"Do you ever stop eating?" Asked Merlin as Arthur bit down on the apple, causing a large crunch. Merlin couldn't resist the smile that sprung to his lips as he watched the blonde walk away. It amazed him how much Arthur could eat and it always made him laugh. He was glad the kitchens did the cooking for him and all he had to do was deliver the food. Cooking for Arthur permanently would be torture. It was bad enough whenever they went out on a mission or hunting. He would always complain about something. Last time it was about too much salt.

"So -crunch- rry, Merlin, but how else am I going to get my strength up after your terrible cooking the other day?" Arthur chuckled, apple juices dribbling down his chin. In all fairness Merlin had cooked a wonderful stew whilst they were out in the forest the night before. He just didn't want to admit that. This was just another way to do his favourite pass time. Teasing Merlin. He loved the look upon his manservant's face when he did. He especially loved Merlin's responses. Though he'd never admit it to him, Arthur loved the way Merlin would respond to him after Arthur had been teasing him. That's why he did it so often. He couldn't resist that playful banter.

As Merlin's eyes followed Arthur back to his seat he swore he could have heard Arthur mutter something else under his breath. As the blonde turned, the pair's eyes locked and a smile twitched at both sets of lips. Merlin noticed the apple juice shining still on Arthur's chin. It looked delicious in the candle lit. Arthur motioned Merlin to the corridor with his head before taking leave and exiting through the giant wooden doors. Merlin soon followed. The corridor was ice cold. Merlin noted that he needed to replace his jacket as it was wearing out. Another thing that caught his mind was that the candles had supposedly burnt out. There was no sign of Arthur anyway. Quietly he called out, Arthur could be hiding in the darkness anywhere. He was good at hiding. Merlin put it down to the amount of hunting the blonde did. Merlin was getting too cold and longed for the warm of the hall's roaring fire. If Arthur didn't turn up soon he was leaving.

"Arthur! Arthur if you don't come out now I'm goi-" Before he got to finish his sentence, Merlin discovered a pair of lips pressed against his own. Suddenly the warmth entered Merlin's body as lips pressed gently against his own. As he was pressed against the wall Merlin could taste the sweet apple juices upon Arthur's lips. He sucked Arthur's lips lightly, yearning for more of that delicious flavouring. It made Arthur taste even more wonderful.

As Arthur pulled Merlin to his private chambers, Merlin licked his lips in hope of finding some apple juices that might have been transferred in the kiss.

I'm going to have to bring Arthur apples more often.