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Perfectly manicured fingers sped over the computers control pad keys with unnecessary hast.

Thick black rimmed glasses glowed almost evilly from the computer screens light.

Narrowed icy blue eyes scanned over the information she was getting quickly. Disbelief, anger and satisfaction danced in her icy gaze as she continued to read the information she was being given.

A small video clip appeared before the woman. She put a hand to her lips as she clicked for the video to play with her mouse.

Three inhuman looking girls each in blue, pink and green dresses. The little girls were flying high and attacking monstrous looking creatures.

The video clip received 9,845 hits. The video had been posted by one of the local citizens of Townsville. A city to far to drive to and to unimportant to care to waste gas for.

She leaned back in her swivel chair and kicked her feet up on the desk her computer was resting on. She threw her head back and let out a triumph filled giggle.

" So you succeeded in your experiment brother?" She talked to no one but herself for she was the only one in the white beaker filled room besides herself.

" Well," She drawled out as she picked up one of the many disgusting colored beakers and test tubes sitting around almost everywhere. The beaker she had picked up harbored gooey black liquid in which was glowing blue oddly enough. She held the beaker up close to her sharp gaze.

" we'll see who shall have the last laugh now. Shall we?"