My daughter...DAUGHTERS

Beck was watching TV with his 9 year old daughter, Marchella. Beck and Jade were married for ten years. Together they had two daughters. Marchella, 9 and Bristol, 15. Beck cought Jade cheating on him many times. She had a son with another guy, Riley who is 5. Jade lives with Bristol, Riley and Rileys dad, Rodger. Beck wanted custody over both girls but the judge said each parent gets one child. Marchella always wondered why he picked her.


"Yeah Chell?"

"Why did you pick me, not Bristol?"

"Honey, we've gone over this. Right now I'm 37, so is your mother. We were married at 18, Bristol was already born. When she was 6, we had you. At 28 we divorced. You were six years old. Bristol was 12. Bristol was already grown up. You needed a stable parent so I took you. Bristol is fine and so are you. She still comes home for visits. Now, can we get back to watching Law & Order:SVU?"

"Yeah." She giggled.

"Breaking News! On Route 46, in Los Angeles a car was hit. Inside we found a lady with a daughter in the back. There is no identity on the woman, but she has light brown hair, brown eyes and very skinny she looks about 35 years of age. Her daughter looks around four years of age, has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Inside her wallet was a picture of them, this is what it looks like."

"Oh my god." That was all Beck could say. He knew who it was. Infact this was one of his best friends in highschool. It was Tori Vega. Marchella looked up at her dad, she could tell something was wrong.

"Dad, do you know who that is?" He nodded. Her eyes grew wide.

"If you have any information on who either of these ladies, please call 1-800-567-3471. Or come to the police station." Then Beck's phone rang.


"Beck are you watching the news? Isn't that Tori?"

"Hey, yeah Jade it is."

"Well listen to me now. If you contact those people, you know what's gonna happen right?" Tori put in her will if anything happenes to her, her daughter should go to Beck and Jade, because she was closest to them.

"Yes I do. And because it's Tori, I am going to call."

"Well I dont like her. Never did, never will. If you call, her kid will be put in a house with Marchella. I dont want her filthy child with mine. I'll have divice take Marchella out of the house and put with me." Jade snapped.

"You know what, divice isnt going to take Marchella out of the house." Marchella's eyes grew wide with tears, "one second Jade. Marchella go to your room for a second please." She did what she was told. "Ok Jade divice isn't going to take her out. If it was in Tori's will that she wanted her daughter to go to me, then nothing is going to happen to my daughter." With that he hung up the phone. Him and Marchella got in the car and drove to the police station.

"Hi, uh Im Beck Oliver. Im here reguarding the lady that was hit on Route 46." The lady nodded and called over an officer. Beck and the officer went in a room while Marchella sat in the waiting room.

"Ok sir, what is this ladies name? How old is she? How do you know her? Just fill out this form and sign your name here." He said pointing to a paper. Within 5 minutes Beck was done. "Ok so her name is Victoria Vega, she is 36, and you went to highschool with her, and her daughter is suppose to go to you. That's correct?"

"Yes Officer Stone."

"Ok. Her daughter is in a foster care right now. Lets drive over to her."

"Come on Chell," Beck said. They drove over to the foster house. Tori's daughter was coloring in the back of the play room. Marchella spotted her from the picture on Tv, and walked over to her, without anyone noticing.

"Hi Judy, this sir is Beck Oliver he is here reguarding the car crash." The officer said.

"Take a seat sir. We found her will, you're in it, for taking custody over her daughter." Beck nodded. "Her daughter hasn't said a word all day. She is in the playroom coloring." Beck, Office Stone, and Judy talked about whats going to happen and everything.

"Hi." Marchella said sitting next to Tori's daughter. Her daughter just looked up and waved. "My name is Marchella. What's your's?"

"I like your name, that a pretty name."

"Thank you. Whats your's?" Tori's daughter wouldn't answer. Marchella didn't know what else to say, she just felt so bad that she lost her mother in a car crash.

"I like your neckawice, its pink." She said pointing to Marchella's neckalace. Marchella took it off and wrapped it around the little girl's neck. She smiled and so did Marchella.

"Tank you!" She said, with much enthusiasm.

"Your welcome. What are you coloring?"

"A butterfly!" Marchella laughed.

"It's pretty. What's your name?"

"Oh, ok, my name is Awexia."

"Alexia?" Marchella couldn't really understand her.

"Yes, but my mommy sometimes calls me Wexi."

"Lexi? That's a pretty name!"

"Tank you, again," she laughed. Marchella just watched Alexia color and write on the top of the paper "Feel Better Mommy! I love u!". Marchella wanted to cry, she thought losing her mom was bad. But then she realized "I can still see her. This poor little girl will never be able to again". Just then Beck, Officer Stone, and Judy walked over.

"Don't feel bad sweety, she wouldn't talk to me either." The head worker, Judy said.

"Well, she talked to me. She told me her name, and we just had a small conversation."

"Really? What's her name?"

"Alexia, and she is four. But she said that her mom sometimes calls her Lexi."

"Ohh. Well Alexia how about we have lunch now?" said Judy. Alexia didn't budge. She whispered someting to Marchella instead of talking to Judy.

"Alexia, it's ok don't be, I'm here."

"What?" asked Beck.

"She said she is afraid to talk to them."

"Well what if Marchella comes and eats with you?" Judy asked. Alexia nodded and grabbed Marchella's hand, and ran to the kitchen with her.