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Link woke with a start at the feel of something against his thigh. He tried to brush it off, only to realize his hands (and feet as well) were tied to the posts of his four-poster bed. Another startling fact:

He was naked as the day he was born.

"What the hell is going on!" he screamed, thrashing around. Was this an ambush? Had Zant's forces somehow made it in to do away with him? No...he'd be dead already if that were the case. That left only one other option.


"You don't have to yell, sweetie."

The Twili girl flitted out from his shadow, a look in her eye more fearsome than that giant Twilit eel thing that still gave Link nightmares.

Link angrily pulled on the ropes, giving the imp a hard glare. "What the hell is this about? Lemme go!" Midna floated down and sat between his legs, dangerously close to a...certain part of him, making him blush. "Now, why would I do that?" she smirked, her fang glinting in the night.

Sweat beaded down the nervous teen's forehead. "Because I'm asking you to?"

"Hmm...nah, I don't think so." She moved slightly closer, deepening Link's blush as her soft thighs grazed his manhood. "Ooh, looks like someone's eager." she said, visible eye twinkling.

Link turned away, unable to hide how red his face was. "I...I have no idea what y-you're talking about..." Such a lie. Any harder and he could play baseball with it.

Midna giggled again and lifted herself up, then, to Link's great surprise, lowered herself down over his member, moaning as she did so. "What are you DOING?" hollered the blonde, although he was fighting back moans, his face redder than before, if possible. The imp's response made the teen's heart beat three times as fast.

"Silly hero. I'm a growing girl. I need my protein." Slowly, but with purpose, she bounced herself up and down, letting out soft little mewls, her face flushed.

Link couldn't stop himself now, his moans loud enough to bring ReDeads back to life...or death...or something. "M-Midna...please..."

"Please...what?" she said, the devious look never leaving her face, even as she rode the bound youth.

"Don't...don't stop."

She leaned forward and kissed the tip of Link's nose, giving him a wink. "Never." Slowly, she lowered her head to Link's chest (her hips never stopping) and ran her tongue from his pecks down to his navel.

Through the first waves of pleasure, before he completely surrendered himself to Midna, he heard the imp speak one final word.