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Chapter 9:

Larry couldn't help but feel out of his element. In fact, that was probably an understatement. The professor stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the midevening crowd. He was not typically a very social man and was especially not one to be found in a bar. But that's exactly where he was now, with five others, in a corner booth. The conversation was kept fairly light, straying from work as much as possible. Topics such as life and love were discussed, not without a little teasing thrown in. This was meant to be a time to simply enjoy each other's company, and so they did just that.

The arrival of a new hour brought with it a new guest - one Robin Brooks. She'd been invited via text by Don, while still at work. Her reply had been that she would gladly join them as soon as she was able to get away. Don was the first to notice her, as most everyone else was facing the opposite direction or preoccupied. He gave her a smile and greeted her, drawing everyone else's attention. She offered a greeting, complete with a smile of her own, to the whole table, before squeezing in next to the man. When she next spoke, it was directed at Megan. "Hey, I heard you were back. It's good to see you again."

Acknowledging the comment with a slight nod, the honey blonde smiled in return. "You too. It's great to be back." Again, there was an easy flow of conversation amongst the group. Colby suggested buying another round, noting that the bottles on the table all appeared to be somewhere near empty. More drinks were ordered, adding to Don's tab. This was the third round and would be the last. Only two out of seven weren't consuming any alcohol. One wasn't much of a drinker anyways and the other needed to use the night preparing for an early court appearance the next day. Both would be playing the role of designated driver tonight.

It was decidedly late when the night out was finally brought to an end. Robin had Don and Colby in her car, ready to drive them to their respective homes. David and Liz had politely declined her offer, agreeing to catch a cab. Larry was headed to his Model A when he was suddenly stopped by a gentle touch to his arm. Turning to his companion, he was surprised at what he saw. Her gaze was turned towards the sky, focused on the stars, marveling at the sight. How's that for irony, he mused.

"Let's take a walk," she suggested. "It's so beautiful out here."

His face took on a troubled look, and for someone such as Megan, it was quite easy to tell what caused the concern. "I don't think -"

"Your car will be fine here." The look of reassurance she gave him still didn't have him convinced.

"Megan..." he tried again.

With a small laugh, she shook her head. Sliding her hand down into his own, she tugged lightly. "C'mon."