One year later,

Facing the breathtaking sunset over the infinite ocean before them by the beach, Mars and MoMo began to reflect on all that has happened during this eventful part of life.

She stretched her hands and took a deep breath before musing, "Ah...who would ever know that Kasaba's creator actually got the story from his long comatose girlfriend..."

Mars nodded, "Ya, but the good thing is God answered our prayers...She regained consciousness after so many years..."

MoMo turned to him with a subtle smile, "Right, otherwise...we wouldn't have been able to meet him face to face..."

He agreed and stressed, "Then, she too won't be able to accept his proposal..."

MoMo was glad for them, "What more, he has been actually working in that coffee shop we always go to near my home!"

Mars sighed, "Unimaginable..."

She did the same, and then go on to ask him thoughtfully, "Would you say that we did justice to Prince Kasaba's sequel?"

Mars recapped their own story, "Even though Prince Kasaba got all of Xiao Yu's love and returned to save his planet, the people each one got paired up with his or her destined other half, except for Prince Kasaba himself...He is the only odd-one-out...With his heart holding only half of a full love, he had to go back to planet Earth to search for Xiao Yu, for only with the unity of two hearts, can an eternal piece of love be complete and whole...After that, turning her into a Princess..."

MoMo could not believe they could come up with such a plot, "Wow...come to think of it, just where did we get this kind of idea from?"

Mars pondered and said, "Well, I don't know..."

Noting his confusion, MoMo laughed, "Come on, don't need to crack your brain so hard...We still need to go for our book-signing event...and, then...meeting up with the future director of Prince Kasaba's sequel movie...Don't waste time now..." She brushed off all dirt from her flowing skirt and prepared to get up.

Seeing her in this much of hurry, Mars was even more hesitant as he went after MoMo, taking out a small pink case with a wedding ring inside. "Hey, wait...MoMo! I have something to say...Don't go away yet! Mo...Mo...Ah Zhai!" He has a hard time keeping up with her pace.

MoMo giggled and stealing glances at him far behind her every once in a while, she ran even quicker, testing his stamina in chasing breathlessly after her. "Catch me if you can?" She called out mischievously, unlike her past serious self. As for Mars, despite still at a distance, he was determined to try all he could to win her over to his love and embrace this time...