-WARNING- Harsh author's note below

Author's note:

What the hell guys? Can you stop giving me shit about how I copied and pasted? Like seriously. In the first chapter, I explained why I had Wendelin's extra/bonus story on here. GO BACK AND READ IT AGAIN! Its at the TOP of CHAPTER 1, its in BOLD! Apparently, you guys missed it so I must go over the directions on how to spot a somewhat disclaimer because you guys didnt read it and are giving me shit for having it here. I'm so pissed off right now. Would I seriously copy and paste someone else's work here and try to pass it off as my own? I know you guys don't really know me, but Im saying this now, IM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL! And this bullshit coming from you guys, my fanfiction readers/reviewers/supporters. Honestly, it hurts. Which is why Im being like this right now. I know you guys are trying to help by telling me that I could get in trouble for this, but I didnt pass it off as my own. I just copied and pasted, and WROTE A DISCLAIMER that coincidently, ALL OF YOU GUYS COMPLETELY MISSED! I had good intentions for posting it. So please, go back and read the top of the first chapter, mentally say, 'Ohhhhhhhh.' And then get back to me. -.- Thats all.