I'm not gonna' write you a love song

-Love Song, Sara Bareilles

"Roxanne," he said, "Be reasonable."

"But I'm not reasonable. That's Rose. And Scorpius, I'm not Rose, and I never will be. You love her, but she's gone forever. I'm not Rose, and I won't ever be."

"No, you're not Rose, because you're Roxanne."

"You want me to be Rose, though. And I'm not Rose, so you're trying to change me. Go, Scorpius, and sit by her grave for the rest of her life, because we're over."

He glared at me. "Maybe I will."

"I don't doubt it," I turned back to the sink and continued to wash dishes by hand. It's very good stress relief, I've noticed.

Rose and Scorpius.

Roxanne and Scorpius.

Rose always seemed natural. I felt out of place near Scorpius' name.

Rose Malfoy or Roxanne Malfoy.

That title was always meant for Rose, not me.

It was always RoseandScorpius not Roxanne and Scorpius. They even had all the clichés. It was Rose the whole time.

It was always Rose, and I was enough of a fool to believe it could be me.


It's wrong. I know it is. But Rose is dead, and Roxanne is a Weasley too, and Lily saw immediately, so Josh wouldn't let me anywhere near her, so I had to try and earn Roxanne's love, not Lily's in the place of Rose.

Something blows into my face as I walk towards the graveyard.

It's a tarot card. She—Rose—loved these.

And it's her favorite card, the Upright Page of Kent. She was always overjoyed when it came up. It meant 'shows favorable news of money, as product of diligence and responsibility. A new project is highly favored.'

And, maybe it is highly favored. Maybe I should work hard on something. Work to forget Rose.

No, not forget. That won't happen.

Maybe I should work to remember Rose, but be able to live at the same time.

But I can never love someone again like I loved Rose.

I flip the card over.

'Rose Weasley'. It says.

It was Rose's card. Maybe she's still looking after me.

Don't own HP, tarot cards or 'Love Song', which doesn't really fit, but I liked it.

This was for 'The Arcana Challenge' on HPFC.