Rainbow Dash walked forward at a steady pace through the decorated halls, her wings folded tightly into her sides and a determined look in her eyes. She had to know. It had been going on unquestioned for hundreds of years, and the curious pegasus had been left guessing for longer than she was able to tolerate. It ended now. She would find her answer, and bask in the knowledge that so few would dare seek.

The rainbow flier approached the large embossed doors, stopping to nod at the guards that were standing outside of the massive portals.

"I have an appointment with the Princess. It's important."

The female guard looked down at the parchment in her hoof, and gave a quick nod as she looked back up at the young mare.

"Indeed. Princess Celestia welcomes you."

The nondescript guard stepped to the side, pushing a hoof into the door as she went. The wood moved backward at her touch, slowly sliding along the marble floor and giving Rainbow Dash access to the Royal Court of her Princess. The nervous pegasus slowly stepped into the room and looked up to the monarch. Celestia was laying atop a crimson body pillow, smiling sweetly down at the doorway.

"Ah, Rainbow Dash. I must admit that I was slightly surprised that you called a meeting, but I am quite happy to receive you all the same. Please, do come in."

Rainbow's magenta eyes darted nervously around the room before she quickly closed them and swallowed hard. Here we go. This is my one chance. We drew hay, and I got the short straw. Everypony wants to know, and it's my job to find out. C'mon girl! You can do this!

The light blue pegasus steeled herself and slowly walked forward across the long violet carpet, stopping to sit at the base of the carved stairs leading up to Celestia. The young mare gave a sheepish smile and bowed her head respectfully, silently praying that she would not offend the alicorn.

"Please, child. Speak plainly. What may I do for you?"

Rainbow raised her head to regard the Princess, and took one final, deep breath. I'm going for it.

"Princess… why are you so friggin' huge? It's seriously kinda ridiculous. Seriously."

Celestia blinked in surprise.

"I…" She paused to consider the question, tilting her head with a puzzled look. "I… actually do not know."

Rainbow's mouth hung open in surprise. Now what the hay do I tell them…

Author's Note:

Seriously. It is pretty ridiculous…