Vanex: Hello all! This is a story that I'm really going to have fun with. A crossover between Naruto and the Persona series. This is a challenge story issued by Haseo55, so go over to his profile to look at his challenges. The main pairing is Naruto x Rise. As for the side pairings, I'm going to list them now.

Naruto x One-sided Harem (As in the harem wants him, but he doesn't want them. The harem consists of the women of the Naruto universe.)

Minato x Yukari (As in Minato Arisato.)

Akihiko x Mitsuru

Shinji x Minako (Yes, Shinji is alive in this story, and Minako is Minato's twin sister, instead of being his parallel female self, or whatever.)

Junpei x Chidori (Yes, Chidori is alive, too.)

Yu x Yukiko

Yosuke x Chie

Kanji x Naoto

Other pairings may be decided as the story proceeds. Now then, let's get to it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, Persona 3, or Persona 4.

"Normal Talking"

"Normal Thinking/Dreams/Flashbacks"

"Kyuubi Talking"

"Kyuubi Thinking"

*Scene Change*


"Where are we going, Pervy Sage?"

"We're actually going to leave the Elemental Countries for some time. Long enough to get the Akatsuki off our track. We won't be able to do any actual training, because chakra can't be used where we're going. This is just for the sake of escaping the Akatsuki. We're going to a place called Iwatodai."


"Yes. Keep this in mind, Naruto. While we in the Elemental Countries focused on the ways of the ninja and using chakra, the people outside focused on developing technology. They are advanced in it. You'll see things that you never thought were possible."

Naruto sighs as he walks towards the Hokage tower, through what's left of Konoha. The village was severely wrecked when Nagato and Konan attacked, even though it was some time ago. Even though he saved them all, the villagers still hate him and blame him for what happened. Even the Konoha 12 have been distancing themselves from him. Due to what happened, Tsunade fully revealed his status as the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, but decided to not reveal his heritage, despite him asking her to reveal it.

"I'm sorry, Nagato. But the promise I made to you, might be one I can't accomplish."

Naruto shakes his head and thinks back to Iwatodai. The adventures he had with the Arisato twins and the others. The Dark Hour. Fighting Shadows. He remembers when he originally left. It was a quick farewell, due to everyone still being in a depressed mood, after Minato and Minako's sacrifice.

"You're leaving, Naruto?"

"Yes, Mitsuru-sempai. I can't stay. I have my own adventure to go on. There's a threat that I have to face in the future, and you guys can't come with me."

"Yes, you told us about it. Promise me that you won't end up the same way as Minato and Minako."

"I promise. Pervy Sage isn't going to wait much longer. Say goodbye to the others for me, will you?"

"I will."

Naruto waved to Mitsuru as he ran off, heading to the train station.

This was back early in the training trip. Towards the end of it, both he and Jiraiya left the Elemental Countries again.

"We're leaving again?"

"Yes, Naruto. The Akatsuki are on to us again. This time, I'll take you to a town called Inaba. It's not too far away from Iwatodai, actually. Hopefully, this time you won't get caught in some crazy adventure."

Naruto smiles, thinking of his second time fighting Shadows, this time with a whole new group. An adventure in a world inside TVs. He remembers when he left Inaba.

The group was gathered at the train station a second time, this time to see off Naruto.

Yosuke looked at everyone. "Geez, first we say goodbye to Yu and now we're saying goodbye to Naruto."

Naruto smiled sadly at the group. "Sorry, guys. It's time for me to go home. This can't wait any longer."

He looked over the entire group, his gaze stopping on Rise, who has her head down. He walked over to her. "Rise-chan..."

"Why do you have to leave, Naruto-kun? I can handle Sempai leaving, but I don't know if I can handle you leaving."

Naruto sighed. He and Rise had formed a very close bond, close enough that they had a makeout session once, and didn't really mind that it had happened. "Rise-chan, I have to go. This is something I can't run from."

She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. "I know, Naruto-kun. Promise me that you'll come back. I don't want this to be the last time we see each other."

"I promise. Once I have taken down the Akatsuki, I'll be back."

She smiled sadly at him, before pulling him down into a kiss. "This is something to remember me by. It can be motivation for you to take down the bad guys!"

Naruto smiled. He pulled Rise into a hug, the two of them lost in their own world.

However, Naruto didn't see the evil smirk on Rise's face as she yelled out, "Group hug!"

Naruto's eyes widened, when Teddie latched onto him, followed by the others one by one. "Oh, come on! You guys are only doing this because I had us all do it when Yu was leaving!"

Chie laughed. "Well it was a good idea."

The group backed off. Naruto waved at them one more time, before turning around and heading to the train that will take him back to the Elemental Countries.

After he left Inaba, both he and Jiraiya headed straight for Konoha and arrived just before Gaara's kidnapping. Now, half a year has passed and Naruto is walking towards the Hokage's office, having made an important decision. During this time, Tsunade is in a drunken sleep from all the paperwork involved in the reconstruction. So, it's easy for him to walk in and slip a paper in the pile of paperwork. He then slips a folder containing something under the Hokage desk before leaving the room.

Some time later, Tsunade, awake by this point, is still going through paperwork. At her wit's end, she's not even reading the papers and just approving them randomly. After she is done with the paperwork, Shizune takes care of sorting it. However, unlike Tsunade, Shizune looks at each paper and does her job correctly. Though, considering how much paperwork there is, it'll be a long time before she discovers a certain paper.

A month passes. The reconstruction of Konoha is nearly finished and everyone is glad to be able to fully return to their normal lives. Shizune is finally reaching the end of sorting the paperwork from the reconstruction of Konoha. She picks up a certain paper and once she looks at it, her eyes widen.

Tsunade is in her office, enjoying the lack of paperwork today, when Shizune bursts in.

"Lady Tsunade!"

"What's wrong, Shizune?"

"I can't believe you approved this!"

Shizune slaps the paper on Tsunade's desk. Tsunade picks it up. "The resignation of Naruto Uzumaki? I never approved this!"

"That is your seal of approval on it, Lady Tsunade."

Sure enough, Tsunade, not caring what the papers said, had indeed approved of Naruto being resigned as a ninja. Tsunade notices something on the paper. "Look under your desk?" She looks under the desk and finds the folder. Attached to the folder is a letter. She scans the letter and her eyes widen. "Shizune! Summon the members of the Konoha 12 to my office, immediately!"

A few minutes later, all of the Konoha 12 and their senseis are standing in Tsunade's office. Kakashi is the first to speak. "What's the trouble, Lady Hokage?"

"Naruto Uzumaki is no longer a ninja of Konoha."

This gets a reaction out of the entire group. Sakura is shocked. "What? That's impossible, Lady Tsunade! Naruto would never leave Konoha!"

Tsunade holds up the resignation paper. "He has. This paper was filled out by Naruto. I recognize his handwriting."

"And you approved it?"

"I'm ashamed to admit that I wasn't really paying attention to the paperwork and I approved it without looking at it. He also left this folder. I haven't looked in it yet, because of the letter attached to it."


"Yes. It's addressed to all of us and it's signed by Naruto."

"What does it say?"

"Since you're reading this, you've noticed the resignation paper, as no one ever looks under the Hokage's desk for some reason, unless directed to. The paper is indeed real. I have resigned as a Konoha shinobi and have departed from Konoha for good, with no intention of returning. Ever since I defeated Pain, everything went downhill. People went back to treating me as if I was the Kyuubi and the people I thought were my friends began to avoid me. Tsunade, I refuse to refer to you as Lady Hokage, Lady Tsunade, or even Grandma, as you've lost all of my respect. You chose to reveal that I was the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, but not to reveal who my parents are. To me, that was the biggest betrayal of all. For you to deny me my birthright and to not reveal to me the name of my mother, or anything about her is unforgivable. I realize now, that none of you were ever really my friends. You all looked down on me. All you guys ever saw was the blonde, knuckle-headed, dead-last. No matter how much I changed, you people would never acknowledge those changes. Only ten people ever truly acknowledged me and saw the real me. Those people were Iruka-sensei, Old Man Teuchi, Ayame, Old Man Hokage, Konohamaru, Pervy Sage, Hinata, Gaara, my mother, and my father."

The letter actually says "my mother, Kushina Uzumaki, and my father, Minato Namikaze," but Tsunade leaves that part out.

"Hinata, I was touched when you confessed your feelings for me, and I wish I could have returned those feelings, but I can't. You see, during my training trip, I met someone. Someone very special to me. Someone I love very much. I'm really sorry, Hinata. Know that you will always be one of my most precious friends and I will never forget you, or your courage. Never think of yourself as a wimp or a coward. You are neither of those things and don't let your stuffy clan tell you otherwise."

Hinata smiles at that part, even though she's already crying.

"As for the rest of you, I can't really say I'll miss you guys as much. I know I used to have a crush on Sakura, but that was a crush, nothing more. By the time I came back from my training trip, that crush was gone. To be honest, you disgust me, Sakura. Especially after you tried to "confess" to me. We both know that was a lie and that you were just trying to manipulate me. But, enough of my ranting. There should be a folder with this letter. Inside are two items. One belongs to Tsunade, and the other belongs to Iruka-sensei. Make sure both items reach their intended people. Also, I would never leave without my birthright, so I took it. I emptied my family's house of all important items and scrolls and emptied both their accounts and mine. If you go check the bank, you will confirm this. It was fortunate for me that my dad planned a circumstance for me to meet my mom. This is goodbye, and good riddance. I'm going to where my real friends are. To a place that felt like home more than Konoha ever did. Naruto Uzumaki."

Tsunade puts down the letter and opens the folder. Two items fall out. Everyone's eyes widen at the items. The first item is the necklace that Naruto won in the Rasengan bet. The second item is Naruto's headband. The headband he had gotten from Iruka. Tsunade looks at the letter again, and her eyes widen at the last few lines. "Shizune! Go to the bank and confirm that the accounts of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki have indeed been emptied!"

Shizune runs out of the office. However, everyone else picks up on the names Tsunade said.

"Wait a minute, Lady Hokage," says Shikamaru. "Naruto's the son of the Fourth Hokage?"

Tsunade realizes her slip and sighs in defeat. "Yes. Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage."

"Why did you keep it secret?"

"Because if Iwa ever learned about it, they would've gone to war with us!"

"Even though we're in a joint alliance to take down the Akatsuki? Now even Iwa is foolish enough to start anything with a threat like the Akatsuki! In reality, you have no reason to justify your denying Naruto his birthright, do you?"

Tsunade remains silent as everyone realizes that she really does have no reason.

Tenten has a question. "When was that resignation paper filled out?"

Tsunade looks at the paper. "According to this it was filled out a month ago." Her eyes widen and she looks at it again. "A month ago? How the hell did we not notice that he's been gone for a month?"

Shikamaru speaks up. "Read the letter again, Lady Hokage. We neglected and ignored him. It was because of our ignorance that we didn't notice."

Shizune runs back into the room. "It's true! Both of the accounts are empty, as well as Naruto's!"

Tsunade clears her throat. "Okay, you will all be given a mission. That mission is to track down and bring back Naruto Uzumaki."

Kakashi shrugs. "That's not possible, Lady Hokage. We have no idea where he went and since it has been a month, any scents will be long gone. We will need to find out where he went if we want to have any hope of finding him."

"Then search both his apartment and the Namikaze house. There must be a clue somewhere! Get going!"

The group all leave the office. Shizune walks up to Tsunade. "Lady Tsunade, the Raikage is calling for a second Kage summit."

"Then I guess I'll have to attend. Thank you for informing me, Shizune." She looks out the window. "Where have you gone, Naruto?"

*Scene Change*

Naruto is sitting on a train, his arms crossed. He stares out the window and smiles at the city that the train is approaching. "Inaba. It's been half a year. I wonder how everyone is doing?"

The train pulls into the station. Brushing some dirt off his Sage coat, Naruto steps off the train, taking a deep breath of Inaba air. "It's good to be back. Well, the first thing to do is find a place for myself. With all the money I have, buying a house shouldn't be that much of a problem."

As Naruto leaves the station, a car passes him, but then screeches to a halt. Naruto looks on curiously as the back door is opened and a very familiar woman steps out.



The next thing Naruto knows, he's lying on his back due to being glomped by Rise. He pulls Rise's face to him and kisses her.

"I didn't get the chance to say this before, but I love you, Rise-chan."

Rise smiles. "I love you too, Naruto-kun."

The two kiss again, before finally standing up. Rise frowns. "How long did you plan to stay this time?"



"I'm here to stay, Rise-chan."

"What about Akatsuki? And what about Konoha?"

"They have no way to find me. Besides, even if they come, they can't use chakra here. As for Konoha, they've neglected me for the last time. I'll tell you later. But, what about you? I thought you were going back to your idol career."

"Well, I made a deal with them. I'll attend school, but during the summer break,I'll be an idol again. Of course, the deal will be changed once I've graduated. Now, come on. You can ride with me to wherever you need to go."

"Actually, I was going to look for a house to buy. But, considering how late it is, is it possible for me to spend the night at your place?"

She smiles. "Sure. We can get the whole gang to help out tomorrow! They'll be happy to see you!"

The two walk over to the car and get in. It drives away down the street.

Vanex: Okay, this might be the longest prologue I've written, so far. Whew. Well then, see you all next time!