A Wrong Kinda Love

Hermione +Severus


Abigail Hollingsworth

As Voldermort swiped the air with the elder wand, it did nothing to Snape; who for a split second thought he had been reprieved. But then Voldermort's intentions became clear, the snakes cage was rolling through the air and before Snape could do anything more than yell, the cage had encased him from the tip of his head to his shoulders Voldermort spoke a single word in parseltongue "kill"

There was a terrible scream and I saw the little colour he had in his face drain away, his eyes widened as the snakes teeth ripped at his neck, he struggled but eventually fell to the floor

Voldermort looked at him no emotions showing and I knew he felt nothing for the murder he had just committed, Voldermort beckoned the snake and they left the shrieking shack before going into the forbidden forest, I ran over to the dying man and pulled his head into my lap putting pressure on his wounds and I, Hermione Granger broke down crying next to the man who I admired, respected, trusted and loved.

I saw his memory's start to poor out of the wound and I quickly picked them up with my wand and conjured up a glass jar, I put the memory's inside and handed them to Harry and Ron

"go to Dumbledore's office and watch them in the pensive, I'll take care of him" I said hiding my emotions again from my 2 best friends, they ran and Snape started gasping for breath trying to say something

"goodbye Hermione, know that I never hated you, I just couldn't show you how I really felt it would be wrong, well it still is but what can a dying man say? I love you Hermione Granger, goodbye dearest, I'm sorry" he gasper out before he stopped breathing

I sobbed, he'd never know I loved him. I stayed there for ages until I heard Voldermort's voice

You have 1 hour, tend to your injured and collect your dead, if within 1 hour Harry Potter does not come to me, I will enter the castle and kill everyone standing between me and him, your hour starts now!

It was not over yet... I had a battle to fight, I kissed Snape's pale lips once before leaving him there and going to fight.

Tonight Voldermort dies