Hello everybody :-)

Anyone remember this story?

Well, I was thinking about writing a sequel sometime soon, but I want to edit the actual story first. Most of the plot will stay the same, but I do plan on changing and adding some scenes.

Anyway, have fun reading and if you find the time, please let me know how you like the changes and how you'd feel about a sequel. It might be a while before I get to it, but in the meantime I'm always open to suggestions.


Reid was vaguely aware that he was a mere hair´s width from dying.

He ran faster, clutching the revolver in one hand and the stake in his other, his heart pounding in his ears.

It was bad enough that the whole case had spun out of control leaving a pair of psychotic criminals on the loose, that it had severed their team profoundly and turned his whole life upside down.

That he was used to.

What was worst was that he had so little opportunity to despise Seth Gecko for all he had done to him over the past days when all they had were each other to keep swarms of bloodthirsty monsters off their necks.

If you haven't seen the movie From Dusk till Dawn, it´s about the criminal brothers Seth and Richie who are on the run, trying to get into Mexico. On their way they blow stuff up, take some hostages and are finally stranded in a bar that happens to be run by vampires. Then they have to fight for their lives…blabla…

It´s a B-Movie and pretty gruesome towards the end. I must say I never cared much for the vampire bit, I usually skip it when watching the movie coz it gives me nightmares, but I like the beginning and I just love Seth who is portrayed by George Clooney. Just to see him, you should look into the movie (it´s on Youtube).

Anyway, this will be Reid-centric and much like the movie with the difference that the BAU is chasing them, and they don't kidnap some family but instead…surprise! (not really, probably…). It will probably have to be rated M later on for slash, language, violence and death.