"I have decided!" The two sat down facing each other and declared at the same time.

Then, they were both equally surprised. Mars was the first to ask her, "MoMo, what is that you have decided?"

She pondered for a bit to figure how best to describe before disclosing with a soft smile, "I am referring to...writing a novel..."

It was something he least expected, "Writing a novel? You want to be an author?"

She explained further, "I just want to do 'Prince Kasaba' and his love story some justice. I am going to write out a sequel for it, after getting permission from its original creator who had decided to shelf this work indefinitely..."

"Oh," he now understood. "Well, as for me, be prepared to listen..."

MoMo grew attentive, "Mars, you are unusually serious today..."

He smiled, "So are you...It is finalised that I will be quitting showbiz..."

"What?" His words gave her a great shock. "You must be kidding me..."

His gaze towards her was firm as he reached out to hold her hands and assured, "MoMo, sorry for letting you know only now..."

"It's true?" She almost could not contain the sudden revelation. "Mars, why have you...?"

He knew she would question such, "Everyone knows that showbiz is a very complicated world...I don't want to lose my innocence by staying within that circle for too long...I have thought about this for a very long time, MoMo..."

"Really...What if I say otherwise?" she suggested.

"I know very well that you won't," he has the confidence.

Seeing him so resolute, MoMo was relieved. She nodded with an adorable smile, "Mars, I am really proud of you!"

A waiter came by with their cups of fresh latte. He complimented, "Such perfectly-matched couple...I forgot to tell you both that there is a 20% discount today for regular patrons...Enjoy!"

"Thank you!" they expressed gratefully in unison.