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Strange America

I paid my taxi driver and exited the cab. I've been here less than a week and already I've killed someone, except this time it was my brother. I don't even know why I saved that Gibbs man. I slammed the door to my apartment and quickly turned around and locked it. I would have to move in the morning. You can never be too careful.

I moved to the kitchen and got a spoon ready. I pulled out some yogurt from the refrigerator and began eating it. America is so strange. The whole ride home I had my hand on my gun ready to shoot if the driver pulled a knife on me, or threatened me in anyway. I groaned when yogurt spilled down the front of my favorite red blouse.

"Great. Just great," I muttered.

I quickly grabbed a napkin and whipped the yogurt off my shirt. I ran to my bedroom and changed my clothes trying to hurry before I had a permanent yogurt stain on my blouse. I walked into the laundry room and threw my shirt in the washer, I pressed the appropriate buttons and began to walk out when a loud beeping sound filled the room. I hesitantly looked over my shoulder.

I was not alone.

A figure dressed in all white stood there still as rock. Or is it stone? No matter. Just the very way he stood taunted me. With a low growl, I threw myself at him. His position didn't waver. I repeatedly punched at him until my hands were raw and bloody, and still he did not move.

"You are good," I said softly. "But I am better,"

A clicking sound then came from him. It sounded like a gun being loaded. With a yell I propelled myself forward and kicked him in the middle section, and yet he was unfazed. My breath came in quick gasps I was losing. Badly. I had yet to leave a scratch on him, but he had already drawn blood from me. With the last of my energy I threw myself at him, kicking, scratching, biting and still it was useless. I fell to my knees breathing heavy. But then I stood up. If I was going to lose, I would lose with dignity.

"You are a worthy opponent," I said. "Perhaps we will meet again someday. And the next time we do I will beat you."

With that I placed my hands in a position like I was praying and bowed down to my washing machine and left the laundry room.

The End!

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