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"Mattes," Clary barked, drawing the other Dog's attention. His head whipped around at the sound of her voice, revealing a face covered in pastry crumbs.

She sighed and handed him a handkerchief. "Got something to ask you," she said.

"Oh?" He swallowed and took the handkerchief. "What's that now?"

"It's a bit unorthodox, but I was wondering if you'd be one of my attendants at my wedding to Tom. T'would be an honor." She paused. "You great looby."

Mattes grinned. "Of course! Thought you'd never ask, to be honest."

Clary smacked his arm. "See, now, that's the kind of behavior that made me lean in favor of asking my cousin Ella."

"Oh no you don't, Clara soon-to-be Goodwin. I'm going to get to stand up in front of you and yours and let everyone know I'm your best man.