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Pokémon: Alex's Contest Chronicles: Depths of the Past Arc

Johto Chapter 24: Behind Enemy Lines!

Opening Theme Song: Aurora by Aoi Eir (T.V. Version)

It starts with Emile, Misty, Diamond, and I watching a sunrise I then look down at my ribbon case and my 3 ribbons catch the light and glisten. I get up and run into the distance with everyone that I have met on my journey so far follows me. It flashes to Adrain is walking in the rain and he finds an inn and smirks as the sky clears. We walk along the same road, but in the other direction and we find a town and we all laugh as I fall down. I run up some spiraling stairs and Monferno uses Flare Blitz, Croconaw then uses Hydro Pump, Turtwig uses Leaf Storm and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt as I reach the top the Rocket Generals a wait and a fight ensues between us and then pink Pokémon flies upward.


Last time on Pokémon: Alex's Contest Chronicles: Depths of the Past, Alex won the Olivine City Ribbon giving him a total of 3 ribbons. Just two more to go until access to the Grand Festival.

"Okay let finish this." I said. "Larvitar use Rock Smash and Teddiursa use Slash."

"Donphan Rollout." Emile said. "Shinx Spark."

The attacks collided and Larvitar started to evolve into Pupitar.

Pupitar, the Hard Shell Pokémon. The evolved form of Larvitar. It will not stay still, even while it's a pupa. It already has arms and legs under its solid shell.

"Pupitar use Earth Power and Teddiursa use Fake Tears."

Teddiursa began to evolve as well, into Ursaring and went on a rampage and knocked out Emile's Pokémon with a Brick Break and Fire Punch combination and it would not calm down.

"Return Ursaring."

The red light from the Pokéball sent Ursaring back inside.

Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon. In forests, it is said that there are many streams and towering trees where an Ursaring gathers food. It walks through its forest collecting food every day.


"Jack I've wondered for the past few days how did Team Static become 'Team Static'" Carlos said.

"Well it all happened back, years back..." Jack said.

Flashback: 5 years ago

"Okay everybody we have several trainers that are butting their heads in our business today we are going to be eliminating those trainers and take their Pokémon." The leader of Team Rocket said.

As his voice echoed from the intercom. Several pictures of trainers in the Kanto Region appeared on the screen with their personal information.

"We will have three teams each with a specific purpose. Team one is going to stand watch around the destination that your envelop tells you. Team two and three has to eliminate the targets and take their Pokémon and report back to me with them. Make three separate lines, first come first serve."

"Two people were in front of me" Jack said. "A guy a girl they looked like they were a couple" "Your sisters, Axel, and I were in the line to stake out a location. And the grunts ahead were the last to get the look out envelop. So we had to go and choose an envelop."

"And inside it had a young girl and she had a rare Pokémon, a Dratini and we were assigned to steal that Dratini."

As we waited for the young girl I had an epiphany.

"What are we doing?" I thought.

She came up and we jumped her for her Dratini. And we gave it to the boss, but all I could remember is the little girl crying. Our boss had given us higher ranks we were now promoted to Rocket Lieutenant and we had a new mission to do that night. We had to pay a visit to a Pokémon Hunter and we gave her false some inside information and in return she gave us a titanium suitcase. We fled to the tower in Saffron City and went to the basement and in the titanium suitcase there was several books each with a title that differed from the other: How to evolve Magmar, How to evolve Rhydon, How to evolve Yanma ect..

"The books all had to do with special evolutions that Pokémon can undergo." Jack said breaking the flashback.

We closed the case and we brought it to the top of the Silph Co. to the boss his name was, Giovanni. He was in a meeting with several people his secretary said. As I looked into the room Madame boss was also in there and 2 other people and we left the case with Giovanni's secretary.

"Wait" she said. "Mr. Giovanni wanted me to give you four a new mission he would like if you four will go the Rocket Warehouse"

"To retrieve my things cause I will be gone for awhile." The intercom stated

"Yes sir" we replied.

"Don't open things that I did not give you permission to open, do I make myself clear"

"Sir yes sir" we replied once again.

As we traveled to the Rocket Warehouse on Chrono Island. Two one stood guard outside the door another on the inside and Axel stood guard outside Giovanni's Room as I grabbed the things that he needed.

"Magmar use Fire Blast" Axel yelled.

"Jack hurry up I wont be able to hold them off any longer." Axel said.

"Okay" I replied as I look through his files on his computer even faster.

I then sent them to Dr. Fuji and on my USB port and we escaped.

Later on

"Thank you for retrieving my items. For now on you 4 will get your orders through my secretary."

"Yes sir" we said.


"This is extraordinary this password is incredibly encrypted, but maybe" said.

As his fingers types and sonic speeds and the folder was decrypted and we clicked on the first folder that we saw its name was The Fusion Conjecture and it was about the capturing of the legendary birds. We clicked on another and it was titled The Frequency Manipulation, The Ancient Plate Approximation the list continued on and on..

1:45 AM

I followed Giovanni's Jet and jumped on it and I wiped the hard drive and we all resigned the next day. And we kept the flash drive with all their plans. We then started Team Static as the founders.

"Well that is a good story" Carlos said.

"But I will never forget the face of the little girl and what Giovanni did, never." Jack thought.

The Next Day

"Alex look your egg is glowing!" Emile said.

"Whoa does that mean that it is gonna hatch soon?"

"Yeah!" Diamond said.

"I can't wait but now it's time for my next contest in Mahogany Town." I said.

"Have you decided who you are going to use" Misty asked.

"Yeah, Ursaring and Pupitar."

"I don't think that will be a good idea." Diamond said.

"Well I think more about it on the way there."

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