by Suppi no Miko
Idea by Fujitaka no Miko

Man, if you think CLAMP wants to acknowledge this one... O_o; All blame for this fic goes to my twin sister, who thinks things like that are FUNNY. Unfortunately, so do I. XD


Syaoran and Touya glared at each other. "Sakura told me to meet her here," said Syaoran.

"She told me that, too, brat."

Having exausted their store of polite conversation, the two men devoted the next half hour to
trying to out glare each other. They didn't succeed, but several small animals went off the
bottle and on the wagon.

Finally Sakura arrived. "Oniichan, Syaoran," she said, "When will you two learn to get along?"

"When pigs fly!" Touya and Syaoran chorused, accidentally. They glared at each other again.

Sakura sighed. "I didn't want to do this...." She pulled out her pendant-key, yelled
"RELEASE!" and caught the staff as it expanded into being. "O Card, infuse thy power into mine
key! CREATE! Make the conditions for peace appear!"

And before Touya and Syaoran's horrified eyes appeared a flying pig, which oinked cheerfully at
them and flew off to find a nice mud puddle.

"Now," said Sakura, a trifle grimly, "are you two going get along or not?"

"Yes, Sakura," they sighed.