Rain tapped on the window panes of Mathew Williams, the personification of Canada's, home. He gazed out the window expressionlessly sitting on his bed still in his pajamas with his knees tucked under his chin. Kumajirou lying down next to his owner, turned his black eyes towards him. Though the man had no emotion written on his face, Kumajirou could tell that he was feeling depressed.

Canada inwardly let out a sigh. Today was yet another World Meeting that probably would go along as usual: his noisy and arrogant older brother, Alfred F. Jones, the persona of the U.S.A. would present a stupid idea, Britain would disagree, and then he would get into a fistfight with France, Germany would yell at them, Italy would yell pasta, and then everyone would agree with France and England's idea of a fight and they would all walk away with broken limbs and injuries. And there was another fact that everyone of course forgot. Canada would be ignored and treated as if he didn't exist.

Canada let out a sigh again, except this time it was outward. Why did he bother going to these meetings at all? He would only be invisible to their eyes and be forgotten, and often be sat on by Russia. He would only be mistaken for America, and get beat up by Cuba again, even though the two were great friends.

Speaking of which, why does he himself bother remembering who he was? It's not like anyone notices him or anything. They never remember him. Even Mr. Kuma- uh. What was the other half of his name again? Kumasanarou? Yeah, that's it. Even Mr. Kumajahogan couldn't remember who he was.

And why did he have to remember them? They never remembered him. Maybe he should just forget them. And him. He should just forget about everything and go live off in the woods or something with Mr. Kumakima where no one would find them. Like they'd notice anyway. He knew how to survive the cold nights in Canada so he would be okay. That seems ideal.

The northern country turned away from the window and hauled himself to his feet. He walked over to his closet and pulled out duffle bag with the Canadian flag imprinted on the side. Canada started packing away warm clothing, a first aid kit, a bow and arrows, fishing rod, hunting knife, and all the essentials of survival.

Kumajirou blinked in confusion of what his owner was doing and he hopped of the bed and padded over to what's-his-name.

"Who are you? What are you doing?" Kumajirou asked the nation while he was stripping himself of his pajamas and dressing himself into a white sweater and jeans.

The Canadian nation turned towards Kumajirou. "I'm Canada and you and I are going to live in the forest for a while, okay Kumakarma?" Kumajirou didn't bother correcting his owners mistake on his name but he felt puzzled when he said they were leaving.

"Why are we leaving? It's warm in your house and there's plenty to eat." The polar bear said. Canada let out a sigh and ran a hand through his wavy blonde hair. "No one notices me Kuma. I don't want to keep living under their shadows alone. I want a new start, with just you and me, alone in the woods where we don't have to know anything except surviving under the stars." Canada stated quietly.

Kumajirou felt a pang of sadness and guilt He hadn't known that Canada felt that way. Kumajirou himself had forgotten Canada countless times and the most common thing he ever said to Canada was either, "Feed me!" or "Who are you?" and Kumajirou had lived with him his whole life too. He couldn't imagine how the others reacted towards Canada.

Kumajirou nuzzled Canada's stomach. "Okay. Just know for now on that you won't be alone no matter what happens. I'll always be by your side." The polar bear promised.

The nation felt gratefulness rush into his body. "Thank you."

After Canada was done packing away their belongings, the two of them set out to the forest.

Canada paused however and glanced back at his house. It was basically a simple log cabin with a brick chimney sticking out at one side. The lawn was covered with beautiful acres of white snow. It had been his home for so long that he would miss it. But now he was going to a new home. A place where he and Kumajirou would live happily.

Kumajirou nudged Canada and he smiled down at his companion and they both began to head off to their new home.


He questions why the boy is transparent

He questions why the boy is forsaken

He questions why the boy is so quiet

You question why the boy would want to leave everything behind

I question whether he existed in the first place

~Rukia of the Blood Moon

Well… this is another project that I decided to do since I love- er… what was his name again? Oh yeah, Canada. I did this because I loved Canada so much. And for some reason I like the idea of him being gloomy and stuff. On another completely different note, I enjoyed writing Kumajirou's name as Kumajahogan! Buh-bye!