Optimus Prime stepped onto the raised platform, and looked down at the new batch of recruits. It was a surprisingly large group, but Mogo had fallen behind in the last few years. It was to be expected, the Recruiter had to not only find Green Lanterns to carry the torches of those who had fallen fighting Unicron, but also fill the remaining three-thousand six-hundred twenty three Blue Lantern Corps positions. After this set was trained, the dual Lantern Corps would finally be up to full strength.

Optimus glanced backwards, at the two batteries behind him. The giant emerald in the shape of the symbol of Will had been moved to the surface, and an equally large sapphire in the shape of Primus's own logo stood next to it. The Guardians were no longer trying to keep the Avatars of Emotion secret. All of the Lanterns knew what Unicron was, and many of them knew of the existence Parallax. After seeing what Arcee and Optimus had done during the battle, it was a simple enough puzzle for them to complete. So now both central batteries stood in the sun; brilliant symbols, if not quite as safe.

With Optimus on the dais were Ganthet, and two of the still nameless Guardians, Kilowog, and the third Blue Lantern, Saint Walker, the Instructor for Primus's Corps. And of course, Prime's own counterpart, Arcee, the Blue Lantern Corps' first Honor Guard.

"Welcome, recruits," he addressed them and the quiet whispers, which had begun when the large robot took the stage, died down, "I am Optimus Prime of Cybertron, Honor Guard Zero One of the Green Lantern Corps. For those of you who are not aware, the Lanterns Corps are intergalactic peacekeepers. In the past, the Green Lanterns worked primarily alone. However recently, the Blue Lanterns have joined in our efforts. We have learned that the Green Light of Will and Blue Light of Hope complement each other. So now we work mostly in pairs, one Green Lantern and one Blue Lantern together are stronger than either could be alone. Each of you have been chosen to join the Corps for your strong will, or your ability to inspire great hope. It is not an easy job, and while some will praise you, many others will curse you. But because you are here, I know you are up to the task. So I say again to you all, welcome to the Lantern Corps."

"Alright, poozers," Kilowog stepped forward as Optimus's speech ended, "Your rings can lead you to your barracks, so you better get some rest. Because tomorrow you are gonna sweat."

Saint Walker inclined his head to the Honor Guards and went to mingle with the recruits, the kind Hope-slinger naturally playing kindly mentor 'good cop' to Kilowog's drill sergeant 'bad cop'. A few of the Lanterns who had started training under Ermey, but finished under Kilowog claimed that the Bolovaxian was an even harsher teacher. Optimus attributed that to his friend's survivor's guilt, and to a desire not to see any more Lanterns fall in battle.

While the other Guardians left, Ganthet floated over to the two Cybertronians.

"What news?" Optimus asked softly.

"Parallax's spikes continue to attempt to kidnap hosts across the cosmos," the youngest immortal kept his voice quiet as well, "The most dangerous ones continue to break free, but we feel it is only a matter of time before he alters his tactics. We have not been able to find where he and the Qwardians are hiding, yet. Nor have we been able to find Unicron."

"And what of Optimus other suggestion?" Arcee prompted, not quite as softly as the two men.

Ganthet paused to recall the Autobot's proposal. After Primus and the Guardians concluded their negotiations, and the second Lantern Corps was formed on Oa, Optimus had suggested they seek out the Indigo Avatar. His reasons were simple, if Rage, Fear, and Avarice formed an alliance in any configuration, having a third Emotion in the Corps would be much safer. And Optimus also claimed if the Lanterns were to truly represent justice, Will and Hope would need to be tempered by Compassion.

The Guardians were still debating the topic, almost a decade later.

"No decision has been reached," Ganthet answered, "However we are searching for the Avatar of Compassion, if for no other reason than to know where it is."

Optimus's head suddenly turned so he could focus his audio sensors on the crowd.

"Arcee did you hear that?' he asked his partner, drawing looks of confusion from both her and Ganthet. He glanced out over the crowd, and heard it again. Optimus realized he could understand most of what one of the recruits was saying, even without his ring's translation. Moving carefully through the crowd, with Arcee and Ganthet trailing after him, the Autobot leader tracked down the source of the voice. As they grew closer, the female Cybertronian picked it up too.

"Why not?" a female voice demanded, "You already have the DH and pinch hitters. And football has different players for offense and defense. And you could still let players play both teams."

"It just wouldn't be the same game," a male voice protested.

"What wouldn't be the same game?" Optimus asked. The recruits speaking turned to look in surprise. And then their eyes snapped up to Prime's face in obvious confusion.

"Baseball, sir," the young man answered with a military salute. He had pale skin and a thick shock of short brown hair. Optimus recognized him as Human from Abin Sur's descriptions. Thinking of his fallen friend, the Autobot realized this must be his replacement, Hal Jordan.

"I didn't know you spoke English," the Blue Lantern stated. She was head and shoulders shorter than her partner, and had a similar skin tone. Her hair was even shorter, and was bright yellow. Both her eyes and ears were much sharper than the Human's. Optimus decided she must be Jordan's partner, Arisia Rrab from planet Graxos IV.

"I don't," he answered her, "I am speaking Cybertronian. Though I am equally surprised that you speak English, Arisia."

"English, Japanese, and Spanish," she conceded, though Optimus did not know what 'Japanese' or 'Spanish' were. His ring supplied that they were other languages from Earth.

"My planet receives TV and radio from Earth," Arisia continued, "So we learn the languages of the programs we want to watch or listen to."

"Wait," Hal Jordan interrupted, "Are you saying that English and Cybertronian are the same language?"

"Not exactly the same," Optimus answered, "But close enough."

"How is that even possible?" the new GL for sector 2814 demanded.

"It could be that our planets' share some sort of link," Arcee finally joined the conversation.

"And even if they do not," Optimus Prime could not help but think of Vector Sigma, and how history specifically did not specify where the computer was created, "It would not be the strangest thing I have seen in my tenure as a Green Lantern."

Then his and Arcee's rings began blinking.

"It was a pleasure to meet both of you, but I am afraid duty calls," Optimus told them, and nodded to his partner, before taking out his Lantern Battery.

Freedom's every sentient's right.

I'll guard them all with my Will's Light.

Let evil's followers know doubt;

Green Lantern Corps, transform and roll out!

And the adventure continues…

[Author's notes: this is where I had planned to end the story from the beginning. But if I were to continue, the next chapter would be a flashback to Abin's death, and then the details of Sinestro's reaction, the prophecy he receives from Qull, and his fall from grace. All of which would lead into Black Night, when the Anti Monitor and his legion of Black Lantern Cybertronians would have threatened all of the Emotions. Highlights would have included a 'Battle at the Center of the Mind' between Galvatron and Black Lantern Megatron, and Optimus going to meet all seven Avatars and having them put a small portion of their power into the Matrix, so that the White Avatar could be born..]