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Chapter Seven: One More Chance

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed had regrouped, and were once again on the hunt for Simba and Nala. But this time was to be the very last time. They had two options:

One - They could end Simba and Nala's friendship, gain Scar's approval and would have some food to eat.

Two - Die.

It didn't take too much work to figure out which option the hyena trio would take.

"We can't mess this up this time," Shenzi said, urgency evident in her voice.

"I know, I know," agreed Banzai. "Or Scar will force us to eat ourselves."

"In other words, we'll die," Shenzi told him.

"Yeah. That's right." Banzai nodded. "We'll die."

"Yeah, so this has to go perfectly. We can't make a single mistake."

"But we made a lot of mistakes the last two times," Banzai pointed out.

Shenzi glared at him angrily. "I know, that's why this time I said we can't make any!"

"Jeez, Shenzi, take a chill pill," Banzai told her.

Shenzi groaned angrily. "Never mind Scar, I'll kill you if you don't shut up."

"But isn't conversation a good way to—"

"Shut up!" Shenzi snapped at him, causing his jaw to snap shut. "Thank you," she said before turning away. "Now where are those little brats?"

"Hey, hey!" Banzai said, pointing to the middle of a field.

"What is it?" Shenzi asked, following his gaze. "Oh," she said once she realised, an evil smile forming on her face. "Now it's perfect."

Simba and Nala had fallen fast asleep next to each other in the middle of the field, exhausted from running around all day. Unfortunately, this provided the hyenas with the perfect opportunity to complete the task Scar had set them. If they pulled this off right, they'd be eating tonight for sure!

"So what's the plan?" Banzai asked.

Shenzi flashed her claws in Banzai's face. "We give that pretty girl's face a new makeover."

Banzai realised her sneaky plan, and began to laugh. "Yeah, it's funny because really we're making her ugly."

Shenzi rolled her eyes. "Thank you for stating the obvious. Come on; I want to get this over with."

The three hyenas sneakily made their way towards Simba and Nala, who were still unaware that throughout the day they had been relentlessly targeted by the troublesome hyenas.

For the hyenas, they thought they were on easy street. Slash Nala in the face and run off. As long as neither of them woke up, all clear signs would point to Simba as being the one who slashed Nala in the face, which would almost certainly end their friendship. It really couldn't get any simple this time. It was like the two cubs were practically giving themselves up to Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.

"Here we go," Shenzi said, raising her claws to slash Nala in the face. "We're eating tonight, guys."

Just as she was about to strike Nala in the face, she stopped dead when she heard a yawn.

Simba rolled over, his eyes flickering open. He was awake!

The three hyenas all shot nervous looks at each other. Uh oh…

Simba rubbed his eyes, and when he finally came to his senses saw the three hyenas standing over him. His eyes narrowed at the sight of the dysfunctional trio.

"What are you doing here?" Simba demanded, unafraid of them.

"Uh… Gotta go!" Shenzi replied, before sprinting off. It was far too late - their cover had been well and truly blown.

"Hey, wait for me!" Banzai cried, dragging Ed along with him.

Simba scratched his head, confused. He didn't expect… Well, that. He looked to his side and noticed Nala was beginning to wake up.

She rolled over to face Simba, her eyes open. She yawned. "Oh, you're up," she said, noticing Simba. She noticed he had an enthusiastic grin on his face. "What are you smiling at?"

"You won't believe what just happened…"

"We made it!" Shenzi exclaimed upon reaching the Outlands, sliding to the ground.

Banzai and Ed were trailing behind her, exhausted from running the whole way. "Hey, why'd you make us run so fast?"

Shenzi looked at the two. "Don't you get it? We're home."


"And Scar's not here, so we're safe from him killing us for failing him again. We've managed to avoid him!" she explained, happy that she wouldn't be forced to eat herself. Well, at least, not tonight…

Banzai nodded, starting to understand. "Oh yeah… He didn't catch us, so now we won't die." He jabbed Ed in his side. "Hey Ed, guess what? We're not going to die!"

This evoked a maniacal giggle from Ed.

"And there I was thinking Scar was going to make us eat each other. As if," she said, rolling her eyes. She didn't care what she said now. Scar wasn't around, so she was free to badmouth him all she liked.

Well, she assumed Scar wasn't around.

Unfortunately for the three hyenas, an angry Scar emerged from the opening to a darkened cave.

Once the three hyenas saw Scar with the furious - yet somewhat calm - expression on his face, they looked at each other, horrified. He'd been there all along.

Scar knew the hyenas inside out. He knew they would most likely try to escape back to what they called their home, just to try and evade his wrath. But Scar was too smart for them. Far too smart for them to fool him so easily.

Scar slowly made his way over to them, frowning. "Now, when I ask you to do something… I expect you to do it."

The hyenas nervously backed away. "Look Scar," said Shenzi, panicking, "it was harder than you think. Things just kept getting in the way and we couldn't do it!"

"Yeah!" Banzai exclaimed, terrified. "Listen to her, Scar! She's telling the truth!"

Scar said nothing to the three hyenas, and continued to approached them, getting terrifyingly close with every step he made.

The three hyenas were backed up against a cliff wall, and were cowering in fear as Scar approached them.

Finally, he lunged at them, causing them to scream at the top of their lungs.

"So, there were ten of them?" Nala asked Simba, as they walked back toward Pride Rock later that evening.

"At least," he replied. "Ten hyenas, all of them ready to eat us!"

"And let me guess… you scared them off?" presumed Nala.

"You bet I did!" he exclaimed. "I was like, 'Take this you hyenas!'," he said as he punched and slashed imaginary hyenas in the air. "And then they all ran off."

"Simba, are you sure you're not… exaggerating at all?" Nala asked. His story sounded very farfetched to her.

"Nah, it really happened. Why would I make it up?" he asked with a goofy grin.

Nala rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, Simba."

At the entrance to the den, Simba and Nala were greeted by Sarafina at the entrance.

"So kids, anything interesting happen today?" she asked.

Simba and Nala looked at each other and smiled cheekily.


The End

AN: Typical ending from our two cubs, there. Well, that's this tale done. Be on the look out for the next one, which will feature one of my trendy self-made psychopathic villains.

NEXT TIME: Simba and Nala sneak away from the Pride Lands, and explore the jungles beyond. They'll wish they hadn't though, once they encounter Hago...