work?"

Helen took a deep breath. It was decision time. She looked up at Charlotte through dark lashes. Helen reached down and unzipped the front pocket of her suitcase. She carefully extricated a single business card. She rubbed her thumb over it absently as she considered it. She raised her head to look at Charlotte again, and extended her hand, her arm steady. Charlotte accepted the card, sensing the magnitude of what it meant for Helen to give this to her. Charlotte was a smart woman. Helen knew that even her simple business card could lead Charlotte on a path of inquiry, of discovery, that might change how she felt about a relationship with the enigmatic Dr. Magnus. Charlotte nodded, and tucked the card into her back pocket, rather than her suitcase. It was silly, perhaps, but maybe having the card in her pocket would make Charlotte feel that much closer to Helen once they'd parted ways.

"You might actually be able to help me sometime," Helen offered.


"Yes. I come across new viruses with frightening regularity."

"I'd be happy to help, anytime."

"And now that you're carrying your own, dormant virus… well, if you ever need any medical help or consultation, you know who to call."

Charlotte nodded.

Helen took another breath and stepped forward, hands rising to cup Charlotte's face, gently. Charlotte's hands did the same. They kissed slowly, beautifully. A goodbye kiss. It didn't last long, easing off until they're lips merely touched, and they breathed each other's breath. Charlotte's hands dropped to Helen's waist and she hugged her body to hers. They held each other for a few moments before simultaneously pulling back. Charlotte absently wiped under her eye. Brushing a hair away, of course.

"Well," Helen said briskly. "We have things to do."

Charlotte nodded. Helen had missed the 1 p.m. flight, so was going to take the 10 p.m. instead. They'd decided to meet with the others for dinner; Feliz had offered to buy the drinks after all! They also wanted to try taking a tour of the island before she left. Helen also wanted to talk to Feliz in private to get the ball rolling on their new business partnership. Once everything was basically set up, they could hold a conference call to hammer out the fine details. Both the women's missions had been successfully completed, if in roundabout ways. Charlotte had thought about leaving on the same flight but couldn't bear the thought of dragging out their goodbye any longer. They would say there farewells in private. Yes, others probably knew what they'd been doing all day, but neither wanted to flaunt it. She gave in to the urge to lay one last kiss on Helen's lips.

"Right," Charlotte smiled. She reached down and took Helen's hand in hers. Helen glanced down, then up into her brown eyes. She nodded.

Hand in hand, they walked out into the balmy afternoon sun.

Several hours later

Magnus sighed, leaning her head against the headrest as the plane sped through the sky. She'd been optimistic about procuring her business deal with Feliz, but the adventure, and the woman that came out of it, were wholly unexpected. She let her mind wander over the events that had taken place after the hostage mess had been cleaned up. A smile graced her lips, and she shifted in her seat, crossing her legs.

She needed to hang out more often.

The End.

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