You it's been a while since I had a decent idea that I could actually write. But I finally came up with one and I hope it goes okay since my comp is partially co operating.

This chapter is going to be pretty short since it's the set up. The next one should be longer. So here it is and I hope that you like it.

This story takes place at the beggining of Shippuden when Naru returns from training with Jiriaya...two years later than she was meant too.


The day that Tsunade, Sakura, Iruka and Kakashi stood at the front gates of the village and waved goodbye to the Uzumaki Naru after being told by the Sage nin Jiriaya that he was going to take her out of the village and train her- Had been a day of pride for them.

Seeing their favorite genin finally being recognized for the greatness she was destined for was something that anyone could be proud of. Especially since everyone who had ever hurt her, looked down on her, and once hated her; knew about her training with the village sage and had all wished her well.

That had been almost five years ago. Two years longer than Jiriaya had told them it would take to train her.

Tsunade had sent messages to the Sage nin. Had sent out teams to look for her former teammate and her ganki, but no one ever found any traces of the two. And the one time that Jiriaya had sent a message it had simply said, Not yet.

After that, Jiriaya had gone back to maintaining silence.

If Tsunade had known the reason why it was taking so long for her ganki and friend to come back, she would have either cried or gone looking for them herself.