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Chapter 4: The First Day; Third Block

"Ah, welcome subjects... I mean students! This is Biology I and I am your teacher: Iggy von Koopa."

The class, from which I could see did not include much students, stared at the 'teacher' in disbelief.

"How are you the teacher?" Sheri asked. The question that begged for an answer.

Iggy adjusted his weird swirly glasses (In a way, the glasses were pretty cool). "Ah good question... Mystical being." I think Sheri was offended, but she kept quiet. "This is also a class I'm taking." That made no sense, whatsoever.

"Care to explain?" Yorkie asked.

Iggy thought for a moment before responding. "WELLLLL," he started in a creepy, yet funny way (Don't ask me how). "For my third block class it's an elective -you know something like an non-academic class." Everyone nodded in agreement. "My dream is to be a science teacher when I grow up! So this would be helpful for my future. Hehehehe."

"I never knew this school had classes like that," Michael commented.

"That seems cool and all, but do you think that having a teacher our age is..." Ace trailed off, unsure of how to make his comment sound more nicer.

"Awkward," I finished for him. It was probably the nicest way to put it.

"Yeah... I mean he is a freshman like us. So, how would he know anything about Biology?"

"Quite simple really," someone called out. Our direction diverted toward the origin of the sound, and there standing at the door is a rather old man. He looked like some kind of professor. He had blue, slightly-swirled glasses and a bald head with what looked like a single strand of white hair in the middle. He also appeared rather on the short side compared to Iggy. "Iggy von Koopa has already taken high school courses of Biology during his middle school years, therefore, qualifying himself to take an elective only given to juniors and seniors. What he did not tell you was that he is my aide, not the teacher. I am Professor E. Gadd, the actual teacher."

Iggy beamed and laughed. He had a weird laugh, but it was funny. Honestly, it was probably more difficult to dislike the Koopa rather than like.

"Is this really all who are in this class?" Just by glancing, anyone could tell there were maybe ten students in the room and that also included Iggy.

Iggy checked the attendance with the old professor guy trailing to the desk. "Nope. Apparently, there is still more to come, Professor."

E. Gadd inspected the roster too. "So the number of students in this class are 22, yet we only have 10..." His attention turned to the only ten students in the class. "Well, the fact that only ten showed up means I cannot start a lesson. Go on youngsters get to know one another. Don't be shy." He turned his attention back to the roster. "We seem to be missing Mario, Yoshi, Birdo, Pauline, Sonic, Bowser...

I didn't care to hear the rest of the names so I took a look at the other students in the room. Two of them looked similar to Iggy. One of them had blue hair, the other one had rainbow colored hair, and both hair styles appeared to look like radical, long mohawks. Both appeared to be shorter than Iggy, no glasses on either of them, and the Koopa with rainbow colored hair seemed to like star-spotted, bouncy balls. Another student turned out to be a purple chameleon. Aside from sitting quietly, I had nothing else much to say about him. Another student was that Kirlia girl my brother had a crush on, and the last student was... The girl I saw back at the principal's office.

Do you know what I despise to some point? My own heart because it acts all on its own. Here I am sitting around my dearest new friends, except Michael because he was already conversing with that Kirlia girl, and my heart wants to skip around in its place. I wished I had a manual for this organ so someone could explain to me why I feel this way.

At least to my benefit, the two koopas who resembled Iggy came up to me and my three friends.

"Um hi," said the shorter rainbow colored Koopa.

"Sup," said Ace over his Ipod, probably listening to Guilty Gear OS again.

"Hello," Sheri replied in her usual polite way.

"Hi," Yorkie said. "You are so cute!" She quickly covered her mouth after that absolutely random comment.

The short rainbow-haired koopa blushed, while the taller blue-haired one spoke. "You always hog all the attention, don't you?"

"It's not my fault! Ladies can't resist me!"

"Yeah, I know. It's the same with you and Iggy. You would be like him and say that it's all in the genes?"

"Did I hear my name," Iggy interrupted.

For some time, us four became acquainted with the three brothers: Larry, Lemmy, and Iggy. We even got acquainted with Espio, the purple chameleon, who took some kind of interest in Sheri.

I decided to leave my old and new friends to mingle with each other while I go and talk to that girl... Why am I so nervous all of a sudden?

I had to get rid of this feeling before I eventually talk to her. The last thing I wanted to do was stutter my words or worse, embarrass myself. I was okay making a fool of myself to appeal to others, but if I did that to her... Well, I think I just couldn't live with it. I decided the best way to calm myself would be to snoop in on my brother. I strolled over to him and Kirlia, they seemed to be doing some kind of activity together. They had colored pencils in their hands and drew stuff with it on the same sheet of paper - my brother on one side and Kirlia on the opposite. Currently on the paper was a flower, a pink rose with a rainbow stem. Honestly, it was good. I mean, really good.

"It's breathtaking, isn't not Michael," Kirlia asked in a rather sweet voice.

"Yeah it is," Michael replied quietly as he admired the drawing.

"It is something," I pitched in. "Of course, I know Michael is already a great artist, but you two together make a masterpiece!" I was quite proud of my mini-speech.

Michael reached to pick up the paper, but failed to also notice that Kirlia was also reaching for it. They both picked the paper up, looked at each other, laughed, and then looked the other way, blushing all the while. How romantically cute, it's things like this that I wish...

"Ah, that is a lovely flower you two made."

That voice rang inside my head. It was like a beautiful melody coupled with the sweet sound of music. If my heart could pound in my chest any harder, then it had done so already. Did I dare to look? Heck no, but my eyes refused to obey. I couldn't resist. It calmed me, to a certain point, to just gaze at her, almost like if I were gazing at the stars. The stars is rather beautiful at night and one of my favorite hobbies was staring at the stars...

She looked at me and my heart continued on its little joy ride inside my chest. I felt ripping it out just so I could at least try and have a decent conversation with her. Of course realistically, I couldn't do that but it was still a nice thought. Whether out of pain or not, I put my hand over my chest.

"Is something wrong," she asked.

"No," I said quickly. "It's just congestion."

She laughed, it was a very cute laugh. "Congestion is a symptom for the nose last time I checked."

Fantastic! I have a hopeless heart and a useless brain that wasn't thinking straight! What's next, a run-off-the-mill mouth?

"Right, of course! I... Uh... Yeah... I knew that... I think." Right on cue.

The bell finally rang after all this time! Thank goodness! I had an instinct to run out the door, but I couldn't just leave so abruptly.

She spoke first. "Well, it was nice to meet you Christopher."

"You knew my name?" My heart began skipping again. It was just one of those amazing moments.

She nodded. "I'll see you tomorrow." She grabbed her stuff and headed for the door.

"Wait, I don't know your name!"

She turned and faced my direction. She stood there for a brief moment, as if debating on whether or not to tell me. "Zeena." Then, she left the classroom.

Zeena... What a beautiful name (There goes my useless brain again)!

I didn't even notice that Yorkie was close to me. How long was she there? "So... You talk to her?"

I politely nodded. "Yep." That was all I could muster in my current affairs.

"Seems like it went well." She snickered. "Well, Sheri and Ace left with everyone else on their way to their next classes." She then gave me a sinister smile look. "Did you like your conversation with her?"

"What do you mean?" I blurted out, showing a hint of red - Which along with my face color made purple.

"I noticed you were acting... A bit unusual for a while there buddy." She grinned. Obviously, she was enjoying these pressing questions and observations. I was not.

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about." I quickly retaliated as I stormed out the door.

"I know you do."

"I know you don't."

"Yes I do."

"No you don't."