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Link entered his inn room with a sigh, plucking off his cap and tossing it onto the nighttable. "What a day..." he muttered.

He had just spent the last dozen or so hours roaming Hyrule for Agatha's precious Golden Bugs that had somehow managed to escape. AGAIN. That freaking gothic Lolita was going to get him killed. Hadn't she ever heard of a goddamn CAGE?

And the mission was made even worse due to the fact Midna had bailed midway through, saying that she had stuff to do. 'What stuff?' he had wondered as she flew off back toward Castle Town. And then he had to dodge the swarm of Bublins that appeared from nowhere.

Link took off his tunic and chain mail, leaving him in his underclothes and dragged himself to his bed, desperate for some rest.

Only to realize someone was already in it.

"Heya, Link."

The swordsman stared. It was Midna (really, who else could it be?), but she had undergone a...transformation of sorts.

Her breasts and the space between her legs were coated in an intricate layer of whipped cream. Nestled in her navel was a small strawberry with a dollop of melted chocolate on it. Her flaming red hair was out of its usual ponytail and flowing behind her elegantly, like waves of a rolling sea. She stretched herself out, giving the hero full access to...well, everything.

"Glad you finally made it back." she purred, licking her lips. "I was starting to worry."

"Midna..." squeaked Link, unable to take his eyes off the Twili girl. "What is this?"

She giggled and wiggled her toes, which, Link noticed, held a small semisweet chocolate chip between each of them. "Isn't it obvious? It's dessert."

"...Shouldn't you be the one trying to eat me again or something?" he said suspiciously. "Like the last three times?"

Midna sighed. "Are you gonna complain about continuity or are you gonna jump me?"


"...The second one?"

"That's a good boy."

Looks like all's well that ends well.

Until someone craves a 'Midna' snack~