Okay first of all- haven't been updating this much lately. Sorry about that. I was running a fever for the past few days and now that i'm better i'm so stressed that I want to take up smoking. I have two new born infant cousin's both of which are still in the hospital thanks entirely to the fact that both of their lungs collapsed. Another great uncle died. And my little Siamese cat ate poison. So yeah...stress.

Anyways here's the update for tonight. Enjoy!


"Oh goddamn it Naru, don't you dare-" Kakashi started to growl only to be cut off when the woman grabbed his arm and yanked him into the nearest dressing room where she then proceeded to block his one viable exit. Flattening himself against the far wall, partially out of her reach and made a low pitched whimpering sound as the woman started to drool a little. Oh he did not like this. Not one little frigging bit!

It was one thing to be cornered by his lovely little vixen. But it was quite another to be cornered by some random person eyeing him like prime rib or something. In fact it was enough to make him want to do bodily harm to someone.

Mainly the person blocking his path. The only thing that stopped him was knowing that Naru was close by and if he did do something nasty to the woman- she would likely never forgive him. So he just stood there trying desperately to mask his well- desperation, from the woman as she eyed him like a panther eyed an elk or something.

"My, my you are a handsome one..." The woman purred as she finally got her fill of looking at him from across the room and decided to move in closer to him. Which he did not like. At. All. Dammit he was a newly, and happily mated-er married, he meant to say married man, and he didn't want to get into trouble with Naru because some woman decided to switch from ogling him to stroking him instead!

He flattened his back against the wall as much as he could as she reached out to touch him and had to bite back a feral growl of warning. Oh he so did not want this fucking woman's hands on him. Nuh-uh. No way.

After this trip he was going to get a tattoo that said, 'Married and loving it. So stay the hell back bitches!' Or maybe something along the lines of, 'My dick and balls belong to the hot blond beside me... So you can look, but I'll rip your arms off if you try to touch.'

Which was exactly how he felt now.

Like ripping the woman's arms off. However lucky for her, just at the last moment when he was about ready to either climb the wall or tear her a new one- the dressing room door opened and Naru stepped in and grabbed her by the hair and then spun her and kicked her out of the room and then closed and locked the door as the woman hit the floor with a loud thud and a yelp.

Not caring one little bit if she had injured the woman when she had kicked her out of the small room. Her prank on Kakashi had gone far enough. Besides, she had found herself suddenly possessing a jealous streak. "Naru..." Kakashi said in relief, his voice finally finding it's way back to him. "Thank you." He said gently as he flopped down on the small bench suspended from the wall.

"Don't thank me, I took my prank too far."

Kakashi started to say, Well duh, but stopped himself when he caught a glimpse of the look on her pretty face and sucked in a breath from between clenched teeth. Holy shit. Was she jealous? In all the years that he had known Naru, he had never seen her display jealousy over the attentions he received from other females. So naturally he felt just a bit out of his depth here.

Just what exactly was he supposed to do?