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Okay, so...each story was supposed to be a one-shot, but I kinda went rogue on that. More for you to read, right? ...Yeah. Either way, this part's gonna detail the meeting of Dark Danny, go a bit into his backstory, his personality, etc., with Part 2 entailing his actual battle with Sin against Brawly. In this part, Sin is on his actual Pokémon journey, WAY before he goes to Orre. He's young here, and Vivian's still a Larvitar. Okay, debriefing time over, BACK TO ADVENTURE~!

They say to get ahead in life, you have to be the best at what you do. Well, I'm the best at what I do. And what is it I do? I'm a scavenger.

Hi, there. I'm a Sableye. And this is my story.

If you've read up on Sableye, you probably know a few things about what I do. What WE do. We mill around in caves and stuff, doing this and that, mostly looking for gemstones to eat. Priceless gems are my favorite snack, but I'm REALLY partial to diamonds. They're so...so...GOOD.

Anyway, I'm an unusual Sableye for two reasons. One; I know moves no other Sableye know. I can heal myself like that...when other Pokémon attack me, I can release this HUGE blast as a counterattack...I can form a moon in my hands and a single glance at it makes me instantly refreshed...things like that.

Two...well, that's the big thing. I can move a LOT faster than other Pokémon...Pokémon I normally have NO chance of outrunning. I've won tons of battles thanks to this skill and I've got no idea why or how...

That was when I met him. The guy who changed my life forever.

It was another boring day in Granite Cave. For those of you unfamiliar with Hoenn territory, it's this deep cavern on Dewford Town, this big island to the south of Hoenn. Not a lot of people come by (except this one guy, but that's another story) and today, I had thought, was no different.

I was far in the earth, hungrily searching for gemstones for lunch. A new vein of diamonds had opened up and I had to make it there before the other Sableye did. Or worse, the Aron and Lairon. I felt my nose twitch as I got closer. The sweet, sugary smell of diamonds hit me full force as I broke through the dirt and stone, hitting the basement floor. I looked around and sighed in relief. No other Sableye. Looks like I was in the clear.

Eagerly, I switched on my eyes, filling the floor with a faint silver light and set about hunting. After a few scratches, I pulled up a big chunk of diamond, probably as big as my head. Grinning with satisfaction, I chomped it down, enjoying the sweet, crunchy taste.

After a few more pulls, I spied something odd. A strange, khaki-colored stone was poking out of the ground. Having had my fill of diamonds, I figured an emerald would make a good topper. Licking my lips, I lunged toward the gem and bit.


Oh, that was SO not an emerald.

I instantly released my teeth and gasped at what happened next. From the dirt came something attached to the emerald, which I realized was instead a part of a Pokémon. But none like I had ever seen before. It was small and reptilian, covered head to toe in incredibly thick skin with a large horn on its head. And upon closer inspection, what I mistook for an emerald was its tail, oddly pinecone shaped. And it wasn't even green! It was a sandy brown, like the rest of its body, except for a diamond-shaped mark on it's stomach; that was a light purple.

"What's the big idea biting my tail, jerk?" Hoo, boy. Female. Just my luck, yeah? "Sorry, sorry, I thought you were food." Honest mistake, right? Wrong.

"FOOD!" she shrieked, and I'm telling you, the caverns SHOOK. "What are you, stupid! Anyone with eyes could tell I'm a Pokémon!" Yeesh. What a loudmouth...

I scoffed and turned around. "Whatever. I'm still hungry and I don't have the time to deal with some temperamental...whatever you are." Instantly, she started seething. "Ex-CUSE me! I'm a Larvitar, and don't you forget it!" "With a voice like that, how could I?" I muttered. Not my brightest move.


I whirled around to see her charging towards me with her head lowered, ready to Tackle. Guess she wasn't too bright, either, huh?

She phased right through me (as I knew she would) and went sailing off into another pile of dirt. I tried my best to keep from laughing, but, c'mon; that stuff's GOLD.


Larvi-whoever stood up, smoke practically billowing from her ears. "You little...what are you? No one's been able to take my Tackle like that!"

I grinned and kept on strolling. "I'm a Ghost-type with the most, sweets. Parlor tricks like that don't work on me." She balled up her stubby arms in anger and looked ready to launch another attack, but quickly regained composure and blew me off. "Whatever. I don't have time to deal with a creep like you. I've gotta go find Sin." I grinned wider and couldn't resist a dig. ('Cuz we're in a cave, right?) "Well, stick by my side, sweetcheeks and you'll find plenty of sin."

"...Oh, Arceus, I think I'm gonna throw up. Sin's my TRAINER, you sick freak."

Trainer? Oohh...I know what those are. Those little kids running around, making us Pokémon fight against each other. Bleh, count me out. Too much work, not enough gemstones.

"Well, have fun looking." I said, ready to dig my way out to an upper level. "I've got diamonds to find."

"Wait!" she said. I turned back and cocked an eyebrow. (Wait...do I even HAVE eyebrows? I never checked...) "I need some help. I don't even know where I am or where he is."

"Not a very good Trainer, is he?"

Faster than my magnificent eyes could track, she rushed up to me until out faces were inches apart. Sweet Heart Scales, she was FAST.

"Don't you talk about him that way! Sin's the best Trainer anyone could ask for! He's fair and cool and nice and funny and smart and brave-" "Okay, okay, jeez, simmer down. I didn't ask for his dating profile." I rubbed my chin in thought. "These caverns aren't normally accessible by humans, so he's probably still on one of the upper floors. We can start at the top and work our way down."

"Fine..." she grumbled. I rolled my eyes. This was gonna be a real treat.

"By the by..." she said, trailing behind me as I started digging a way up. "What's your name?"

"Sableye, duh." "No, your NAME name. I'm Vivian."

"Oh, that. Don't have one. I'm just Sableye. Nice to meet you, Vivian." "Whatever, just keep digging."

Oh, yes, this was gonna be a real TREAT.

It's enough of a challenge as it is digging through the caverns in this island. Doing it while dragging along a mouthy passenger with you?


"How long until we get to the surface?" asked Vivian for like, the millionth time. I gritted my teeth and kept digging, knowing I couldn't fling her off my foot even if I knew the move. "The same amount of time you asked 30 seconds ago. Can you just shut up so I can concentrate?"

Vivian then muttered something like "stupid Ghost freak", to which I responded by tossing some wayward rocks into her face. The sound of her sputtering them out was MUSIC.

Finally, we broke through to an upper part of the caves that humans could access. I shook off the dirt and wriggled my foot, sending Vivian toppling off.

"Hey!" she huffed, scrambling to her feet and dusting herself off. "That's no way to treat a lady!" Not wanting to touch that one, I gestured for her to follow me to a nearby staircase. "C'mon. Let's go find your Trainer." Snarling insults under her breath, she followed.

The area we were currently in was the lowest part of the whole cave that humans could enter, but that didn't necessarily mean a good thing. We were in Aron and Lairon territory. They weren't exactly too hot on intruders. We had to act fast.

"C'mon." I said, gesturing her to follow. "The longer we stay here, the more likely we're gonna run into some Aron or Lairon. And we do NOT want that."

Vivian huffed again, but said nothing, following. The trek wasn't too arduous, but after looking around on the third floor, second floor, the entrance, the second floor a third time and the entrance twice, we eventually settled on the second floor, catching our breath.

"Where...is...he...?" gasped Vivian, leaning against a rock for support. Glad I'm part Ghost; we don't get tired easily. "Don't you think maybe there's the possibility he just ditched you?" I said disinterestedly. Harsh, I know, but we'd just gone through this entire cave what...five times? And we'd seen hide nor hair of this 'Sin' guy.

Vivian, while still tired, had enough energy to shoot me a death glare. "I told you, shut up! You don't know Sin!" She put up a brave face, but I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes. "He...he'd never...he'd never just abandon me."

"If you say s-"

Score I could finish my sentence, I saw it. Less than four meters from us. A swarm of Lairon, dining towards us with dark looks on their faces. Somehow, we had encroached on their territory.

In short, we were screwed.

"Run!" I screamed, grabbing Vivian and dashing like mad in the opposite direction. I was strong, yeah, and had no natural weaknesses to other Pokémon types, but Steel still hits pretty hard.

"!" went the Lairon as they chased us down, smashing apart boulders as they went. Thinking quickly, I whirled around, still running and shot off a Will-o-Wisp. The bluish-white spheres burst from my hand and shot one right in the face, making it howl with pain and collapsing behind the herd. One down, about twenty to go. And Toxic wouldn't do a thing against their partial Steel typing.

"Any more bright ideas?" hissed Vivian.

"Just one," I said, hitting another with a Confuse Ray and having it attack two of its allies. "But you're not gonna like it." "If you've got a way to save our butts, then do it!" I was seriously contemplating the insanity of what I was about to do. But then again, when have I ever cared about little things like sense?

"You know Earthquake?" I quizzed the Larvitar, to which she responded with an incredulous look. "Of course I do! What do you take me for?"

"Good," I replied, ignoring the comment. "Then this should be a lot easier."

"What're you-"

Snapping my fingers, I sent a series of bluish-white spheres at her, burning her instantly. Yes, that WAS part of the plan, for those of you asking, but she didn't know what I was leading up to. And the look on her face was PRICELESS.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?" screamed Vivian, skidding to a stop and panting, flames appearing along her body, the first few instances of the burn.

"Less talk, more Earthquake!" I yelled, pointing to the advancing wall of Lairon.

"You freaking BURNED me!" she seethed, her eyes spilling over with hatred. "How'm I supposed to-"

She stopped herself mid-sentence. Finally, it started kicking in.

A red aura burst from Vivian's form, enveloping her, her eyes going from black to a deep, blood red. The Lairon stopped in their tracks, staring at the little Larvitar that had suddenly grown a LOT more powerful.

"What...was is this?" she said, her voice devoid of fear and replaced by a mix of wonder and confidence. "I feel...stronger...WAY stronger!"

I sighed in relief. "I was right. You've got Guts."

"'Guts?'" she quizzed, the flames still chipping away at her health. "What's that?"

"When you get poisoned, burned or paralyzed, your Attack goes up. I figured you'd have it, since you're so feisty." I said that last part smirking. "Now, about that Earthquake?" "After this is all over, I'm SO kicking your ass."

Vivian clenched her stubby arms together, building up power. The Lairon stared nervously, probably sensing they were about to become VERY seriously injured.

"Jump!" she shouted, and you better believe I listened. I sprang into the air, just as Vivian attacked.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Throwing her hands out, she let loose an enormous shockwave that spread through the ground, straight towered the Lairon.


It smashed into them with the force of a truck, sending them soaring, devastated by the 4x effective attack. Every single one fell, fainted.

"Whoa..." I shivered, hanging from a stalactite, quite out of reach of the attack. "I take back all the stuff I said." 'For now, anyway.'

Panting, Vivian wiped her brow. "There..." she said. "Now do you believe me about Sin being a great Trainer?" Oh, c'mon. After seeing that, did I have any doubts? "Still..." I said, prodding a dazed Lairon's head with my foot. "We have no idea where he is. We could be wandering here for days."


Both our heads turned to see a small boy running up to us, skin brown like desert sand with short, messy, spiky black hair and strange eyes; one was gold and the other was silver. He ran towards us, his cream-colored robe flapping as he went, a worried look on his face. "Finally, I found you!" he exclaimed, scooping the Rock/Ground into his arms and nuzzling her.

"Or right now." I said, shrugging. Sin took notice of me, and I responded with a wave. "Yo."

"A Sableye! Were you the one who helped Vivian?" Ah, right, human...forget same pages, we weren't even in the same libraries. Still...I sized this kid up. He didn't look like much, but anyone that that loudmouth Vivian respected couldn't be all bad, right?

"Thanks for helping her stay alive in here." he said, bowing. "Here, let me give you something. It's not much, but Sableye like them..."

From his robe, he pulled out something small, green and shining. No...way...

It was an emerald! It shone brightly in his outstretched hand, just begging for me to munch it. Well, who was I to deny a tasty gem such a request?

I snatched it up, surprising him and scarfed it down, Vivian wrinkling her nose in disgust. MAN, was it GOOD. Where a small fry like him got such a stone is a mystery, but, hey, I never look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Again, thank you for your help. We've gotta go now. Stay safe!" He turned to leave, but Vivian stopped him by tugging on his arm. "Hm? What's wrong?"

Jumping from his arms, she held up an arm to Sin, asking him to wait, then turned to me. "I know I'm gonna hate myself for this..." she began, shuffling awkwardly. "But...would you mind coming with us?" I gaped. Was she serious? Me and HER? With him? "You must be Parasecting."

"No, I'm totally serious!" she said, waving her hands erratically. "We need someone like you on our team! We just got our butts handed to us by this island's Gym Leader and you could help us out big time!"

Sin watched us converse, sitting down on a nearby rock, looking at me pretty intently. It was a teensy bit unsettling.

"I'm strong, yeah, but how exactly could I help?" "You're half-Ghost! His Pokémon's moves won't be able to do a thing against you!" I thought about it. If this kid really did lose twice in a row, maybe he COULD use some guidance. Plus, I would get to annoy Vivian more. But then I'd have to say bye-bye to my carefree life of scavenging. Tough call.

"I'll battle with him and help him best that Gym Leader guy." I said finally. Vivian started to jump for joy, until I held up my hand. "BUT...just that. Whether or not I stick around after is MY choice. We savvy?"

Vivian huffed and crossed her arms, but nodded. "Yeah, fine."

"Good." I said, walking over to Sin. I held out my hand, and even though I knew he couldn't understand me, I said to him "Let's do this thing."

Thanking Vivian for convincing me (psht, she wishes), he reached for my hand...

...only for it to phase through me.

Works every time~

Sorry if it feels kind of rushed. I'm sure we all know what it's like to have so many ideas floating around in your head, but you still have to get through the introductory stages. Every RPG in existence, anybody? Read, review, do whatevers. Keep the flames to yourselves, you little pyros~